Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The globull warming fraud is collapsing before our very eyes

Globull worming shysters, working for the UN, want immunity from prosecution. That was part of the discussions  in Rio…. proof they haven’t been conducting honest research. It was a massive fraud from the very beginning.

Climate Shysters Seek Immunity from Prosecution or Investigation

    “Big Green” just seems to keep getting bigger with the new international Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund, an offshoot of the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) on Climate Change, budgeted for some £100 Billion dollars a year, supposedly intended for programs to lower greenhouse gases.

Seeking Immunity from what…?

    But before they start, the Green Climate Fund founders want to ensure the organization and its people will enjoy UN-like diplomatic immunity from prosecution or international investigation. This despite the fact that even the UNFCCC is not considered to be part of the UN and not allotted such immunity. More from  Michelle Stirling-Anosh, Yahoo! Contributor Network

More from  Michelle Stirling-AnoshYahoo! Contributor Network

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