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Palestinian Terrorists on the Payroll

British taxpayers are helping to pay the salaries of jailed bomb makers.

Why do politicians always resign over the minor things, while getting away with the major ones? Swear at a policeman, for instance, and after a month of harrying from the media and your political opponents, you will finally stand down. 

Waste millions of pounds on a taxpayer-funded self-aggrandizement scheme, on the other hand, and you will not only get away with it, but be praised. Such is the case with Andrew Mitchell, former minister at the U.K. Department for International Development (DfID) and now—after an angry altercation with a Downing Street policeman—former chief whip.

Swearing at a policeman is bad. But far worse is what Mr. Mitchell presided over at DfID and what his former colleague Alan Duncan—who still has his job—allows to go on, even now.

A report by Palestinian Media Watch recently revealed that British taxpayers have been paying salaries to terrorists. It revealed that £3 million every month is paid by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in salaries to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The salaries come from the PA's general budget. That "general budget" is kindly provided by the U.K., among other EU countries.

Many British taxpayers, struggling to pay their family's way through a recession, might rightly wonder why their money is going to pay as much as £2,000 a month to people serving the longest sentences—those who have targeted Israeli buses and other civilian targets with suicide bombers, for instance. That is higher than the average wage in nearly all of Britain. You might be forgiven for wondering, if you were a struggling teaching assistant in the North of England, why failing to tick "suicide bomber" on your careers form should have left you so much worse off than a terrorist in the Middle East.

imageFortunately such people can be consoled by the limitless complacency of the international development minister. For after the facts about the DfID budget were revealed, Alan Duncan rejected them in the following tones: "If these claims were true, this would be a matter of very serious concern for me and the Department."

Britain's International Development Minister Alan Duncan
"However," Mr. Duncan said, "I am pleased to reassure you that we have investigated the matter fully and can confirm that the allegations in Palestinian Media Watch's report are both inaccurate and misleading." The payments were not in fact salaries, he claimed, but rather "social assistance programs to provide welfare payments."

How nice it must be to be Mr. Duncan. So clever, so satisfied and so wrong. For this week it became clear quite how little Mr. Duncan knows or cares about the uses to which he puts our taxpayers' money.

It is possible of course that on this occasion he does not care. When it comes to the Middle East, Mr. Duncan's views are well-known. As well as being fond of some of the ropier regimes in the region, he has expressed a long-held disdain for the region's only truly free state.

Just a year ago Mr. Duncan dragged his department into a row when its website posted a video of him divesting himself of some of his franker opinions. Standing beside Israel's security fence—built, successfully, to stop a spate of suicide bombing—Mr. Duncan described the fence as a "land grab," claimed that Israelis deliberately stole water from Palestinians, and said that the land in question did not belong to the Jewish state. The latter point was spat out by Mr. Duncan with such ferocity—the video has since been removed—as to make it perfectly clear this was something Mr. Duncan felt, as well as thought.

But perhaps one should be more generous and assume that Mr. Duncan simply had not known what he was talking about on the subject of taxpayers' money or the security fence. DfID spends around £86 million each year in the Palestinian areas. Around £30 million of this goes to the PA's general budget, from which the terrorists receive their salaries. And PMW's latest report provides exactly the evidence Mr. Duncan said did not exist. The PA itself refers to the payments to prisoners not as "welfare payments," as Mr. Duncan would have it, but as a "monthly salary."

In addition, there is no possibility that the salary reflects the prisoner's family's welfare needs because the payments bear no relation to either the prisoner's marital status or social welfare situation. What they do relate to is the length of the sentence, with those convicted and sentenced for the worst crimes receiving the highest payments.

So there the situation lies. If there is one thing we can be fairly sure of, it is that Mr. Duncan will suffer little or no political inconvenience either for the liberality with which he distorts the facts or that with which he distributes taxpayers' money. A slip of the tongue might lead to disgrace. A slip of the pen does not, even if it occurs over the nation's checkbook.

The thinking behind the increase in Britain's overseas aid budget during a time of recession seemed to be something like this: that the developing world would learn to love Britain if we gave them more money. Unlike that awful old-fashioned hard power (itself going through debilitating cuts) this soft power seemed likely to actually enhance Britain's standing in the world.

There are plenty of reasons to doubt that. But what a curious situation we then find ourselves in. For at the exact same time as Britain is drawing down its defense spending, and as the government is eviscerating the armed forces it still relies on, it is increasing the spending on salaries for terrorists and others who attack our allies.

I suppose we shall have to wait for Mr. Duncan to have a petulant run-in with a policeman before his own career suffers in any way.


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Al Jizz hatchet job on the EDL


In “English Til I Die” filmmaker Awad Joumaa examines the rise of the English Defence League. Here he explains why the growth of the far right in Europe can no longer be ignored.

Muslims Force Closure of Cinema During Eid

Several groups of “jeunes” disrupted the operation of the Jaude cinema on Friday afternoon in the centre of Clermont-Ferrand. They even caused the closure of the establishment for the evening following attacks on the employees.
Between 4.30 pm and 6 pm, the cinema management was forced to intervene in four of the seven screens in the complex. “Adolescents of 13 to 14 years of age were behaving badly. They were speaking loudly, using their phones, even spitting on members of the audience”, says one of the cinema managers.

A showing of the film “Taken 2” even had to be cancelled and reimbursed “after these ‘jeunes’ were stirred up”. The police were warned and turned up on site. Despite that, the pressure continued to mount. There were several groups of ‘jeunes’, who didn’t necessarily know one another. “Among those we had to order out of the theatres and those to whom we denied entry, there was a small gathering in front of the cinema doors.”

Around 6 pm, one of the managers went out, “I wanted to ask them to calm down”. As far as calm is concerned, “he was insulted, threatened, thrown to the ground and kicked many times. He was injured on the face and body. A second employee who came to help him was hurt on the knee and wrist. One of the doors was also broken,” said a member of the management team who took the decision to close the doors around 7.30 pm after having cancelled the 7 pm showing of James Bond. The economic loss was significant: “We were expecting between 1000 and 1500 viewers”.

The management of the Jaude cinema denounces what it called identical problems “occurring repeatedly for several years now during the two days of Eid, a festival that should be oriented towards prayer, solidarity and joy”. The management of the Jaude cinema deny that they are making inappropriate generalisations: “Don’t misunderstand, we are not speaking about a Muslim problem but the lack of ability in our society to manage this malaise in the urban estates which is overflowing more and more from the suburbs.”
Source: La Montagne

Mustafa Yussuf, 21, was jailed for seven years for raping the woman on New Year's Eve

Woman raped in alley by stranger on night out was sexually assaulted AGAIN by second passer-by as she lay helpless

Mustafa Yussuf, 21, was jailed raping the woman near Manchester city centre A woman who was dragged into an alleyway and raped after a night out was subjected to a second horrifying ordeal by another man as she lay recovering from the attack.

Mustafa Yussuf was the first to prey on the woman as she walked through Manchester city centre on New year's Eve, marching her into Church Street car park and raping her in a nearby lane.

After the assault the then 20-year-old fled the scene, leaving the woman helpless.

It was then that, instead of assisting her, another man pounced on the woman and raped her.

The distressing details of the double rape emerged as Yussuf, now 21, from Manchester, was jailed for seven years for the attack.

He claimed to have had a consensual encounter with the woman but denied rape.
But a jury at Manchester Crown Court trial rejected his account and found him guilty.
Judge Martin Steiger QC, sentencing, said he ‘hadn’t the slightest doubt’ that Yussuf was ‘perfectly aware’ the woman was too drunk to consent to any activity.

The court heard that the ‘mature’ woman had drunk to excess because of relationship problems, with CCTV showing she was unable to stand.

She was refused re-entry to the nightclub when she asked to be allowed in to search for her lost handbag.

In the aftermath of the double-rape attack she needed strangers’ help to get home and she was unable to remember what had happened to her for two hours.

Zoe Nield, defending, said: ‘This offence does appear to be an isolated incident - it was out of character for this defendant.’

The victim told court that her life had been shattered by the attack and had been isolated by a fear of going out. 

Judge Steiger said: ‘At some point in the course of her ordeal she was raped by another individual.

‘There was never any charge laid against this defendant [Yussuf] for being party to that incident, which the complainant found in many ways the most traumatic feature of her ordeal.’

Another man was arrested for the second rape but released without charge.



Saudis to build major Islamic centre in Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia will build a massive Islamic centre complete with a university and a mosque in Afghanistan, an Afghan minister said Monday, describing the project as "grand and unique".

Estimated to cost up to $100 million, the centre on a hilltop in central Kabul will house up to 5,000 students, Dayi-Ul Haq Abed, the acting Hajj and religious affairs minister told AFP.

It will be named after Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the minister added.

"The agreement was signed last week in Jeddah. The construction will start next year, in couple of months or so," Abed said.

The mosque, similar to the Faisal Mosque in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad that was also built by oil-rich Saudi Arabia in 1980s, will hold 15,000 worshippers at a time.

The minister said the centre will be run jointly by the Saudi and Afghan ministries of religious affairs. Other universities in Afghanistan are run by the higher education ministry.

Saudi Arabia was one of only three countries -- along with Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates -- that recognised the hardline Islamist Taliban regime during its rule in Afghanistan from 1996-2001.

The Taliban were overthrown in a US-led invasion shortly after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington for harbouring Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, but have waged an 11-year insurgency.

The US and NATO still have more than 100,000 troops in Afghanistan supporting the government of President Hamid Karzai, but they are due to pull out all combat forces by the end of 2014.


Council chiefs to be quizzed by MPs over child sex gangs

The current and former chief executive of a Yorkshire council are expected to be called before the Home Affairs Select Committee following claims of widespread child exploitation with gangs of Asian men grooming under-age white girls for sex.

An investigation last month claimed a confidential 2010 report by the Police Intelligence Bureau detailed “a significant problem with networks of Asian males exploiting young white females, particularly in Rotherham and Sheffield”, with officers reluctant to tackle the issue due to fear of cultural sensitivities.
Earlier this month, South Yorkshire Police chief constable David Crompton and detective chief inspector Philip Eldridge were repeatedly censured by the Home Affairs Select Committee about child sex abuse in Rotherham.

In a fiery session held immediately after the questioning of the forces’s response to the Hillsborough disaster, MPs heard evidence of a 22-year-old man going unpunished after being found in a car with a 12-year-old girl, a bottle of vodka and indecent images of her on his mobile phone.

Committee members also heard evidence of three unconvicted members of one family in Rotherham being linked to the abuse of 61 girls.

Now chairman Keith Vaz has revealed on Twitter that former Rotherham Council chief executive Mike Cuff, and current chief executive Martin Kimber, will shortly be called to give evidence before the committee.
A Rotherham Council spokesman said yesterday: “We are aware of Mr Vaz’s comments on Twitter but as yet we have not received a request to attend a select committee hearing.

“We will, of course be happy to assist Mr Vaz and his committee with their enquiries into this very important issue so we can outline the work which is being done in Rotherham to help tackle sexual exploitation.”
Senior South Yorkshire officers have said they are “frustrated” by reports police and council officers turned a “blind-eye” to the problem and said the ethnic origin of suspects has not been a factor at all in deciding to press charges.


Monday, 29 October 2012

The devil's work

Hackers have attacked the French site of the Euromillions lottery, attacking it as the ‘devil’s work’ and posting Koranic verse in place of its homepage.

The messages warned people to quit gambling and consuming alcohol, saying that they were used by the devil, both of which are forbidden in Islam, to “sow hatred between yourselves and turn you away from God and prayer”.

Posted in both French and Arabic, it read: “Oh you believers. Wine, games of chance, statues all augur impurity and are the work of the devil.” A hacking group calling itself “Morrocanghosts” claimed responsibility for the attack.

Euromillions lottery operator La Francaise des jeux (FDJ) said that none of its other games were affected after the attack, which French media reports said happened yesterday morning. The Euromillions homepage was unavailable last night and is currently redirecting visitors to the FDJ page.

A statement on that site said that all pages hit by the hackers were in “the process of being put back up”. The company added that no personal data was compromised during the attack.

The Twitter user MorrocanGhosts posted a message yesterday in Arabic which read: “After hours ... will penetrate the global gambling sites .. (O ye who believe alcohol and gambling ...”

France has a population of 65 million, including an estimated four million Muslims, the largest Islamic population in western Europe.

The EuroMillions lottery, launched in 2004, is now played by nine countries across western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

More than 100 million euros are up for grabs in a EuroMillions jackpot to be played on Tuesday.


New mosque in a Preston conservation area

Work to start on mosque

The site of the Masjid-e-Salaam mosque on Watling Street Road, Fulwood The site of the Masjid-e-Salaam mosque on Watling Street Road, Fulwood
 Work will start on building a huge new mosque in a Preston conservation area next month.
Crews have completed the demolition of the Masjid-e-Salaam mosque on Watling Street Road, Fulwood, and are expected to clear the site this week.

Alban Cassidy, planning agent from Preston-based Cassidy and Ashton, confirmed contractors Leach Structural Steelwork expect to start work on a 12-month project on the new purpose-built within weeks.
A spokesman for the Preston Muslim Society said the new mosque would be built with “only the best materials” and to a high specification to ensure it sticks to planning permission granted earlier this year.
He said work to take around two years to complete with the new building expected to be “water-tight” within 12 months.

During a two-year building programme, the society is hosting prayers in a temporary mosque on a site on nearby Sharoe Green Lane, once earmarked for a new mosque.


CCTV released in rape investigation

Police have released these CCTV images of a man they are anxious to trace in connection with the rape of a 19-year-old Kent woman on Brighton beach in the early hours of Friday, September 7th.

The man was seen entering the Oceana nightclub at around 10:30pm that evening. Then, in the early hours, he was seen to walk north up West Street towards the Clock Tower and into Duke Street.

Det Insp Ian Still said: "The identity of this man is urgently sought, given that he was close to the area of the attack and within about 20 minutes of it taking place. We would like to talk to him in order to eliminate him from our enquiries.

"He is described as Asian, in his 20s, around 5' 7", of medium build, with short dark hair. He was last seen wearing a light coloured T-shirt with a large motif on the front, blue jeans, trainers and a baseball cap.

"If you know who this man is or you were in the area of the Oceana nightclub or on the beach opposite in the early hours of Friday, September 7th, and saw or heard any suspicious activity then please get in touch.

"Dial 101 or leave a message anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555111."

MUSLIM extremists fighting to build a “mega-mosque”

MUSLIM extremists fighting to build a “mega-mosque” in East London are banning women from their own weddings.

Hardline separatists Tablighi Jamaat, dubbed an “antechamber of fundamentalism” by intelligence officials, insist on segregation between sexes.

Last night Dr Taj Hargey, imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation and director of the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford, said: “The ceremony is normally a male-only affair where a male relative, usually a father or brother, signs on behalf of the woman and the service is conducted by a male priest, an imam, in front of male witnesses exclusively.

“We totally denounce this kind of sexism.”

Dr Jenny Taylor, of Lapido Media, a charity dedicated to ­raising awareness of religious ­affairs, branded the practice ­“medieval”.

She said: “Women are not allowed even to attend their own marriages. It is ludicrous to think this promotes social cohesion.

“When I visited the head- quarters in Delhi they were very nice to me but I was made to do my interview sitting with my back to the ­professor. This is where the international training is done. There were British Muslims present when I did my interview.

“We need to encourage people to integrate in the country they live in, otherwise you end up with enclaves of Western-phobia which generate suspicion and hatred.”

Earlier this month we revealed the Islamist group could be planning Britain’s first Sharia-controlled zone if plans to move their UK headquarters from Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire, to a site in ­Newham, east London, get the go-ahead.

Dr Taylor added: “Children are being brought up in places where contact with the mainstream is minimal. The Dewsbury HQ is now a Tablighi enclave.

“Masses of research has been done on this as a result of 7/7 but it seems to be almost ­completely ignored by ­government.

“Different norms start to ­prevail as is evidenced with this question of women’s marriage. Allowing a huge centre to be built in Newham that will churn out these values is appallingly irresponsible.

“This is a country where women died for freedom.

“Are we wanting to see the east of London become completely Islamic and split off from the mainstream country? It would be an absolute catastrophe.”

She added: “This is not diversity but apartheid.”

The religious writer and commentator was backed by Tehmina Kazi, the director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy and a former project ­officer at the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

She said: “Female members are kept ­secluded and the values surrounding their seclusion are transmitted to their children.”

Two of the July 7 bombers, Shehzad ­Tanweer and Mohammad Sidique Khan, plus failed shoe bomber Richard Reid, are believed to have prayed at the Tablighi HQ in Dewsbury.

Last night trustees of the Riverine centre, who run the TJ site in Newham, were ­unavailable for comment.


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Free the 5 London

Just got back a good turn out. Got a call from Plymouth that they also had a good day and over 200 supporters . Well done Justice For The Five 

Posted ImagePosted Image

British Muslims - How Loyal Are They "I'm with the Taliban"

Christmas gaffe for Aussie troops

THE air force has taken political correctness to a ridiculous new level by warning staff against wrapping gifts for troops overseas in Christmas paper because of "cultural sensitivity". 
A flight lieutenant based at RAAF Base Pearce near Perth sent an email to staff and cadets encouraging them to send Christmas care packages to Australians deployed in the Middle East.

After the usual warnings about not sending alcohol or pornography and some helpful gift ideas, the officer offered the following packaging advice.

"Contents should be securely wrapped in stiff brown paper (no Christmas wrapping due to cultural sensitivities, please) and clearly addressed to: Australian Defence Force Member AFPO 60 Australian Defence Force NSW 2890."
Presumably he was concerned that bright paper featuring Santa Claus, a reindeer or baby Jesus might offend some Muslims.

Defence said it did not have a policy on Christmas wrapping paper, but was aware of the "cultural sensitivity" issue.

"We are aware of advice posted on a Defence website and are taking steps to correct the information in the public domain," it said.

It is not clear if it was aware of the comments before The Sunday Times asked several questions about the email late last week.

Opposition defence personnel spokesman and former army officer Stuart Robert said someone had lost the plot.

"The Grinch this Christmas will be the government if it doesn't right this wrong," Mr Robert said.

"On the back of 'no beer for Christmas', it's now no Christmas for Christmas."

The question of a beer ration remains a matter for the operational commander on the ground to a limit of two 375ml cans a member.

Most commanders in recent years have limited beer consumption to Anzac Day.

"Deployed personnel will continue with their operational tasks throughout the Christmas-New Year period and will only consume alcohol when their tasking allows," Defence said.

"These events are authorised in advance and the consumption of alcohol is carefully controlled."
The beers cannot be transferred to another person.

The latest cultural sensitivity gaffe follows a long list of cultural problems for the military, including sexual harassment and assault, and the use of dog pens for prisoners in Afghanistan.


Counter-terror officers called in as anti-tank mines are stolen from freight train

Ten packages containing what are reported to be anti-tank mines used by British troops in Afghanistan were believed to have been stolen while the train stopped in Warrington, Cheshire.
The North West Counter Terrorism Unit (NWCTU) say it does not believe at this stage the theft was terror-related.

The Ministry of Defence-owned munitions do not pose a risk to the public unless they are tampered with, added the NWCTU.

Three of the packages, each with four separate plastic cases inside, remain outstanding after the other seven were found discarded near a railway line in the Folley Lane area of Warrrington.

The train left Longtown, Cumbria, at 11.30am on Wednesday and arrived at Didcot, Oxfordshire, where they were reported missing the next morning.

Officers are now appealing to anyone who may have seen the outstanding items to contact police.
They are described as being rectangular plastic tubes, approximately 4ft (1.2 metres) in length.
A co-ordinated investigation led by the NWCTU also includes the Metropolitan Police Service, British Transport Police and the MoD.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney, from the NWCTU, said: "A number of inquiries are now being made by police officers into this theft and our main priority is to safely recover the missing items.

"At this stage there is nothing to suggest the theft is terrorist-related but due to the potential complexity of the investigation our inquiries are being led by counter terrorism officers.

"We would like to appeal to any members of the public who may know the whereabouts of these items, or any persons involved in the theft of these items, to contact the police immediately.

"I want to make it clear that in their normal condition these munitions are stable and do not pose a risk to the public.

"However, the materials could be hazardous if they were to be tampered with and we therefore ask that anyone who sees them or knows where they are to call the police as soon as possible."


BRITISH prisoners are not eating bacon or showering naked in jail for fear of upsetting Muslim radicals.

Extremist inmates are conducting a campaign of fear and intimidation against other cons at a top-security prison in a bid to persuade them to convert to Islam.

The religion bans men from seeing other males’ private parts. Eating pork is also prohibited.

Research conducted by the Cambridge Institute of ­Criminology on behalf of the Ministry of Justice claims “heavy players” among the Muslim population at Whitemoor Prison in Cambridgeshire are bullying other lags. Professor Alison Liebling, who led the study, said: “Non- Muslim prisoners described wearing underpants in the showers out of ‘respect and fear’ and some Muslim prisoners described a form of intimidation exerted over frying bacon in the kitchens.”

The report also revealed white “old lags” who were once prison power brokers had been reduced to onlookers by the arrival at the jail of black gang members, young white drug users and Muslims.

Ms Liebling added: “The ordinary Muslim prisoners are horrified by what the heavies are doing under the umbrella of faith. It is not about faith, it is the phenomenon of a new source of power to which others are attracted.”


mussies plied woman with alcohol then raped her

Two “cold-blooded” sexual predators from Plaistow who took turns raping a student after plying her with booze have each been jailed for 10 years.

Ebrima Dampha, 33, and Amadou Bah, 34, targeted the 22-year-old after spotting her drunkenly leaning against a shop front in Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

The pair, both of Barking Road, Plaistow, offered to accompany her in a taxi home but then stopped at an off-licence to buy more alcohol.

They persuaded her to allow them into her flat before encouraging her to continue drinking, then raped her while she was barely conscious, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

The duo then stole the woman’s iPhone and cash after the attack on January 6.

The woman had suffered significant trauma as a result of her ordeal, the court was told.

Both men insisted she invited them home with the promise of sex and denied rape.

But a jury convicted them of rape following a trial.

Sentencing, Judge John Lafferty told them: “This young woman unfortunately had far too much to drink than she was able to cope with.

“She was quite clearly, when you saw her leaning against a shop front, not capable of looking after herself.”
“You both formed a plan which you carried out to get this woman back to a place where you could have sex with her against her will.

“You encouraged and persuaded her to take more alcohol when you could see she was far from capable of looking after herself.”

“When she took so much alcohol she was semi-conscious or unconscious, you both took turns to rape her.”
“Upon leaving the flat, you stole her property.

“You acted together and took advantage of a young woman who by virtue of her intoxication was extremely vulnerable, when any decent man would seek to assist her.

“You put forward an entirely spurious account suggesting this perfectly respectable young woman wanted to have sex with both of you.

“At one point you said that was both at the same time, a thoroughly outrageous suggestion which the jury had no hesitation in rejecting.

“The young woman was vulnerable because of her extreme intoxication and you took shameless and coldblooded advantage of that.

“These sentences are the shortest that mark the gravity of the offence you committed, taking into account what little mitigation either of you have.”

Dampha, a ‘‘small scale’’ drug dealer, was also handed a further six months for possessing 11 bags of cannabis with intent to supply, breaching a community order.

Both will have to sign the sex offenders register for life on their release from prison.
Andrew Cohen, defending Dampha, said: “He was not the principal within this particular offence. It was not him that approached the complainant or engaged in conversation and got in the position of being invited back to her flat.

“He followed on and appeared to take advantage of a situation that came into existence.”
The court was told Bah suffers from a long-term drink problem.


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Al Qaeda leader calls on Muslims to kidnap Westerners in Egypt

Al Qaeda leader calls on Muslims to kidnap Westerners in Egypt Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, join Syria's rebellion and ensure Egypt implements sharia, SITE Monitoring reported, citing a two-part film posted on Islamist websites, according to Reuters.

"We are seeking, by the help of Allah, to capture others and to incite Muslims to capture the citizens of the countries that are fighting Muslims in order to release our captives," he said, praising the kidnapping of Warren Weinstein, a 71-year-old American aid worker in Pakistan last year.

However, in a sign that al Qaeda could be under pressure, he said the release of the film had been delayed because of the "conditions of the fierce war".

Zawahri accused the international community of giving Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "a license to kill" in his attempts to smother a popular uprising. Syria's anti-government rebels include Islamist groups.

"I incite Muslims everywhere, especially in the countries that are contiguous to Syria, to rise to support their brothers in Syria with all what they can and not to spare anything that they can offer," he added.

The Egypt-born cleric directed questions towards the new Egyptian President, Mohammed al-Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, over his intentions towards Israel, Egyptian Christians and sharia law.

"The battle in Egypt is very clear. It is a battle between the secular minority that is allied with the church and that is leaning on the support of the army, who are made by (former president Hosni) Mubarak and the Americans... and the Muslim ummah in Egypt that is seeking to implement the sharia," he said.

He also used the two-hour, 12-minute address, posted on Islamist websites on Wednesday, to call U.S. President Barack Obama a "liar" and "one of the biggest supporters of Israel".


Friday, 26 October 2012


This is an old post I dig up from October 15th, 1997


Policemen, social workers and prominent public figures have been accused of belonging to a paedophile ring which indulged in a relentless campaign of physical and sexual abuse in children's homes in North Wales.


mussie jailed for stealing iPhones from Birmingham students

A TEENAGER has been jailed for stealing iPhones from students in Birmingham City Centre.

Abdimajid Adan, from Milner Court, Bordesley Green, set upon the four friends after he spotted them using their handsets in Broad Street on April 18.

The 18-year-old appeared at Birmingham Crown Court where he admitted robbery and was sent to a young offenders’ facility for 21 months.

Another 18-year-old from Handsworth, found by a police dog hiding in a doorway after the robbery, is also awaiting sentence.

The conviction comes as police launch a major mobile phone theft awareness campaign urging people to keep their mobiles safe.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Parsons, who heads up Operation Network, said: “Robberies like this are down by almost a third with 1,400 fewer victims since April compared to the same period in 2011.

“However, the number of pick-pocket and ‘sweeping’ style offences, with thieves cruising pubs, clubs and cafes, are on the increase so it’s vital that people keep property safe.”


Russian Muslims swarm Moscow for ‘Feast of Sacrifice’

Muslims take part in prayers on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bairam in Moscow. (Reuters / Mikhail Voskresenskiy )

Muslims pray at the Moscow Congregational Mosque in central Moscow on the Feast of the Sacrifice. (RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov)Muslims pray at the Moscow Congregational Mosque in central Moscow on the Feast of the Sacrifice. (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich)A Muslim man prays before celebrations to mark the first day of the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bairam in Moscow. (© Ilya Varlamov  / <A href="" target="_blank"></A>)A Muslim man prays before celebrations to mark the first day of the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bairam in Moscow. (© Ilya Varlamov  / <A href="" target="_blank"></A>)A Muslim man prays before celebrations to mark the first day of the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bairam in Moscow. (Reuters / Maxim Shemetov)
A Muslim man prays before celebrations to mark the first day of the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bairam in Moscow. (© Ilya Varlamov  / <A href="" target="_blank"></A>)

Boy assaulted and robbed of phone and wallet by muslims in Blackburn park

H/T Anglosaxon

 A TEENAGER was assaulted and had his phone and wallet stolen in a park attack.

The 16-year-old boy was walking in Corporation Park with his girlfriend, 15, when he was approached by two Asian men.

The men, thought to be aged 17 or 18 and both wearing hooded tops, attacked him, then stole his Blackberry Torch phone, and a black wallet, just after 5pm on Tuesday.

Inspector Graham Ashcroft said: “This is a serious and violent offence. I am really keen to speak to anyone who knows the individuals, or saw them leaving the park.”


bishops worried by Islam

PARIS - A drive to rekindle Roman Catholicism's missionary zeal is struggling to counter the challenge of Islam, a religion with an arguably more direct message and a greater institutional hold on its faithful.

Bishops who have been meeting for three weeks to plot a way forward for a Church whose membership is dwindling in Europe are concerned by Islam's growth and worried about Christian minorities in Muslim countries, according to participants' comments released by the Vatican.

Islam was barely mentioned in preparatory documents for the Synod on New Evangelization, a meeting in Rome of 262 prelates from around the world been held behind closed doors.

But one participant said it had become the "buzzword" of the synod that ends this weekend.

"It's no surprise that Islam has taken on such importance during this synod," French-born Bishop Paul Desfarges, who heads the diocese of Constantine in Algeria, told journalists in Rome this week. "It's an issue that concerns Europe."

Christianity, with about 2 billion followers, is the world's largest religion and Catholicism - its biggest denomination by far - makes up just over half that total.

But some estimates suggest that the 1.3 billion Muslims, four-fifths of them outside the Arab world, are growing in number much faster than Christians, whose numbers are shrinking in their European heartland.

"We need a much more developed analysis and discussion of the consequences of the Islamic presence in the Western world," Sydney Cardinal George Pell said.

Political boost for Islam

Some of the "Arab Spring" uprisings that have spread across North Africa and the Middle East have propelled Islam onto the political stage.

Kyrillos William, the Catholic Coptic bishop of Assiut, painted a stark picture of the situation facing Egypt's large Christian minority - about 10 percent of the population - since the upheavals of the Arab Spring.
"Every day since the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power, we see new steps towards the Islamization of the state," he said. "Christians continue to be considered second-class citizens and many of their rights are not recognized."

In a remark that Church leaders interpreted as criticism, a senior Egyptian official has said the Church's many schools and hospitals, which are used mostly by Muslims, gave it a presence in society much bigger than its actual size.

"Some extremists demand that we leave the country," the bishop said. "We've told them: 'No, this is our country and we're staying'."

In West Africa, where Christianity and Islam are vying for new followers among the many people quitting traditional religions, bishops felt Catholicism had a double disadvantage.

"The rapid expansion of Islam and especially the spreading of fundamentalism in West Africa enormously worries the Church," said Bishop Nicodeme Anani Barrigah-Benissan from Togo.

"It only takes one day to become Muslim but it is impossible to renounce this religion later," he said. By contrast, he added, it takes at least three years of study for an adult to become a Catholic, and the baptized can leave at will.

Patriarch Gregory III Laham, the Damascus-based head of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, argued that Islam's main teaching - that there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his prophet - was easier for people to grasp.

"Our beautiful Christian faith is too complicated," he said.

Conversion illegal

Conversion from Islam to another religion is illegal in many Muslim countries, meaning that Christians dedicated to spreading their faith must do so very cautiously, several prelates noted.

Bishop Desfarges reported that some Algerian Muslims had converted to Catholicism. "These new disciples are sometimes rejected by their own family or must be very discreet," he said.

Bechara Boutros Rai, the Beirut-based head of the Maronite Church in communion with the Vatican, said there were also "some secret conversions by Muslims to Christianity" in Lebanon.

"Evangelization is practiced in the Arab countries in an indirect way," he said, through a wide network of Christian schools, hospitals and broadcast media that spread the Church's message without explicitly preaching it.

But several bishops, especially from countries where tensions between Christians and Muslims seem to be worst, saw the meeting of the two faiths as an opportunity for dialogue rather than a reason to bemoan their fate.

"Despite the impression often given by the world media, I want to stress that Christians in Nigeria do not see themselves as being under any massive persecution by Muslims," Abuja Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan told the synod.

"We need to know our Muslim neighbors and keep an open mind to those who are friendly, and they are in the majority," he said. "We have to work together to make sure that the fanatics do not dictate the agenda of our mutual relations."

The Islam debate at the conference got off to a rocky start when Cardinal Peter Turkson, head of the Vatican Council for Justice and Peace, screened a video suggesting that Europe was quickly being overrun by Muslims.

Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois from France, home to Europe's largest Muslim minority, panned the film as propaganda and said the New Evangelization "should not become a Crusade."


Sharia courts Bill will prevent women suffering

A Bill which will curb the power of Sharia courts deserves support because citizens have a “responsibility” to protect women from “unnecessary suffering”, a lawyer writing for The Independent website has said.
Charlotte Rachael Proudman said in the Independent’s Comment section, that Baroness Cox’s Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill should be backed.
It had its second reading in the House of Lords last week.
The aim of the Bill is to ensure women are treated fairly by applying the nation’s anti-discrimination laws to quasi-legal systems such as Sharia courts.


Miss Proudman highlighted the plight of many Muslim women who are unaware they are married according to religious law, but not national law. This means they have no legal protections.
She also highlighted the case of one lady who said a Sharia court pressurised her to drop police charges against her husband after he stabbed her, saying it was a matter to be dealt with “in our courts.”
In Baroness Cox’s Bill, any person who falsely claims to have the power to make legally binding decisions in Britain will be guilty of a criminal offence.


Miss Proudman said: “We cannot allow Baroness Cox to go it alone when we, as citizens of Britain, have a responsibility to ensure that women living in this country are protected from unnecessary suffering, by our laws.”
She added that our support of the Bill will mean more women are prevented from “falling prey to the patriarchal rulings of such courts”.


"This Great Festival": Alex Salmond Celebrates Muslim Butchery Feast

Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond

On behalf of the Scottish Government, it gives me great pleasure to wish all of Scotland’s Muslim communities - and especially those returning from performing the Hajj - a wonderful Eid-ul-Adha as you celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice. This great festival is a time to reflect on how millions of Muslims from all over the world and from all walks of life share a common bond as equal brothers and sisters, united in their faith and pilgrimage. It is a time of sharing with the poor and giving to charity so that the whole community can take part in the feast and join fully in the celebrations. And it is the perfect occasion to recognise and celebrate the contribution Scotland’s Muslims make to the life of our nation. I wish you all Eid Mubarak!
Source: Muslim News

“Die slowly, you Christian dog”

‘This is what they are like. One of the killers, the commander of the “Bara” brigade, was found with a syringe full of diesel. He injected it into a man, a Christian, saying, “Die slowly, you  

Christian dog

Come the peace there will be no allies to be had in Syria.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Plymouth Free The Five March; 28TH OCT 10AM

This is definitely happening and it's going to be big. Three of these lads are from Plymouth and it has outraged the local community, there will be a good local turnout for this. Some local military charities and a few national ones have been in contact with us and offered their assistance in organising the demo which we have gratefully accepted.

The march will set off at 11am sharp from Devils point to Stonehouse barracks up Royal Parade to the Guildhall then up to the Hoe past the Citadel then finishing at the cenotaph where there will be speeches etc.

This is a family event so there will be absolutely no drinking before the event, we are doing that after if anyone wishes to have have a few, I will be.

This event welcomes all of the British people but it is politely requested that no flags or clothing of political organisations or street movements are worn.

Arrive from 9am onwards

 Posted Image

 update, From Justice For the 5

The police have agreed our march route apart from 1 street because it was one way but we are just going to take the next left instead. We will be marching past Stonehouse Barracks which is the home of 3 Commando where 3 of these lads are currently confined to camp. Police have said they are expecting up to 2k

Jewish Defence League Pours Red Paint on Muslim Agitator

Houria Bouteldja is the one who referred to the indigenous French as "sous-chiens", a pun meaning both "indigenes" and "sub-dogs". She also said "I am Mohammed Merah".

Most French see Islam as too influential in society:

An increasing majority of people in France believe Islam plays too influential a role in their society and almost half see Muslims as a threat to their national identity, according to a poll published yesterday.

The survey by pollster Ifop in Le Figaro newspaper showed that 60 per cent of people believed that Islam was "too important" in France in terms of its influence and visibility, up from 55 per cent two years ago.

It found that 43 per cent of respondents considered the presence of the Muslim community as a threat to their national identity, compared with just 17 per cent who said it enriched society. Forty per cent of those questioned were indifferent to the presence of Islam, Le Figaro said.

"Our poll shows a further hardening in French people's opinions," Jerome Fourquet, head of Ifop's opinion department, told the newspaper.

The struggle of secular France, whose people are mainly Catholic, to assimilate the largest Muslim population in Europe was thrust into the spotlight in March when Muslim Mohamed Merah, went on a shooting spree in south-west France that killed three Jewish children, a rabbi and three soldiers.

"In recent years, there has not been a week when Islam has not been in the heart of the news for social reasons: the veil, halal food, for dramatic news like terrorist attacks or geopolitical reasons," Fourquet said.
The prevalence of halal food and rising immigration - particularly from north Africa - were hot topics in the campaign for the presidential election as Nicolas Sarkozy sought to appeal to voters of the far-right National Front.

Sarkozy eventually lost to Socialist Francois Hollande but a contender to lead his conservative UMP party, Jean Francois Cope, put Islam back on the agenda this month by suggesting Muslim youths were tearing pain au chocolat pastries from children's hands during Islam's fasting month of Ramadan.

The publication of the poll also came after a far-right group occupied a mosque in the western city of Poitiers at the weekend and issued a "declaration of war" against what it called the Islamisation of France.

Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Muslim Council (CFCM), said fear of Islam was being stoked by political manipulation of concern over immigration and fears the growing Muslim population could lead to the imposition of sharia law.

"Islam has left the spiritual sphere to become a political subject," he said, in response to the poll. "Attempts to associate marginal practices with mainstream Muslim religion fuels the rejection of every aspect of Islam."
The survey, carried out on Oct. 15-18 on 1,736 people, showed a growing resistance to the symbols of the Islamic faith. About 43 per cent of those questioned were opposed to more mosque building, up from 39 per cent in 2010.

Sixty-three per cent opposed Muslim women wearing the veil or headscarves in public, compared with 59 per cent two years ago. Sarkozy's previous conservative banned the wearing of full-face veils.


One in four British babies are now children of immigrants

Almost a quarter of babies born in the UK are children of immigrants, data shows.

There were 808,000 births in the UK last year, of which 196,000 were children born to non-UK born women - or 24 per cent.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows there has been a steady increase in the number of children born to mothers who were born abroad since 2001, when the figure stood at 15.3 per cent
Polish women who live in the UK gave birth to around 23,000 children last year.
Women from Pakistan had 19,200 babies in the same period and Indian women gave birth to 15,500 children.
Four in 10 children born to immigrant mothers were born in London. Half were born in other parts of England, and one in 10 were born in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined.

The ONS said fertility rates for non-UK born women are higher than those born in the UK. The total fertility rate for women born in the UK is 1.89 children each, while for those born outside the UK the figure is 2.28.
The figures show that in 2007, 14 per cent of women living in the UK aged 15 to 44 had been born outside the UK. This rose to 18 per cent last year.

Recent analysis suggested hundreds of thousands more female immigrants arrived in Britain over the previous decade than has previously been thought and are thought to be behind a mini baby boom.
It showed that a previous attempt to forecast immigration figures underestimated the number of females coming to live in the country by 361,000 and overestimated the number of males by 94,000, when compared with census data.

Female migration has been concentrated in the 20 to 44-year-old age bracket, the prime years for child bearing, and may have contributed to a mini baby boom, according the analysis by the Financial Times.
The official data from 2001-2010, released in July, showed net migration to England and Wales increased the population by more than 2.1 million.

Figures also show that more than a quarter of all births are to non-UK born women, boosting the number of children aged 0-8 years by nearly 300,000 since the last census in 2001.

Pakistani women have been overtaken by those from Poland as the single largest group of foreign-born mothers in 2010 and 2011, making up more than one in 10 births within this group.

The analysis comes with immigration continuing to be a part of the political agenda, after David Cameron announced a review into the freedom of EU citizens to live and work in the UK - despite any limitation on this being barred under EU agreements - amid job fears for young Britons.

Economists and population analysts point out the positive impact, because UK fertility rates are too low to maintain the population at the same level, which is likely to see the burden of paying for the nation's elderly falling on fewer shoulders.

Data released by the ONS in August showed women born in the UK were having an average of 1.9 children each, below the rate of 2.1 that is thought necessary to keep a population level. But when non-UK born women are included, the rate goes up to around 2.0.

Gordon Sharp, head of the Continuous Mortality Investigations unit, an actuarial body, said it meant that the cost of supporting the nation's elderly in 30 years would be spread among more workers.

He said: "It means the dependency ratio is not as severe as it might otherwise be."
But he noted that the rise in births would result in some higher costs in the short term including healthcare and education.


Here is an English translation of a letter sent to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault by the Génération Identitaire on October 23, 2012:

Here is an English translation of a letter sent to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault by the Génération Identitaire on October 23, 2012:

Mr. Prime Minister,

On Saturday October 20, at six o'clock in the morning, in the company of a hundred young activists, we entered the construction site of the Great Mosque of Poitiers. By late morning, while you were on an official visit to Asia, you published an official communiqué. If we regret your moral condemnation of our action, we are, on the other hand, pleased by the interest you have shown in our movement, attested to by the rapidity with which you reacted.

Nevertheless, we would like to believe that your point of view derives from an inadequate appreciation of the facts. If our country regularly experiences occupations of factories, offices, and churches, usually organized by the CGT labor union or immigrant-support associations, they are not always peaceful and do not necessarily relate to a political question. But our occupation of the construction site of the Great Mosque of Poitiers was non-violent and derives from our desire for a public debate. Our presence was limited to a banner and slogans. Evacuation proceeded peacefully.

Our objective was - and is - to draw the public's attention to the problem of immigration and the Islamization of France. We know that on these points you have the opposite opinion. Thus, when you were mayor of Nantes, you granted a public subsidy of 200,000 euros to a Muslim "cultural" center, even though it was closely connected to radical Islamic movements. Ever since your appointment as head of the Government, you have been clearly acting in favor of the development and rooting of immigration in France. So be it! That is your right and, perhaps, your duty with regard to the exigencies of States such as Qatar or Algeria.

Note: I like that!

As for us, we take the opposing view. We are among those who think - and we still have the right to think - that if the French were to become a minority, then France would no longer be France. A fantasy? No. All one has to do to be convinced is to look at the recent studies from INSEE on the youth of the region of Ile-de-France or the number of mosques built during these past years in our land.

Do you want this to go on? We want it to stop!

This was the goal of our action in Poitiers, to which your party, the PS, but also your allies from the Front de gauche and Europe-Ecologie-les-Verts, responded unanimously with hatred. Do you really think, Mr. Prime Minister, that, in a Republic, we can legitimately ban the speech of those demanding a referendum? If your Republic is not just a word, not just a semantic theft, then of course, the answer is no.

We do not ask that you understand us. We ask, Mr. Prime Minister, that you recognize our right to freedom of expression.

We want a peaceful public debate? The parties that support your government respond with invectives and threats. We want to open the voting booths? They angrily wave their stick. And yet, were they not the ones who, a while back defended the Pussy Rioters who had entered into a Russian church?

You will, of course, answer that the Justice system decided to prosecute us. But, let's be serious, Mr. Prime Minister. Could you swear that not one of your ministers called the prosecutor of Poitiers? Furthermore, do you know the reason given for the arrest of four of us? "Inciting to racial hatred" for having chanted, among other slogans: "Charles Martel!" Is that your Republic? Is that your answer to the hundreds of thousands of young Frenchmen who refuse immigration because they suffer its consequences regularly?

These are the things we hope to discuss with you, Mr. Prime Minister. And so we request a meeting with you or, if not that, a meeting with one of your advisers.

Awaiting your reply, we remain sincerely yours,

The Génération Identitaire

Below, the Prime Minister:

British paedophile ring 'protected by Parliament and Downing Street'

A powerful paedophile network may have operated in Britain protected by its connections to Parliament and Downing Street, a senior Labour politician suggested yesterday. Speaking from the back benches of the House of Commons,

Tom Watson, the deputy chairman of the Labour Party, called on the Metropolitan Police to reopen a closed criminal inquiry into paedophilia. Indicating his anxiety that there had been an establishment cover-up,

Mr Watson referred to the case of Peter Righton, who was convicted in 1992 of importing and possessing illegal homosexual pornographic material. Righton, a former consultant to the National Children’s Bureau and lecturer at the National Institute for Social Work in London, admitted two illegal importation charges and one charge of possessing obscene material. He was fined £900.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Watson said the evidence file used to convict Righton “if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring”. He told a hushed Commons: “One of its members boasts of a link to a senior aide of a former Prime Minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.

“The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10.”

 In the aftermath of Mr Watson’s remarks, media outlets speculated that he was referring to the late former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath – who was the subject of unsubstantiated rumours about sex with under-age boys – or to Sir Peter Morrison, a former Downing Street aide who died in 1995.

 However, The Independent understands that Mr Watson’s comments were not aimed at either Sir Edward or Sir Peter, but at a living person associated with Margaret Thatcher’s administration. They are thought to involve the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange, a pro-paedophile group in existence between 1974 and 1984, which believed there should be no age of consent.

Responding to the remarks, David Cameron said the MP had raised “a very difficult and complex case”, adding he was unclear which former Prime Minister Mr Watson was referring to. Criticising the BBC’s record on Savile – who was never caught and died last year aged 84, the Prime Minister said: "These allegations do leave many institutions - perhaps particularly the BBC - with serious questions to answer -

I think above all the question, 'How did he get away with this for so long?'.” He told MPs: "The most important thing is that the police investigation is properly resourced and is allowed to continue.”


Police probe three more 'major' child sex grooming rings

Detectives are investigating another three alleged major child sex grooming rings in Greater Manchester and have doubled the number of officers working on the inquiries to 400. 

The probe has widened significantly since nine Asian men were convicted in May of the systematic grooming and sexual abuse of white girls in Heywood and Rochdale.
Greater Manchester Police announced last night that a further nine men have been charged in connection with the alleged sexual abuse of one teenage girl in Rochdale between 2008 and 2009.
Officers in the region are also investigating three other groups of men alleged to have sexually abused a series of teenage girls, as well as “numerous” smaller cases involving one alleged victim who says she was abused by one or two men, the Manchester Evening News reported.
The force declined to say precisely how many cases it is investigating but it confirmed that there are now about 400 officers working full-time on child sexual exploitation and other sexual offences.
Detective Chief Superintendent Mary Doyle, head of Greater Manchester Police’s public protection division, said: “There are currently a number of child sexual exploitation investigations under way across the force, which range from individuals up to large groups of offenders that are loosely connected to each other.

“Some of these investigations have arisen from historic allegations and some are based on new complaints.
“We now have a much better understanding of the signs to look for, plus there have been significant improvements in the sharing of information between agencies. Also, the widespread publicity surrounding recent cases has ensured that victims, witnesses, carers and the wider community are much more alive now to the threat of child sexual exploitation.

“Child sexual exploitation is now one of the force’s top priorities and we are absolutely committed to ensuring it gets the resources that it deserves.”

Meanwhile, Keir Starmer, QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, has said that a generation of girls had been betrayed by the justice system's flawed approach to sexual exploitation.

He has ordered a major overhaul of the Crown Prosecution Service's response to sex grooming, with the aim of increasing the number of convictions.

Mr Starmer admitted that a failure to understand the nature of abuse by police, prosecutors and the courts meant that men who groomed teenagers for sex had escaped justice for decades.

"In a number of cases presented to us, particularly in cases involving groups, there's clearly an issue of ethnicity that has to be understood and addressed. As prosecutors we shouldn't shy away from that,” he told The Times.

"But if we're honest it's the approach to the victims, the credibility issue, that causes these cases not to be prosecuted in the past. There was a lack of understanding."


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Galloway's Respect party to hold "large rally" in Croydon

GEORGE Galloway's Respect party is to hold a "large rally" in Croydon ahead of the Croydon North by-election, the Advertiser has been told.

Last week we revealed that Respect plans to take part in the by-election in the hope of repeating its remarkable success in Bradford West.
  1. George Galloway's Respect party plan to hold a "large rally" in Croydon
    George Galloway's Respect party plan to hold a "large rally" in Croydon
Today a party spokesman revealed a candidate had been selected and would be confirmed next week. This would then be followed by a rally next Sunday (October 28).

He declined to reveal the location of the rally or the identity of the nominee because it would "pre-empt the local party's decision".

Mr Galloway, who was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003 due to his outspoken opposition to the Iraq War, was reelected to Parliament in Bradford West in March.

After winning the seat - with a swing of 36.59 per cent against his former party - he famously declared his victory was a "Bradford Spring", in reference to the revolutions which swept across Arab countries and his targeting of the Muslim vote.

Respect believes it can make gains in Croydon North because of Mr Wicks' support of the Iraq War. Though its 2010 candidate Mohammed Shaikh won only 275 votes, compared to Mr Wicks' majority of 16,428, the party's profile has since increased significantly.


Anti-immigration protest to go ahead

A man behind an anti-immigration march which was called off last year says he will stage a protest in November.

Campaigner Dean Everitt scrapped the march after the Home Office agreed to visit Boston, which has one of the country's fastest-growing immigrant populations. The local council are also so worried about a population boom they've drawn up a plan on how they''ll cope with the changes.


12-year-old girl robbed and assaulted in Stockton

Police are looking for a man after a 12-year-old girl was robbed and sexually assaulted on her walk home from school.

The incident happened on Common Land near to Chadwick Walk in Stockton this afternoon.

The schoolgirl was approached by the man, who then went through her bag and then sexually assaulted her.

He is described as:

A man in his thirties
With a scar above one eye
Wearing a large earring in one ear
And with dark skin


Four to face trial over Burnley teenager rape claims

FOUR men have appeared in court charged with raping a girl in Burnley.

A 16-year-old girl was found by a man walking his dog on the canal towpath close to Barden Lane in Burnley at 6am on Saturday, September 29th.

It is alleged that the girl met the men in the Barden Lane area of Burnley before she was taken to a house where she was attacked.

Then she was allegedly left alongside the Leeds Liverpool canal the next morning.

Mohammed Qasim (25) of Berry Street, Brierfield, was charged with possession of a class B drug and rape.

Mohammed Rizwan Sikander (24) of Colne Road, Burnley, was charged with rape. Amad Khan (25) of Whalley Street, Burnley, was charged with possession of a class B drug and rape.

A 19-year-old man from Burnley, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has also been charged with rape.

All the defendants were rleased on bail to appear again at Burnley Crown Court on January 7th for a plea and case management hearing. A five day trial date has been set to begin on May 7th.


Halal meat off school menus in Lancashire

THOUSANDS of Muslim children have been left without meat in their school meals after the county council suddenly axed its contract with a halal products supplier.

Education chiefs admitted it could take months before a replacement for KQF Foods is found – prompting the Council of Mosques to warn that youngsters’ diets could suffer.

A total of 68 Lancashire County Council schools are affected, including 45 in Burnley, Pendle, Hyndburn and Rossendale.

Five schools in Blackburn and Darwen, which still receive produce through the county’s central catering unit, have also lost their halal meat supplies.

Lancashire Council of Mosques chairman Salim Mulla said: “With the amount of Muslim children in schools under the local authority’s care we are concerned about where they will source their meat in the future.
“We want to see this difficulty resolved quickly. We are worried about our children being left without meat in their diet for any long period.”

Halal is the description of food and drink Muslims are allowed to consume under Islamic dietary laws, as defined in the Koran.

Classifying of halal food, including meat which must be slaughtered in a certain way, can only be carried out by a Muslim expert in the laws.

Confusion surrounds why KQF lost its contract, which started in May 2009 and was renewed in April.
The move follows an unexpected county council food standards inspection into the composition, labelling and quality of the meat on October 9.

The company, based in George West Street, Blackburn, said it had not been given full details of the justification for the decision but believes it relates to paperwork.

A spokesman added the firm was seriously concerned about damage to its reputation.

The county council has refused to disclose the reason but stressed it did not relate to the meat’s Halal accreditation or health and hygiene.

The most recent Blackburn with Darwen council food hygiene inspection gave KQF a clean bill of health and the borough has not advised its schools to stop using the company.

It is understood that the decision to end the contract concerns the precise legal terms between the two parties over the proportion of meat as opposed to water and other bulking products in the halal products following a complaint.

A Lancashire County Council spokeswoman said that it was seeking an emergency temporary supplier of halal products but could give no timescale for securing a new deal.

In the meantime, Muslim children are being offered suitable non-meat and vegetarian alternatives.
KQF’s boss Faruk Valli is currently on a Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
A representative of the company, which employs 30 staff, said: “We had a county council inspection two weeks ago and we failed because our paperwork was not up to date.

“We have only just been inspected by Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Environmental Health officer and they say our hygiene standards are up to scratch.

“We have no idea why the contract was terminated.

“When our managing director gets back we hope to correct any issues and get back to supplying schools Lancashire wide with halal meat as it is the children that are suffering.

“We are concerned this could seriously damage our reputation.”

Roger Eakhurst, the council's assistant director for catering, said: “The health and safety of pupils must always come first in the provision of any supplies to our school kitchens and so we took immediate action.
“We hope to re-establish a supply of halal meat as soon as possible and in the meantime we hope parents and children will bear with us."

Blackburn with Darwen schools chief Coun Tony Humphrys said: “The council recently became aware that a major catering provider to schools in Blackburn with Darwen has ceased using the Blackburn based provider of Halal meat on the basis of an audit which found breaches in relation to their specified contract with the company.

“We had only inspected the premises in September but following the concerns, we inspected the premises again and are satisfied that there is currently no risk to health.”


Seneca III from The Christian Action Network footage

‘Seneca III’, a retired physicist, had chosen to remain anonymous until now. But due to the arrests of Tommy and Paul Weston, both of which appear to be highly political in nature and smack of at least a degree of totalitarianism, he has chosen to reveal himself to the camera as the urgency and immediacy of the message grows exponentially over time.

This is the first interview with Seneca III on Camera.

Thank you again Christian Action Network for the footage. I am anxious to see the whole documentary when you get it done.

muslim Serves Only 5 Days After Beating Elderly Driver…

Usman Yasin, 30, pictured laughing as he attended an earlier court appearance, has been released from jail on unconditional bail while he awaits the verdict of his appealA driver who was jailed for beating up an elderly woman who told him to watch his language has been freed on bail after serving just five days.

Usman Yasin, 30, received a 16-week sentence after being found guilty of hitting 81-year-old Patricia Pearson after she covered his mouth to stop him swearing at her for driving too slowly.

The disabled pensioner suffered horrific injuries during the attack in June this year and told the police the the ordeal had left her feeling 'vulnerable'.

But now she is outraged after her attacker, who has lodged an appeal against his conviction, was granted unconditional bail while he awaits the verdict.

Mrs Pearson said: 'I’m really fuming about the whole thing - it beggars belief. It is a farce and the law in this country is nothing but an ass.'

Mrs Pearson, a former school cleaner from Birkenhead, said her attacker’s release on unconditional bail - which means there are no restrictions on his freedom - was ‘an absolute disgrace’.

Yasin was jailed on October 10 after Burton Magistrates’ Court heard he hit Mrs Pearson due to her alleged slow driving.

The victim sustained injuries including a cut on her forehead and top lip, and grazes to her face, cheek and elbow following the incident in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire.

The pensioner, who is registered as disabledThe frail pensioner, who is registered as disabled 

Mrs Pearson said she still suffered pain in her lips and neck, as well as psychological trauma and Magistrates dismissed Yasin’s claim of self-defence.

'If he gets off I will get myself a lawyer. He’s not going to get away with it. There’s no way.

'All I want is justice.'

The court had previously heard that the fast food delivery driver had become incensed when he became stuck behind Mrs Pearson - who had been driving to visit her husband in a care home.

He pulled in front of her and braked sharply, before Mrs Pearson got out her car and approached the passenger side of his Peugeot 206.

Read more here

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nine More Muslims from Rochdale charged after child sex grooming probe

Nine men have been charged following an investigation into child grooming in Rochdale. The charges relate to child exploitation offences committed separately against one teenage girl in the Rochdale area by different men between 2008 and 2009.

The men, who are all from Asian and African backgrounds, were arrested in May. Freddy Kendakumana, 26, of Illminster, Rochdale has been charged with three counts of rape, attempted rape and four counts of sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 7 November 2012.

Roheez Khan, 26, of Ashfield Road, Rochdale has been charged with ten counts of sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on the 8 November 2012.

Chola Chansa, 32, of Illminster, Rochdale has been charged with two counts of sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 9 November 2012.

Ali Asghar Hussain Shah, 39, of Lyefield Walk, Rochdale has been charged with sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child under 16.

 He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 22 November 2012. Anjam Masood, 30, of Marne Crescent, Rochdale has been charged with sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 21 November 2012.

 Asrar Haider, 38, of Chamber House Drive, Castleton, Rochdale has been charged with sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 21 November 2012.

Abdul Huk, 36, of Ouldfield Close, Rochdale has been charged with sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 23 November 2012.

Mohammed Rafiq, 31, of Allington, Freehold, Rochdale has been charged with sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 5 December 2012.

Mohammed Ali, 27, of Exbury, Rochdale has been charged with sexual activity with a child under 16. He has been bailed to appear at Bury Magistrates’ Court on 6 December 2012.


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Woman accused of standing by while trio allegedly abused Tower Hamlets child

A young girl who was sexually abused by three men was mocked by a woman, who suggested she should “get some money” from her alleged attackers, a court heard today (Tuesday).

 Chinyere Chikwe, 43, allegedly knew the schoolgirl was being abused at various addresses in Poplar and Stepney between the ages of nine and 11, but did nothing to prevent it.

Mohammed Rafique, 53, of Candy Street, Bow, is accused of sexually assaulting the child, over a three year period from March 2003 until February 2006.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard two other men attacked the girl too, with Sunday Ajayi, 48, accused of raping her, while Chinedu ‘Oscar’ Anyanwu, 43, is alleged to sexually assaulted her.

The girl, now 18, confided in a relative last year before a complaint was lodged to police, jurors heard.
Prosecutor Edmund Gritt said: “Chinyere [Chikwe] is accused of mocking her warnings that Rafique was abusing her. She said, ‘try and get some money off him’.

“Chinyere was a drug user and sex worker to fund her drug habit.”

Rafique was one of Chickwe’s clients, he added, while Ajayi had been her boyfriend, and Anyanwu was her friend.

Chikwe, of Lensbury Way, Abbey Wood, denies cruelty to a person under 16.

Rafique denies indecency with a child, two counts of sexual assault of a child under 13, two counts of indecent assault and attempted rape of a child under 13.

Ajayi, of West Road, Stratford, denies rape of a child under 13 and two counts of attempted rape.
Anyanwu, of Statham Grove, Edmonton, denies attempted rape of a child under 13, and various other sexual offences.

The trial continues.