Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Sometimes the extent to which the media will go to cover up the Islam angle can be breathtaking.

BBC: Friends of Boston Marathon jihad murderer try to portray him as "right-wing extremist" and "Muslim of convenience"

It's a good try, but it may be too late, despite the BBC's best efforts. Far from being a "Muslim of convenience," Tamerlan Tsarnaev had vowed to die for Islam. He carried out the Boston jihad attack because he wanted to defend Islam. And previous accounts have Dzhokhar stopping his marijuana-smoking as he grew more devout in the run-up to the attack. This BBC piece is an egregious attempt to obscure the obvious motive for the attack. The BBC doesn't mention any of the evidence that Tamerlan had become a devout Muslim -- why not? Next they'll be saying he was an "Islamophobe." "Tamerlan Tsarnaev 'had right-wing extremist literature,'" by Hilary Andersson for BBC News, August 5:

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Why do Muslims riot in Sweden? For the same reason they riot every where else...

By: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist

Why do Muslims riot in Sweden? The short answer: For the same reason they riot every where else.

There have been several attempts at explaining the carefully planned Muslim riots and attacks around Stockholm. Poverty and lack of education are broadcast widely as the main causes of what is called intifada in Arab ("rebellion" or "resistance").

Though we may see kidnappings and demands of ransom as every where else in the world with rebelling followers of Islam, the violent Muslim men around Stockholm have not demanded money. Nor have they expressed a wish for free access to universities.

What we do see is a repetition of a pattern that has appeared everywhere in history and the world today, where large numbers of Muslims live in non-Islamic areas: Muslims attacking authorities representing secular non-Islamic laws - often accompanied by their religious slogan "Allahu akbar". While Muslims embrace the rule of home-made sharia courts, patrolling Muslim father groups and religious leaders, police and municipal institutions are attacked still more often, as the Muslims' self confidence and power increases with their growing presence.

It is not only arrogant when well educated people with a steady income claim that too few hours in school or too little kroner in the bank account make people worse citizens. It reveals an immature and one-dimensional view on we complex human beings and denies the well known psychological fact that such powerful factors such as upbringing, background culture and religion play a vital role in people's choices and values.

If it really was true that money makes people peaceful, all rich people would be exemplary human beings and we should fire our armies of social workers who work in vain to make Muslim integration happen, and give their salaries directly to the immigrants, that seem to be just as unhappy and ill-mannered here as in their home countries.

Islam is different
Islam is not a normal religion, since it does not just concern inner beliefs, but also sets the rules for how society must be ruled, including regulations for Muslims and non-Muslims. According to the Quran, man-made laws - democracy - is blasphemic, since only Allah's laws are to rule on Earth. Muslims are destined to rule over infidels, who in a Muslim society can chose between conversion, become second class citizens (dhimmis) paying protection money (jizya) or be killed. Reading the many hateful statements on infidels and direct orders to suppress and kill unbelievers, one does not have to be a psychologist to understand why Muslims rob, rape, abuse and persecute non-Muslims everywhere, also in Sweden.

Since a part of Islam concerns society, Muslims are not fully able to live according to Allah's wishes, unless society follows the guidelines in the sharia. Islamization and jihad against the rule of unbelievers is thus a religious duty.

What surprises many in our modern, secular societies is that Muslims take their religion so much more seriously. Death penalty for conversion, strong social control and fear of Allah's punishment after death for the less obedient have managed to keep Muslim culture on a medieval level while the most of the rest of the world evolved into peaceful high tech egalitarian societies with a much higher appreciation of knowledge than of faith.

It is no coincidence that it is the Muslims, and not any other immigrant group, that behave in such an extraordinarily criminal way. Islam is an unconstitutional religion that orders its followers to violate basic human rights and commit violent crimes. No one should wish to grow up in such culture and be forced to follow the sharia, and it would be an act of compassion to liberate those who do.

Why do Muslims riot in Sweden? For the same reason they riot everywhere else."

French Authorities Have Film Clearly Showing Face of Jihadist Who Attacked French Soldier But Refuse to Publish It

The video appears to suggest that the Paris attack could be inspired by the Islamist murder of a British serviceman in London.

Anti-terrorism investigators now say they have "high quality images" of a "tall, athletic bearded man" aged about 30, possibly of North African origin, praying near the spot where he attacked the 23-year-old soldier from behind with a knife or a box-cutter on Saturday. He then fled into a crowded train station and is still at large.

"He was filmed praying near where the attack took place. After the attack he can be seen leaving the shopping centre of La Défense (business district)," a source close the investigation told Le Parisien.
Source: Telegraph

This article in Le Figaro says the images clearly show the man's face and that they have been distributed to the intelligence services involved in monitoring radical Muslims. But why not publish them so that neighbours and passers-by could help with the search? Obviously because they fear it would generate negative feelings about Muslims. As in so many rape cases in Europe now, where authorities refuse to publish descriptions of the third-world attackers, the government is yet again playing politics with the lives of Europeans. Maintaining support for their mad project of repopulating Europe with Asians and Africans is more important to them than protecting their own people.

A Third of Germans Feel Unsafe When Using Public Transport

Almost a third of public transport users in Germany feel unsafe or threatened at railway stations or bus stops. In the buses and railways themselves almost 1 in 10 regularly feel "not very or not at all safe". That is the result of a representative poll conducted by the opinion research institute Forst that "Welt" has been given advance notice of.
Source: Welt.de Via: Kybeline

There have been many high-profile cases in Germany where Germans were attacked and sometimes beaten to death by Turkish colonists, so it's hardly surprising that Germans are now fearful of public transport. This is the effect of diversity generally, as demonstrated by Robert Putnam. People retreat into their private spaces because those are the only places where they feel comfortable. The domination of public space is also one of the key imperatives of Islam.

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"We will soon be hearing the death throes of the continent as we know it."

Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable


According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar, European softening, together with demographics, is leading to 'abysmal' change. Dr. Avika Libman: Riots start with preachers demanding Muslim state 


Syrian Father Of The Year Nominee

Do they think we are back in the 1940s whit the BBC home service

What the is wrong whit the Government and MSN do they really think that by not reporting news no one will know. Do they think we are back in the 1940s whit the BBC home service as the only source for whats really happening in the UK and the rest of the world or some thing !!!

Sweden total black out of reporting on the riots for the last 6 days as an example, this morning they just could not bring them selfs to say mussies attacked the prison guard, even now on the radio they are still saying inmates.

Wheres the coverage of the France solder that was attacked ?

Would you believe it !! just in as I'm ranting here, seems some jihadist has attacked some one in AUS and the government put a blanket ban on the details 

‘Islam’ on two London war memorials


Vandals daub word 'Islam' on two London war memorials

Riots put Sweden's open-door immigration policy in spotlight

Sweden's worst riots in years might benefit a far-right party in elections next year if scenes of immigrants burning cars and smashing up buildings cause voters to rethink their traditional welcome to foreigners.

Even before the week of riots in the poorer neighbourhoods of Stockholm, immigration had become a hot political issue, as the number of asylum seekers reached record levels.


‘UK media censor Sweden riots’

The British media have suspiciously censored the ongoing unrest in Sweden and the situation of the immigrants in the European country, a British political analyst has said.

Riots have ripped through Swedish cities since a week ago when the police shot dead a 69-year-old man who had locked himself up in an apartment building in western Stockholm.

The incident outraged youths from immigrant backgrounds who say the government discriminates against them despite Sweden priding itself on being an emblem of social justice.

Carol Gould said in an interview with Press TV that “there has been virtually no coverage whatsoever in Great Britain on any of the networks of what’s going on in Sweden”.

Gould said the reason may be that Sweden has a huge population of immigrants just like Britain and the rioters are unhappy because they are facing social discrimination just like immigrants in Britain.

He added the British officials apparently “don’t want to generate even more unrest amongst an already unhappy immigrant population in UK” as the Swedish situation suggests that there is “a very strong social divide”, which could be also the case in Britain.

Gould also stressed that “there are parallels to be drawn” between Sweden and Britain as both of them have lowered taxes for the rich and cut the welfare benefits, “so, there are a lot of economic inequities in Sweden that are getting bigger and bigger, wider and wider,” that is also the case in Britain.

By Andy Lines Woolwich attack: Crazed extremists batter prison guard in assault sparked by death of Drummer Lee Rigby

Prison staff feared their colleague, locked in a room and being attacked by crazed extremists, was facing the same gruesome death as murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

The terrified officer, in his 30s, was finally freed by a specialist riot squad who stormed the room where he was held for five hours and beaten mercilessly by the extremists, who told him he would die.

And the vicious assault was sparked by a simple call from a prison imam to pray for drummer Lee who was butchered in the street last week near his barracks in Woolwich, South East London.

The ringleader of the prison attack flew into a rage at the request, insisting the 25-year-old’s murder was justified.

Recruiting two fellow Muslims, an African-born fanatic and a British convert, they kidnapped the guard on Sunday and bundled him into a cleaning room at Full Sutton jail near York.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Security probe worries London’s Muslim community

London’s Muslim leaders are expressing concern as national security investigators probe figures believed to have promoted extreme Islamic views.

Dr. Hassan Mosfafa, chairman of the London-based Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, is among those worried about the image being painted.

“It is more and more of a recurring issue,” Mosfafa said. “Whether it is 911, the Boston bombings or any geopolitical event that involves religion, it winds up on our doorstep.”

Coined Project Scupper, the national investigation aims to identify local places and people that may have played a role in radicalizing youths. The community has been in the spotlight since the RCMP confirmed in April that two Londoners were among 29 militants who laid siege on an Algerian gas plant.

At least two others are believed to have traveled overseas with the pair.


Have admit i was hoping it would go bang

Islamophobia or Infidelophobia?

Hate cleric Anjem Choudary: Okla. tornado a ‘soldier of Allah’ sent to punish ‘oppression of Muslims’

British hate preacher and Shariah-pimp Anjem Choudary frequently calls for jihad against non-Muslims. In March, the Islamist said he’d like Barack Obama and David Cameron to be killed.

And the hate keeps on comin’.

Following Monday’s deadly tornado in Oklahoma, Choudary called the devastation “a lesson for Americans.” (Editor’s note: The account is not verified, but has been reported as authentic.)