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Integration Courses for Austrians - in Austria

Austrians, Integrate Yourselves!

I've written before about how Vienna is now a conquered city. Muslim demographics succeeded in doing what Muslim armies were never able to do. Now comes the logical next step: integration courses. But not for Muslims or other immigrants. For the Austrians themselves. It is Austrians who now have to adapt to the culture of the invaders.

As part of the Vienna Festival week, "integration camps" are being set up for Austrians to "cure them of their minority phobia". In the camps, the integration requirement of each participant will be individually assessed. They will then be assigned to one of three training programmes which vary in length according to the severity of the supposed need.

The training programmes are led by immigrants themselves:
"We have Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, coloured Africans, Turks, Kurds, Roma and German students."

The courses have names like: Headscarf training, Forced marriage training, home slaughter training.

Although I assume the courses will actually take place, it has to be pointed out that this is a provocative political stunt being staged by an arts group, rather than a serious government initiative. It is, however, being funded by the state, so can be construed as more pro-Muslim, pro-immigration, anti-European propaganda.

And surely it won't be long before integration courses like this are taking place for real.

Sources: SOS Heimat


Moscow: 'Allah's enemy!' Radio host slash-attacked for anti-Islam rant on air

Via RT:

A radio host has been hospitalized after being cut 15 times by an unidentified criminal. Two weeks ago the journalist ventured to criticize the founder of Islam, the Prophet Mohammed, on air.

Sergey Aslanyan, 46, was brought to Moscow’s hospital with numerous non-penetrating knife wounds to the chest, neck and arm.

According to the police report, on late Monday evening an unknown man called to Aslanyan’s flat over the building intercom and called him outside for a talk. When the journalist stepped out of the entranceway he was knocked over the head with a heavy object, after which the assailant brought the knife into play.

Aslanyan claimed that the attacker was shouting “you don’t love Allah” while slashing at the victim.

The English Defence League (EDL) joined forces with the Luton (UK) Sikh community tonight

The English Defence League (EDL) joined forces with the Luton (UK) Sikh community tonight to protest outside Luton Police Station and raise awareness regarding the rape of a local Sikh girl by a muslim man.

Tommy Robinson & Kev Carrol attended a Sikh Gurdwara
this evening to discuss this issue prior to the impromtu joint demonstration .

Here is a small selection of pictures and a short video of tonights event:

We are hearing reports of unrest at the demonstration with local muslim youths gathering nearby and a large police prescence is forming.

A few words from Tommy:

 " Just got home. The police and system failed this girl. The family had contacted police 4 times about the muslims threats to rape etc."

 "Police forces across the country are failing to protect our women and children. Inevitably people will take to the streets in anger."

Inside Britain's street movement: Interview with the leader of the English Defence League

By Glen Jenvey for Asian Tribune 
EDL leader Tommy Robinson
The British media and political leaders mainly from the left call the British street movement the English Defence League (EDL) racists. But having been invited by the EDL to meet its members and talk with its leader Tommy Robinson for the Asian Tribune, I found out they were not!

What I found out was quite the opposite - the group has members from every Asian country, as members working behind the scene, members were not just white men with short hair, but a whole unseen membership which was Asian and Black who don’t attend demo’s due to death threats from radical Muslims living in the same communities as they live in.

I was amazed at the grass root support of EDL and the British Freedom Party which is a new political party which has been now merged with the EDL leadership. it was made up of every race as they have a open membership which is not reported in the UK media.

 I asked several Asian members why they support the EDL and they told me that their way of life in the UK is being attacked not by the EDL but by Muslim gangs linked to terrorist organizations who collect money in Mosques and doorstep them and their family collecting money in exchange for protection of their homes and business .

Other members are serving members of the British armed services who I also met in a English pub for a drink in Salisbury, a British army town in Wiltshire. 18 local members turned up 15 were serving members of the armed forces who told me how they cannot attend demonstrations because of fears of being thrown out of the military.

The EDL has over 33,000 members on their online forum which I was told that the real membership is much bigger and that some accounts have been misused by Muslims and far left supporters posting remarks that have given the EDL a bad name in the media. I spoke with a person who helps run the forum who said we get thousands of hits a day on the web-site we can only do our best monitoring racist postings posted by Muslims and the far left supporters.

I then invited the EDL to send some Asian members to my home for a meeting and 25 turned up and spoke about their concerns about how radical Islamic groups have given the whole British Asian community a bad name, some said that they want no part in the attacks on the British public by Muslims, They said they felt let down by the police in not acting against Al-Qaeda UK, Their concerns were that racist attacks on them were coming from Muslim groups who run mafia style gangs in every major British city in the name of Islam.

EDL_Demonstration.jpgI asked what they think as Asians would happen in the future and was told. The British public will get fed up of Muslim terror gangs and will take to the streets at a demonstration held by and

. So I asked them all can you see the British people taking to the streets and attacking these Radicals?

The answer was yes but not the EDL as we are a peaceful organization we only defend ourselves if attacked on demonstrations, but we as Asian members do not show our faces due to personal attacks and threats. So I asked them straight out if Anjem Choudary holds another insulting demo people not connected to the EDL in your view will turn up and attack him? They would not reply other than saying the British can only take so much.

Two days later I interviewed the EDL leader Tommy Robinson a who tells me he has to wear a bulletproof vest due to threats on his life and family, a man who has been attacked many times by Muslim gangs in his home town of Luton .

I asked Tommy what do you say to people who call the EDL racist? He replied you have met some of my members yourself who even came to your hometown do you see anything racist about them? Which i had no choice but to agree his organization was not racist as i had met both black and Asian members as well as white members.

I asked Tommy what was his organization about ? He said we are against Shariah law and Islamic terrorism and Radical Islam , we do not want the UK to be exporting terrorism to other countries and we want the UK government to act now against Islamic street gangs, and terror gangs, you know the 7/7 bombers came to Luton my home town to get on a train to London to bomb the underground and a London bus killing many people of all races.If i’m right the 911 attack’s a Sri Lankan women was one of the people killed in the attacks in New well as many other nations passport holders.

I then asked him why he came out in public about the Asian Tribunes campaign ‘MUSLIM SEX GANGS NOT ASIAN’ and he said because its right, these sex gangs were Muslim not from the Sikhs Buddhist or Hindu religions and he is calling on a public enquiry into the matter. He went on to say his organization will hold a peaceful demonstration in Rochdale on the 9th of June and said any Asian wanting to join the march in protest of Muslim sex gangs is welcome .

To see what the EDL leader has to say on video see

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sharia4Belgium threatens Geert Wilders, demands islamic law for Europe

Amsterdam VVD councillor, Robert Flos, has criticised the police for the way they dealt with a hate speech on Dam Square on Friday.
On local television channel AT5, the councillor says the police failed to arrest the Sharia4Holland speakers, who made death threats aimed at Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders and arrested a passer-by who tried to enter a discussion with the speakers.
Mr Flos points out that making death threats is a criminal offence. The passer-by was heavy-handedly removed from the scene. The councillor told AT5 he was shocked but “a message of intolerance can even be made next to our monument of freedom.”

The group's spokesman was meanwhile arrested.  Via DutchNews:
Amsterdam police have arrested the 29-year-old spokesman for radical Islamic group Sharia4Holland for making threats against MP Geert Wilders.

In an impromptu press conference on Dam square in Amsterdam on Friday, the man likened Wilders to a Roman dog and warned him to learn the lesson of what happened to Theo van Gogh. Van Gog was killed by an Islamic militant.

A good Idea

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bomb found in removals container in Romford

Dozens of homes had to be evacuated after an unexploded shell and gun parts were found in a removal container shipped in from South Africa.

Police were called to Copsey Removals in Crow Lane, Romford, on Tuesday, at about 4.15pm.

The container arrived on the site last week and staff said they became suspicious when they noticed that it had been packed by the owner, instead of one of their agents.

They then alerted HM Revenue and Customs.

‘Wasn’t surprised’

Alby Tebbutt, the owner of Copsey, said: “I was in the garden at the time when I got the call saying that something suspicious had been found on the site.

“I wasn’t surprised. Most of the things that come on to the site are packed by our agent at the dock, so we knew something was wrong with this when it said ‘packed by owner’.”

HM Revenue and Customs officers arrived at the scene at about 3pm and started rummaging through the container.

They called bomb disposal experts when they discovered something resembling an explosive.

The Army experts advised that the site and houses nearby should be evacuated.

At 5.20pm the bomb was removed and staff and residents were told that it was safe to return.

Alby said: “There were lots of people just hanging around not knowing what was happening.

“It will probably cost us a lot of business because the staff were just outside waiting to be told when it was safe to come back.”

A range of items have been found in Copsey containers over the years.

Fifteen years ago, a hand grenade and guns were discovered in a container that had arrived from South Africa and £5million worth of heroin also turned up in a container eight years ago.

Alby said: “It is something that we have had to get use to.

“We have had to deal with them so many times, so we don’t panic.”


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Schools could be sent copies of the Koran, Michael Gove says

The Education Secretary said it would be “fantastic” if a rich benefactor would support sending out copies of the Islamic holy text to schools.

Mr Gove has been an enthusiastic supporter of a current privately-funded scheme to send copies of the King James’ Bible to every state primary and secondary school in England.

Last week thousands of the books were sent out to mark the book’s 400th anniversary.

Asked in a radio interview if he would “consider sending out other important texts like the Koran”, he said: “Well if people wanted to put forward proposals to me, philanthropists or others, for distributing great books to school then fantastic.”

He told BBC Radio 4’s World at One: “I think the King James Bible is specifically important because it was the root of so many important changes in the life of this nation.

“But if people wanted to put forward a selection of books which they felt I should distribute to school then great the more books we can get children to read the better.”

Around 24,000 Bibles are being distributed to schools by the Government, with the inscription “Presented by the Secretary of State for Education”.

Mr Gove has supported the scheme because he wants school children to be able to appreciate the literary heritage of the King James’ Bible.

He said he had received “hundreds of letters” from head masters and head mistresses who were “absolutely delighted” to receive the books.

He said: “I visited a school just last week which had just received its bible that day and the head teacher thought that it was, and it is, a beautiful thing.”

Mr Gove said the cost of sending out the bibles had been borne by a “variety of philanthropists”, some Tory and Liberal Democrat donors, as well as “one person who would never support a political party but thought it was a good idea”.

Later aides to Mr Gove later played down suggestions that he was keen for a mass mail-out of Korans to schools. One source said Mr Gove was trying to emphasise how he wanted more schools to have access to great historical texts, like the Koran and other holy scriptures.

The third official translation of the Bible into English, known as the Authorised Version, was commissioned by the King James I in 1604 and published in 1611. It became the Church of England’s official version and was spread worldwide by the British Empire.

It also brought phrases such as ‘stumbling block’, ‘at their wits end’, ‘bottomless pit’, ‘born again’, ‘eye for an eye’ and ‘scapegoat’ to the English language.


Friday, 25 May 2012

Recorded rape up 53% in London

There has been a 53% rise in recorded rape in London over the last four years.

In the financial year 2008-2009, there were 2,177 reports of rape to the Metropolitan Police.

But by 2011-2012, that had jumped to 3,334 cases. There were 667 prosecutions, 369 of which were successful.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman claimed the rise was due to victims feeling more confident about coming forward.

'Greater awareness'

He said: "We believe this rise in recorded crimes is partly due to an increase in victims coming forwards to report rape and sexual assaults."

Yvonne Traynor, chief executive of Rape Crisis South of London, said: "Women feel more confident they are going to be believed.

"There are more support services around and more a culture of doing everything we possibly can to get the bad guys off the streets."

The statistics are from the Crown Prosecution Service.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Leicester, one of the most rapidly Islamizing cities in England, has elected its first-ever Muslim mayor.

 Ul-Haq, 41, is also the leader for new generation of "home-grown" British Islamists who loathe Western values, support armed Jihad and preach contempt for Christians, Jews and Hindus. Ul-Haq, who preaches in mosques throughout Britain, outlaws television and music, and says football is a "cancer that has infected our youth." He is appalled by young women who want to get educated and go to university. He regularly praises the work of the Taliban and their attacks against British troops in Afghanistan. His sermons are broadcast to thousands of listeners on Radio Ramadhan Leicester in Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Somali, Arabic and English.

Leicester, one of the most rapidly Islamizing cities in England, has elected its first-ever Muslim mayor.

Abdul Razak Osman, an Indian-origin Muslim who was born in Kenya and who immigrated to Britain in 1971, was sworn into office during an elaborate investiture ceremony at the Leicester City Hall on May 18.
Osman's election reflects the growing influence of Muslims on local politics in Leicester. At his swearing-in ceremony, Osman declared: "I'm proud to be the first Muslim councillor to hold the position. We've had Christian, Hindu, and Sikh and now I'm able to bring the Islamic faith to the office, which is a great honor."
Leicester, an industrial city some 70 minutes north of London, is often promoted as Britain's quintessential multicultural success story. Immigrants currently make up nearly one-half the city's total population of 280,000, and Leicester is on the fast-track to become the first non-white majority city in British history.

Many of the immigrants are of South Asian origin; and Leicester -- once known as a center for manufacturing shoes and textiles -- is now known for its many Hindu, Sikh and Muslim places of worship.
But a sharp rise in Muslim immigration in recent years is upsetting the city's ethnic balance, and is casting doubt upon the city's multicultural future.

After Christians and Hindus, Muslims are the third-largest faith group in Leicester. The city's Muslim population is estimated to be between 11% and 14% (or somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 Muslims), which is well above the percentage (4.6) of Muslims in Britain as a whole.
The Muslim population in Leicester is made up mainly of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, as well as Turks, Somalis, Kenyans and Ugandans. According to the Ummah Forum, "you'd really like Leicester if you want to be around a large population of Muslims."

Muslim immigration has led to the proliferation of mosques in Leicester, which now has more than 200 mosques and madrassas [Islamic religious schools] and hundreds of informal Islamic prayer rooms located in basements, garages and warehouses.

Leicester is also home to several mega-mosques. The Leicester Central Mosque complex has a capacity for nearly 3,000 worshippers. It also has a school, a community hall, a residence hall for imams, a mortuary and a guest house. The huge Masjid Umar mosque has four towering minarets and a grand dome that displays Arabic calligraphy from the Koran.

The most influential Muslim in Leicester is Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh-ul-Haq, a hardline Muslim cleric who runs the Al Kawthar Academy, a well-known Islamic school in the city. Ul-Haq, 41, is also the leader of a new generation of "home-grown" British Islamists who loathe Western values, support armed Jihad and preach contempt for Christians, Jews and Hindus.

Ul-Haq, who preaches in mosques across Britain, outlaws television and music, and says football is "a cancer that has infected our youth." He is appalled by young women who want to get educated and go to university. He regularly praises the work of the Taliban and their attacks against British troops in Afghanistan.
In a typical sermon, entitled "Imitating the Disbelievers," ul-Haq warns British Muslims of the danger of being corrupted by the "evil influence" of Western culture. He also heaps scorn on Muslims who say they are "proud to be British," and argues that friendship with a Christian or a Jew makes "a mockery of Allah's religion."

In another sermon called "Jewish Fundamentalism," Ul-Haq says: "They're all the same. The Jews don't have to be in Israel to be like this. It doesn't matter whether they're in New York, Houston, St Louis, London, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester. They're all the same. They've monopolized everything: the Holocaust, God, money, interest, usury, the world economy, the media, political institutions […] they monopolized tyranny and oppression as well. And injustice."

Ul-Haq's sermons are broadcast to thousands of listeners on Radio Ramadhan Leicester in Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Somali, Arabic and English.

According to American diplomatic cables that were obtained and published by the website Wikileaks, Leicester is home to the most conservative Islamic population anywhere in Europe.
A leaked diplomatic cable recounts the October 2007 visit to Leicester by Farah Pandith, the U.S. State Department's Senior Advisor for Muslim Engagement. The stated purpose of the visit was for the U.S. government to find ways to help Britain "update and improve" its approach to stopping "home-grown" Islamic extremists. The document says Pandith found the lack of integration of the Muslim community in Leicester to be "striking."

Among other observations, the cable states that Pandith was shocked to find "girls as young as four years old were completely covered." The document continues: "At a local book store, texts… seemed designed to segregate Muslims from their wider community, urging women to cover themselves and remain in their homes, playing up the differences between Islam and other religions, seeking to isolate Muslims from community, and feeding hate of Jews to the young."

The cable also recounts a discussion Pandith had with religious and community leaders at an Ahmadiyya (an Asian Islamic sect) mosque: "Yaqub Khan, General Secretary of a local organization called the Pakistan Association, insisted that he had to teach young people in Urdu. When Pandith challenged him as to why he would use Urdu with children who were growing up with English as their first language, Khan insisted that there were no good books on the Koran in English."

Leicester is also notorious for having the fourth-highest rate of unemployment in Britain. Moreover, the city has very high rates of illiteracy, and ranks as one of the worst five municipalities in England for education.
A recent survey, entitled "Muslims in Leicester," says that Muslims in the city are especially prone to underachievement and unemployment. The report says the inner city Spinney Hills neighborhood, which has the highest percentage of Muslims in Leicester, is also the ward with the lowest rate of full-time employment, the highest rate of unemployment, the highest level of economic inactivity, the highest percentage of "no qualifications" for work and the highest level of social housing.

Muslims are now demanding political power within the Leicester city council, as well as the freedom to wear their religious dress at work and to have halal food in the city hospitals. They are also seeking their own faith-based schools.

One such school, the Leicester Islamic Academy -- where female students wear the full-length dress and head-covering and the boys wear black robes and skullcaps -- has been accused by the British government of promoting Islamic separatism. Another state-run Islamic school in Leicester, the Madani High School, has run afoul of government regulators for reneging on its promise that 10% of its pupils would be non-Muslim.
The British government has tried -- unsuccessfully -- to reverse the tide of Islamic separatism in Leicester. In June 2008, for example, the city hosted the first in a series of road shows designed to tackle the problem of honor-based violence. Leicester has been plagued by forced marriages, kidnappings, physical and mental abuse of women, and other honor-based crimes against those who have not, according to family and local community members, conformed to religious or cultural expectations.

Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality, has warned that Britain is "sleepwalking to segregation." In a speech in Manchester, he said: "Segregation is now so extreme in some schools that there is not much farther it can go. It does not help to prepare children in these schools for the real world." Phillips also described cities like Leicester as "literal black holes into which nobody goes without fear and trepidation and from which nobody ever escapes undamaged."

Alluding to the transformation of cities like Leicester, Michael Nazir-Ali, a former bishop of the Church of England, has lamented that Islamic extremists have turned parts of Britain into no-go areas for non-Muslims. Lashing out at the spread of religious separatism and the damage caused by the doctrine of multiculturalism, Nazir-Ali has also warned against the acceptance of Islamic Sharia law in Britain, and has criticized amplified calls to prayer from mosques, which he says are imposing an Islamic character on many British towns and cities.

Leicester's motto is Semper Eadem: "Always the Same." But Osman's promotion to city mayor implies that life in Leicester is fast changing.

Letter from the Brighton Scum

The anti-arms group behind a protest during next month’s Diamond Jubilee public holiday has said it is not trying to cause disruption.

Smash EDO – whose previous events have brought the city to a standstill – wrote an open letter to The Argus spelling out its plans on June 4.

The timing of its protest, which aims to gather opposition to a possible Western military attack on Iran, has been criticised because of the importance of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee holiday to city centre tourism.

The group’s letter reads: “Contrary to various allegations, this is nothing to do with the Jubilee.

“It is simply an afternoon when most people will be free and able to make their feelings felt.

“We also have no desire to cause more disruption to the city than is absolutely necessary.

"For all these reasons, we would like to announce our intended march route to the people of Brighton.”

The march is due to begin outside Barclays in North Street, Brighton, at noon, and go through Churchill Square, along Western Road and Church Road, to Hove Town Hall.

Police have cancelled leave as they prepare for a raft of potential flashpoints over the Jubilee holiday.

'Peaceful gathering'

People using social networking site Facebook under the title EDL (English Defence League) South East Regional have said they plan to hold a “peaceful gathering” at an unnamed location in Brighton on Saturday, June 2.

The event was organised in response to an overwhelming counter-demonstration against the nationalist March For England in April.

At noon on June 2, anti-cuts group Brighton Uncut is staging a protest starting at the Clock Tower in Queen’s Road, Brighton.

A statement from the group said the event would include “tea, cake and conversation, music and games, bunting and traditional gingham table cloths in interesting places”.

Fatboy Slim is playing gigs at the American Express Community Stadium on Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2.

Smash EDO is holding a “summer of resistance” as part of its campaign against the EDO factory in Moulsecoomb.

The group’s letter likened the prospect of a war against Iran to the build-up to the attack on Iraq in 2003.

It said: “This is an occasion for the whole family and the whole community to resist the threat of an attack on Iran.”

Sussex Police welcomed the group’s openness. Officers are due to meet other city agencies to discuss the Jubilee today.

Superintendent Steve Whitton said: “Of course I welcome it.

“It is going to be a really busy weekend. The more we can do to make sure, if they do want to have a peaceful demonstration, we can do that in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily impact on other people who want to come down and enjoy the seaside for the day, the better.”

He repeated the force’s invitation to Smash EDO to contact officers directly to discuss the group’s plans.

Huffington Post hires Muslim extremist as political director

Hiring Islamists is all the rage. Nancy Pelosi just hired one [Pelosi hires Muslim editor of disgraced liberal pro-sharia blog], now Huffpo adds to their militia.

A devout Muslim who has praised Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and publicly branded all non-believers as mentally ill “animals” was recently hired to serve as the Huffington Post’s political director in the U.K.

Mehdi Hasan, a controversial British media figure whom insiders have billed as a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime, recently left his job at the left-wing New Statesman magazine to join the Huffington Post as a senior staffer, according to reports in the British press.

The Huffington Post merged with Internet giant AOL in February 2011 to form the Huffington Post media group.

Hasan formerly served as political editor of the New Statesman, which is affiliated with a socialist political party and has faced criticism for publishing articles that many observers have deemed anti-Semitic. In one instance, the New Statesman published an article titled “A Kosher Conspiracy” that purported to expose the great power of Britain’s “pro-Israel lobby.” The cover of that issue featured a Star of David piercing a Union Jack.

Michael Coren tells it like it is

Islam’s Telling Impact on Life in the UK

A letter from a school teacher, describing how Islam is changing and distressing life in the UK.

As a primary school teacher we are told in the UK to celebrate cultural diversity. We lauded multiculturalism in our society in the recent past and in our schools we put our own cultural traditions on the back burner in order not to offend. Out went nativity plays and in came winter festivals, no making of Easter cards drawing pictures of Easter bunnies, no art classes drawing your friends face, in came halal meat for school dinners without asking all parents. Boys and girls are to sit apart. No changing for PE for girls. No mixed swimming lessons. No admiring of the teachers litter of tiny puppies. No stroking the guide dog, who came in with the blind man who gave the class a talk. No after school activities. Little girls cocooned in nicabs and hijabs, quiet and demure, and as I have discovered with sore welts on their backs for not making prayers correctly. One such little child with welts on her back disclosed to me that her brother 13yrs had also been badly beaten and sent away to relatives in another city so as not to have the acts discovered. He was not in his local secondary school at the time of disclosure.

(Check out and believe these things are part and parcel of the faith). We have difficulty in undressing these children and finding the injuries, the girls are particularly too well wrapped and we cannot- because of their religion - expose their bodies to see the damage.

In the UK schooling is inclusive. Recently an autistic child in my class tore a New Testament belonging to an Afro Caribbean child who valued it greatly, we appeased him and told him we would replace it... had this been a Koran our problems would have only just begun.

This brand of Islam we are seeing today is a vile culture. I am not sure whether their prophet Mohammed would ever have expected matters to turn out like this since much of what these people perpetrate was never written into the Koran, but conversely much of what was has no place in a modern society. E.G Pigs don’t carry disease and dogs don’t have rabies its all well out of date.

But many of these people from impoverished Arab parts and parts of the Indian subcontinent have moved from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century. The adults failed to master our language - they get no further than being a taxi driver or a waiter in many cases and the women seldom venture out or are able to access any services, they just don’t function in our society, they don’t learn English and cant even go to the doctor on their own. These people deny their children chances.

We have to ask why these people come here...and they want Sharia Law they want to install Islamification in our towns and cities. We gave enough. We must stop extremism, we must stop the beating of children and wives. We must support young people living under stress and in danger because they want their own lives. We should prevent radicalisation of young people which starts with parents and Imams not the Internet - that comes later. We must protect women who are being battered and provide safe places. We should ban Islamic dress, nicabs and hijabs in schools as the French have already done for pupils and staff. No person in public office should dress like this or wear any form of overt religious apparal. School uniform should be enforced for pupils.

The killing of animals by halal slaughter methods for many British indigenous people is abhorrent and it should not be served as a preference to unsuspecting diners in government institutions such as schools and hospitals.

If Muslims want to live in this country they should abide by our laws not us by theirs. I know that there are indeed educated Muslims in our society - they may be doctors, news reporters and lawyers. I'm not sure how they square with the firebrands and illiterates. It seems a very uncompromising religion but then there are shades also within Christianity. My view is that none of it - any religion, has any place in our modern age, we should kick it into history and start to resolve our problems in a educated, reasoned way but there does indeed appear to be a revivalism in Islam that is unhealthy and dangerous and in Britain we do not want it. Unfortunately too much attention also breeds nuts like Fascists as we have seen in Norway recently... sadly I only noted from the young people killed in Norway most of the young people of Arabic descent were trying to be good Norwegians of the future...I didn’t see a hijab among them. I don’t think anyone objects to moderation and that is what we have to encourage.

H/T islam-watch 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

German intelligence chief warns of Islamist attacks

Germany could be a target of an Islamist attack similar to those carried out by a gunman in France two months ago, the head of the country's intelligence service said on Tuesday.

German intelligence chief Heinz Fromm's comments, quoted in an interview with the top-selling Bild daily, follow a series of clashes in several German cities and towns between police and ultra-conservative Salafist Muslims.

"The danger for Germany has unfortunately not decreased. And it is not by any means abstract. An attack like in France in March... is also conceivable here," Fromm told Bild, adding that Merah had had contact with Salafists before his shooting spree.

Gunman Mohamed Merah, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, killed seven people - three soldiers, three Jewish children and a rabbi - before being shot dead by elite French police commandos in Toulouse on March 22. He had said al Qaeda inspired him to kill.

Fromm cited a video made by a Berlin-based Salafist, a former rapper known as Denis C., which calls for 'holy war' and praises Merah and the late Osama bin Laden, founder of al Qaeda.

"We must take (this video) seriously. It could well be that this video is taken as an inducement for attacks," he said.

"With their intensive propaganda over the Internet, in the streets, in mosques and also at so-called Islam seminars, Salafist preachers are reaching especially young people who are more sensitive to this ideology," said Fromm.

"Almost all Islamist terrorists from Germany have been radicalized in this way," said Fromm, who heads Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Earlier this month, the German government said it was weighing a legal ban on the Salafists after recent clashes.

In the most serious violence, Salafists turned on police protecting far-right anti-Islam protesters during a regional election rally in the western city of Bonn, injuring 29 officers, two of them seriously.

The far-right protesters had infuriated the Salafists by waving banners showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

The Salafists reject Germany's secular, democratic constitution and want to set up a theocratic state based on Islamic Sharia law, Fromm said.

Salafists number around 4,000 in Germany and have their roots in Saudi Arabia. They represent only a tiny proportion of Germany's total Muslim population of about four million, the vast majority of whom Fromm said respected German laws.


 Germany beefs up security after video threat of attacks

Court: Anti-Islam group must be protected

The Federal Court says an anti-Islam group has the right to give out leaflets from an information booth if it wants – and the local authorities must protect them.

Fribourg Council banned the group – The Movement Against the Islamization of Switzerland – from setting up an information booth Place Georges-Python during the anti-minaret campaign in 2009.

It said it refused to give permission because of a fear that violence and unrest would break out as a result, provoking a legal challenge.

The Federal Court upheld the group’s complaint that the authorities had impinged on its freedom of expression as well as on freedom of information, newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported.

The court said the local authorities should instead have taken additional measures to safeguard against such an event.

In particular, the court said that the authorities could have drafted more police in to safeguard the site.

Although public law does grant local authorities powers to ban demonstrations from public spaces, the court confirmed that they may not do so simply because they disapprove of the ideas being communicated.


Race attack on man on way to store - Regional - Dewsbury Reporter

Race attack on man on way to store - Regional - Dewsbury Reporter

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The time has come for the UK Asian community to help in the fight against Radical Islam

The time has come for the UK Asian community to help in the fight against Radical Islam and terrorism .We have seen over a number of years terrorist attacks and plots on the British people and we have seen in name of Islam British Muslims praise the 9/11 attacks and call the victims of 77 dirty homosexuals on video and the British police taking no action.One radical on audio tape even calls for Muslims to target the Queen

It is every British Asian's duty to inform on the radicals wherever they are in the UK ,funds from these terrorist supporters play a hand in terrorists attacks in other countries like India, Russia, Spain, Kenya, Yemen, France, plus a long list of other countries, and against NATO troops. Many Asian countries have strong military links with the UK and NATO countries .

What the British intelligence services are lacking is the Asian community coming forward with names and addresses of members of the many changing names of Al-Qaeda in the UK .It only takes one slip by MI5 and we will see another 77 on the streets of the UK. Many Asians will not approach the police or MI5 because they consider the police and intelligence services of the UK racist. MI5 has link's to both Asian intelligence services I worked for and are in fact not racist.

However you can contact the military attaché’s office at your High Commission or Embassy, if your country does not have a military attaché in London, forward it to the first secretary, Asian diplomats will forward the information to the British intelligence services . You will not need to go to any court trails, you will not have the police call at your home , what you will see is Asian intelligence services tipping off yours and our Asian concerns about terrorism, drug gangs why drug gangs you may ask? Terrorist organizations are funded by their members and drugs.

As Asians you live in the same streets and community's as these radicals who support terrorism on a global scale it effects us as much as the rest of the British public and the events of terrorism have no borders so it effects the country's we come from before making our life's in the UK, where we still have relatives living.. Military intelligence is not political and has no hidden agenda against any faith

Take India who is a multi faith country with Muslims working in the intelligence services as well as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians. The doors are open and have always been open for Indians with information on British based terrorist organisations for Asians to come forward with their concerns and information's however small the links or large they will listen to you.this information will be acted on. Having pasted information to Indian military officers when the British police never acted a senior Indian general pasted the information to both the American and British you do not have to go to court or be in the public eye or write a book you don't even have to openly take the Mickey out of terrorists and become a fake Muslim even Patrick Mercer MP found this funny.

But you can become part of a important tool to the intelligence services by passing on information they can act on and become part of the biggest mafia family (The Military) which is made up of every family in a country in some way or other by informing on terrorists among us.

Russia another Asian country also have a respected intelligence service who I have had contact with via their London embassy with a Lt Col who was a army attaché , Russia had a problem with and still does today with funding coming from Islamic organizations funding terrorists in Chechnya and Terrorist attacks on Russia, I was told about a certain web-site run from the UK that it displayed dead Russian soldiers on film and the killing of dying Russian soldiers being filmed being shot in the head by Muslim extremists ,the terrorists would cut open the bodies of the soldiers and place their body parts on sticks for the camera beaming out of London with a American web hosting company .The British police never acted , took a tip off to the Americans for action Russia has one of the best known intelligence services you can forward information via email or phone +7(495)224 22 22

MI5 have and are warning the British public that's Asian's as well as we are part of this country that Al-Qaeda and Islamism extremists continue to view the UK as a legitimate and high priority target for attack both at home and abroad. Al Qaida presents the single greatest threat to the UK.

However, the increasing strength of Al Qaida affiliates, combined with the threat from lone individuals and Sunni extremist groups, It's our duty as British subjects to report every al-Qaeda supporter to our high commissions and embassy's if we feel we cannot go to the British police. Having worked for the NIBS and SIS of Sri Lanka
on terrorism issues mainly concerning the Tamil Tigers LTTE ,I can tell you Sri Lankans and Indian's that your High Commissions and military intelligence services will work not just hard to protect their country's but will be the first to alert the British Government of any British based terrorist organizations exporting terrorism or ready to harm the British public like.

In Sri Lanka during the war with the Tgers information from London and other European city's would play out live in the media with mass arrests of terrorists linked to the LTTE offices abroad, human rights organizations did not like terrorists being arrested by men in black masks ,this action stopped many terrorist attacks on civilians maybe the British should learn from this before the next 77 attacks.

Information needed from the Asian community is simple things like names, addresses, phone numbers mobiles, email addresses, leaflets of radical events,dvds,bank account numbers, mosques that allow hate speeches, names of bookshops, names of left wing bloggers who support radicals, venues that allow radical meetings in your community’s. Some might say why names? It’s simple supporters of terrorism and left wing supporters of them will not be allowed to travel to Asian country’s, their family members living there will be monitored and in some cases will be arrested if link's are found between British based terrorists and their family members living in Asian country's.terrorism is a global problem the intelligence services can only work well protecting Asia and Asians and the UK if you the community tip them off .

Don't believe all you hear from human rights organizations like Amnesty International as when I worked for NIBS I monitored the LTTE putting its members into Amnesty International to change policy on Sri Lanka many other terrorist organizations around the world also put members into human rights organizations to insult governments, my views on Amnesty is they are like so many Human rights organizations a insult to the real victims of terrorist attacks around the globe and no one takes any notice of reports written by terrorist supporters. Why I can say this is I was at a meeting between amnesty international and the Tamil Tigers in London.(Katherine Rd,. Eastham) The Tigers were even invited to the House of Commons by a Liberal MP and the Labor party via Robin Cooks office.

But you can help stop evil acts of terrorism a military attaché sat in London can only act if his phone rings or you book a appointment or email him, he knows you all face problems with racism in your community's caused by these fanatics and their actions. But being from Asia does not mean we support al-Qaeda supporters insulting British troops or burning poppy’s, and we don't support terrorist plots to bring down air lines on their way to America from London planned in a London mosque still used today by Al-Qaeda members as I have been there.

It is our duty to point the finger at the few who support act's of terror here and abroad, it's clear that the British Muslim community has a major problem and is protecting Islamic terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda .But in so doing so they paint a picture that all Asians are the same which is just not true we know you will never see a British Muslim come out attacking the fanatics in English in public. But the government still fund Muslim community centers and mosques .and you still see different Muslim groups on TV saying how hard done by they are. followed up by the left wing media .The fact is young Muslims think act's like 911 and 77 are allowed in the name of Islam and Islam it's self is about jihad (fighting say's Anjem Choudary)

The young do not understand that the British public will not stand for more of this Muslim terrorism and Muslim drug gangs and lately we have seen Muslim sex rape gangs does Islam teach British Muslims to rape children? Bomb civilians? And import drugs to sell on British streets which see's a rise in crime for users to pay for their habits, because most Asians I know hate all forms of terrorism, rape, drugs and call all who take part in these crimes criminals .which is what they are common criminals that have no place in the Asian community .it will take many years to heal the wounds of the British public over the recent Muslim sex gangs in Rochdale the children in the case will never recover from the crimes committed by Muslim men who had strong links to their local mosques. It is part of British history the day British Muslims attacked the London tube network and a bus on 77, and how many young people have died from drug over doses from Islamic drug gangs importing drugs to fund terrorism.

It is something the Asian community has to do to clear its name from the shame brought on it by thugs and the Muslim community. Muslims have got to start turning in radicals to the police, shame on the whole Islamic community for not speak out and demanding a end to terrorism, drugs and sex gangs in the name of Islam.

It is the Islamic community's failures to report crime that the whole non Islamic Asian community was branded by the British media as sex perverts .it was left to a few to complain even the EDL English defense league defended Asians pointing out the crimes were committed by Muslims.

But the left wing Muslim press still jumped to Muslim demands .saying the right wing were stirring up racial tension .The crimes young girls being gang raped by Muslim men in Rochdale connected to mosques being defended by newspapers like the Guardian who quoted Islamic spokesmen saying the far right are using these cases to stir up racist feelings in the town. The fact are, every sane person in the country is sick of this type of crime and left wing press spin calling it Asian!

When in fact it was Muslim men in Rochdale, but the commie Guardian could not say Muslim they spread their Islamic hate message towards the peaceful Asian communities. and paid radical Islamic groups for their quotes and story's on racism caused by the action of members of the Islamic faith. trying so hard to find a story that took the public eye off the truth the cancer of Islam has just wrecked the life's of so many young girls who will now suffer from mental health problems for the rest of their life's the images of Muslim men attacking and raping them will stay with them. The evil cancer of drugs smuggled into UK by Muslim drug gangs and the evil of terrorism is a cancer which will see many more victims as the weak Muslim community cannot find it's self strong enough to speak out about terrorist organizations operating in the UK.

Become a real Asian report the terrorists as it's the right thing to do.We are speaking about the same terrorist organisations who on audio tapes plotted to kill Yasser Arafat calling him a traitor to the Palestinian people. what hope is there of peace in the mid-east with British Muslims plotting to kill Palestinian leaders. It's up to you my Asian brothers and sisters as I am retired from spying you know that it is right to help so help the Britsh and your Governments by informing on Islamic terrorism and other sick crimes to our intelligence services who will act. .

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Europe battles hate crimes against Christians


What was the most vilified religion in Scotland in 2010-2011? Not Islam – only 2.1 percent of religious hate crimes were directed against Muslims. Not Judaism – only 2.3 percent were directed against Jews. According to a report by the Scottish government, 95 percent of all religious hate crimes were directed against Christians.

"These statistics show the shameful reality of religious hate crime in Scotland,” the Minister for Community Safety, Roseanna Cunningham, declared last year. “Like racism, this kind of behaviour simply shouldn't be happening in a modern Scotland but sadly, it seems there are still those who think hatred on the basis of religion is acceptable.”

Christians are also the targets of most religious hate crimes in France. A report released last year showed that 84 percent of cases of religious vandalism had targeted Christian sites in 2010 – an increase of 96 percent in two years. Two hundred and fourteen cemeteries were vandalized, along with 272 chapels, 26 war memorials and 10 crosses.

Christian monuments are not the only targets. Earlier this month the hacker group Anonymous crashed the Vatican website, leaving a message: “Anonymous decided today to besiege your site in response to the doctrine, to the liturgies, to the absurd and anachronistic concepts that your for-profit organization spreads around the world."

The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, an Austrian NGO, documents the growing problem of Christian persecution in Europe in a recently-released annual report.

According to its director, Dr Gudrun Kugler, all Christian denominations in Europe face “a broad phenomena of intolerance and discrimination caused by those who reject and disrespect Christianity as a whole: radical lobbies which have gone overboard, seeking to limit the practice of the Christian religion and with it fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Is she over-dramatising the issue? Dr Kugler responds that many religious leaders and politicians in Europe have been hitting the alarm bell.

Last year Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, a senior Russian Orthodox prelate with a PhD from Oxford, warned that there is a “basic danger of attempting to use religious diversity as an excuse to exclude signs of Christian civilization from the public and political realities of the continent, as though this would make our continent friendlier towards non-Christians.”

And a Muslim government minister in the UK, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, admitted that Christianity was under siege by militant secularism in a landmark speech earlier this year.

“I see it in United Kingdom and I see it in Europe: spirituality suppressed; divinity downgraded… at its core and in its instincts [militant secularism] is deeply intolerant. It demonstrates similar traits to totalitarian regimes – denying people the right to a religious identity and failing to understand the relationship between religious loyalty and loyalty to the state.”

Dr Kugler admits that the hardships faced by European Christians are minor compared to the daily threats of murder, beating, imprisonment and torture in countries like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. But, she says, “History teaches to address injustices before they become a slippery slope towards even greater injustices.”

Dr Kugler says that the growing intolerance and discrimination take several forms.

Human rights violations and discrimination. Christian are being denied the right to educate their children when there is a conflict between the parents’ convictions and state required sex education. The Catholic Church had to shut down adoption agencies in the UK because they were being forced to accept same-sex couples as adoptive parents.

Workplace discrimination. French pharmacists are required to sell the “morning after” pill which causes an early abortion. Midwives and nurses in Scotland must oversee abortions. Workers in the UK are threatened with dismissal for wearing crosses.

Marginalization and negative stereotyping. The media is constantly projecting hostile images of Christians and Christian values. The Norwegian killer Andres Breivik was instantaneously and wrongly called a “Christian fundamentalist” even though he had no connections with any mainstream Christian churches. Last July the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe even passed a resolution to “encourage the media not to spread prejudices against Christians and to combat negative stereotyping”.

Hate crimes. Violence against Christian sites and clerics is becoming more common. Churches, shrines and cemeteries are often torched or desecrated. “It is indisputable that hate crimes against Christians occur in the OSCE region,” Janez Lenarčič, of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, told a conference in Rome last year. “Such attacks instil fear, not just in the individuals they target directly, but also in the wider community, particularly where the Christian community in question belongs to a minority.”

But if most European countries are at least nominally Christian, isn’t it ridiculous to talk about a vilified minority? Wrong, says Dr Kugler. It is not nominal Christians who are getting the sharp end of the stick, but people who take the precepts of Christianity seriously. And these are a minority.

“South African blacks were not a minority when they suffered from apartheid. Also women always constituted a majority in history. Rocco Buttiglione was not accepted as an EU commissioner due to his adherence to Christianity, the majority faith. It is true that intolerance and discrimination more often affect minorities. More essential than numbers is power: who sets the tone, who is listened to, and who creates the agenda. Every day Europe’s majority faith is being treated disrespectfully; its faithful are faced with hostility and cultural animosity; and its free exercise is confronted with unjust limitations.”

Amazingly, statistics on “Christianophobia” are sketchy, a failure which Dr Kugler’s group is trying to set right. It acts as a clearinghouse, logging incidents of discrimination and intolerance which have been reported in the media.

As she points out, people need to know these grim stories to ensure that history does not repeat itself. In 2010, graffiti at the University of Barcelona sparked a minor controversy in Spain. “Los cristianos son como ratas. Apunta bien,” it said. “Christian are like rats. Shoot straight.” This happened in a country where thousands of Christians were shot like rats in the Spanish Civil War just because they went to Mass. Europe cannot afford to let this happen ever again.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Jihadist in Pakistan Calls for Murder of All PRO-NRW Members

"Whoever insults the Prophet, whether Muslim or kafir, must be killed."

The German anti-Islam pro-NRW movement recently made headlines with its anti-Islam media competition and demonstrations featuring both the fruits of the competition as well as the classic Danish Mohammed cartoons. Now a jihadist who grew up in the German city of Bonn but now lives in Pakistan has published a video calling for all PRO NRW member to be murdered, as well as the journalists who reported on their demonstrations.

The Muslim's name is Yassin Chouka alias "Abu Ibrahim" and he is believed to be a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. In the video, he urges fellow Muslims not to attend any more PRO-NRW demonstrations in case they are arrested. Instead, he says, they should research the group's members on the internet, find out where they live and work and what their typical travel routes are. Then strike, preferably to kill, ideally in darkness or early in the morning.

"The German media have again collaborated in the crimes. Under the cover of neutral reporting they have again published the Mohammed cartoons. This, too, will not be tolerated by the followers of Mohammed!"

"Der 'Spiegel', which is controlled by Jews, and other well-known German media outlets have thus insulted our prophet. Lie in wait for their employees, kill them and give them a lesson they will never forget."
Link: Der Westen Via: PI

Salafist leader smashes camera … when asked why he was at the Bonn riots May 5 2012

BUNGLING officials have sent caged hate preacher Abu Hamza a NEW British passport.

It emerged that his application was rubber-stamped without ANY consultation with Home Secretary Theresa May.

Fanatical hook-handed Muslim cleric Hamza was jailed in 2006 for incitement to murder and is wanted in the US on terrorism charges.

The astonishing discovery was made when the passport was sent to Hamza, 53, at London’s top security Belmarsh Prison. It was then confiscated.

Last night senior Conservative MP Patrick Mercer said: “It is outrageous that the Home Secretary was not given an opportunity to scrutinise this whole sorry mess.”

And a Whitehall source admitted: “It looks very much like someone just signed this application off without thinking too much about what they were doing.

“A decision of this sort against this background is an embarrassment — it looks incompetent.

“When it was reported to the governor he said, ‘He is not having that’ and contacted the Identity and Passport Service. The passport was then returned to them.”

A spokesman for the IPS confirmed Hamza’s passport had been issued without any consultation with the Home Secretary — but insisted rules had not been breached.

Sir Andrew Green, of the independent think tank Migration Watch, fumed: “This is another example of mindless bureaucracy.”

The Government is currently awaiting the final go-ahead from the European Court to extradite Hamza — who is still a British citizen — to the US, although he still has time to appeal.


Anjem Choudary helps Norway ‘to understand the situation’

Paki jihadist in Britain wants Mullah Krekar out of jail,  threatens Norway:

“The Flag of Islam Will Fly High Over This Building”

As mentioned earlier tonight, Anjem Choudary is engaged in a little judicious arm-twisting and intimidation of the Norwegian government in an attempt to spring his esteemed colleague Mullah Krekar from the slammer.

Mr. Choudary insists that all his talk of exchanging Norwegian hostages for the Merry Mullah does not constitute a threat. Not at all! He is merely trying to help the Norwegian government “understand the reality of the situation.”

The notorious Ilford firebrand Anjem Choudary has called for the kidnapping of Norwegian citizens abroad to exchange for the notorious Oslo firebrand Mullah Krekar, who has been detained after being convicted of making certain… ahem… indelicate public statements.

H/T sheikyermami

Saudi Arabia bans using Gregorian dates

The use of the English language to answer calls or communicate, mainly in companies and hotels, has also been banned

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has banned all government and private agencies from using the Gregorian calendar in official dealings.

The use of the English language to answer calls or communicate, mainly in companies and hotels, has also been banned, a local daily said.

All ministries and agencies have to use the Hijri dates (Islamic calendar) and the Arabic language, the interior ministry said. The ministry attributed its decision to preserving the Islamic calendar and the Arabic language, Arabic daily Al Watan reported.

In the statement to the ministries and establishments, the ministry said that it noted that some government entities were using Gregorian dates "unnecessarily", in a violation of high orders and instructions. Several hotel and company receptions used English in their communications, the ministry said.

However, ministries and agencies could use the Gregorian calendar, whenever needed, on the condition that it is associated with the corresponding Hijri date.


Police 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic'

Police have been accused of “covering up” a campaign of abuse, threats and violence aimed at “Islamicising” an area of London. 



Victims say that officers in the borough of Tower Hamlets have ignored or downplayed outbreaks of hate crime, and suppressed evidence implicating Muslims in them, because they fear being accused of racism.

The claims come as four Tower Hamlets Muslims were jailed for at least 19 years for attacking a local white teacher who gave religious studies lessons to Muslim girls.

The Sunday Telegraph has uncovered more than a dozen other cases in Tower Hamlets where both Muslims and non-Muslims have been threatened or beaten for behaviour deemed to breach fundamentalist “Islamic norms.”

One victim, Mohammed Monzur Rahman, said he was left partially blind and with a dislocated shoulder after being attacked by a mob in Cannon Street Road, Shadwell, for smoking during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan last year.

“Two guys stopped me in the street and asked me why I was smoking,” he said. “I just carried on, and before I knew another dozen guys came and jumped me. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in hospital.”

“He reported it to the police and they just said they couldn’t track anyone down and there were no witnesses,” said Ansar Ahmed Ullah, a local anti-extremism campaigner who has advised Mr Rahman. “But there is CCTV in that street and it is lined with shops and people.”

Teachers in several local schools have told The Sunday Telegraph that they feel “under pressure” from local Muslim extremists, who have mounted campaigns through both parents and pupils – and, in one case, through another teacher - to enforce the compulsory wearing of the veil for Muslim girls. “It was totally orchestrated,” said one teacher. “The atmosphere became extremely unpleasant for a while, with constant verbal aggression from both the children and some parents against the head over this issue.”

One teacher at the Bigland Green primary school, Nicholas Kafouris, last year took the council to an employment tribunal, saying he was forced out of his job for complaining that Muslim pupils were engaging in racist and anti-Semitic bullying and saying they supported terrorism. Mr Kafouris lost his case, though the school did admit that insufficient action had been taken against the behaviour of some pupils. The number of assaults on teachers in Tower Hamlets resulting in exclusions has more than doubled from 190 in 2007/8 to 383 in 2008/9, the latest available year, though not all are necessarily race-related.

Tower Hamlets’ gay community has become a particular target of extremists. Homophobic crimes in the borough have risen by 80 per cent since 2007/8, and by 21 per cent over the last year, a period when there was a slight drop in London as a whole.

Last year, a mob of 30 young Muslims stormed a local gay pub, the George and Dragon, beating and abusing patrons. Many customers of the pub told The Sunday Telegraph that they have been attacked and harassed by local Muslim youths. In 2008 a 20-year-old student, Oli Hemsley, was left permanently paralysed after an attack by a group of young Muslims outside the pub. Only one of his assailants has been caught and jailed.

Even during meetings of the local council, prominent supporters of Tower Hamlets’ controversial directly-elected mayor, Lutfur Rahman – dropped by the Labour Party for his links to Islamic fundamentalism - have persistently targeted gay councillors with homophobic abuse and intimidation from the public gallery.

The Labour leader, Josh Peck, was attacked with animal noises and cries of “Unnatural acts! Unnatural acts!” when he rose to speak. The Conservative leader, Peter Golds, was repeatedly heckled as “Mrs Golds” and a “poofter”.

Mr Golds said: “If that happened in a football stadium, arrests would have taken place. I have complained, twice, to the police, and have heard nothing. A Labour colleague waited three hours at the police station before being told that nothing would be done. The police are afraid of being accused of Islamophobia. Another Labour councillor said that the Met is now the reverse of what it must have been like in the 1970s, with a complete lack of interest when white people make complaints of harassment and hatred.”

In February this year, dozens of stickers appeared across Tower Hamlets quoting the Koran, declaring the borough a “gay-free zone” and stating that “verily Allah is severe in punishment.”

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that during a routine stop-and-search at the time police found a young Muslim man with a number of the stickers in his possession. He was released without charge on the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service. Police also had CCTV images of a second unidentified Muslim youth posting the stickers at a local railway station, but refused to release the pictures for several weeks.

Peter Tatchell, the gay human rights campaigner, said: “The police said no-one was allowed to talk publicly about this because they didn’t want to upset the Muslim community. We’ve made very clear the difference between the Muslim community as a whole and these particular fundamentalists, and the fact that the police wouldn’t publicly say what they knew was an absolute disgrace.”

When the CCTV footage was finally released, in early April, the culprit was quickly identified as 18-year-old Mohammed Hasnath, who last week pleaded guilty to a public order offence and was fined £100. Jack Gilbert, of the Rainbow Hamlets gay group, said a more serious charge should have been brought. “The vast majority of the community saw the material as threatening, but the police were not willing to accept it as threatening,” he said.

Hasnath’s “interests” on his Facebook page include Khalid Yasin, a hate preacher who describes Jews as “filth” and teaches that homosexuals must be killed. Yasin has spoken at least four times since 2007 at the East London Mosque, Tower Hamlets’ most prominent Muslim institution. Although the mosque claims to be against extremism, discrimination, and violence, it has hosted dozens of hate, extremist or terrorist preachers and also hosted a “Spot The Fag” contest.

In the same week that it issued a press release condemning the anti-gay stickers, the mosque was also due to host a “gala dinner” with Uthman Lateef, a homophobic hate preacher.

The mosque is controlled by a fundamentalist group, the Islamic Forum of Europe, which says that it is dedicated to changing the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed ... from ignorance to Islam.”

The IFE’s community affairs co-ordinator, Azad Ali, is chairman of the Muslim Safety Forum, an organisation officially recognised by the Met as its “principal [liaison] body in relation to Muslim community safety.” Mr Golds said: “This relationship may explain the police’s feebleness.” The IFE also has close links to the Tower Hamlets mayor, Mr Rahman.

There is no suggestion that any mosque official has been personally involved in any act of violence or intimidation. However, in an email obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, one IFE activist, Abu Talha, used the name of the group to threaten a local Muslim woman who ran a dating agency.

“I am asking you kindly to stop these activities as it goes against the teachings of Islam,” he wrote. “Let me remind you that I have a huge network of brothers and sisters who would be willing to help me take this further…If by tomorrow you haven’t changed your mind … then the campaign will begin.” The dating agency has now closed and the woman has left the area.

Mr Ahmed Ullah said: “There has been a gradual increase in these kinds of attacks, that’s for sure.” A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “When any allegation of crime is made to us, we investigate appropriately. We will always take action against hate crime in accordance with, and within the confines of, the law.”


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tommy Robinson interviewed by Vlad Tepes blog May 17 2012 Luton

Voice of Russia tries to blame Tommy Robinson (EDL) for Paki Grooming Scandal

H/T sheikyermami

The Muselputz on the show blames the rest of the world for the inbred criminal aggression of his co-religionists.
The radio jock clearly sides with him against Tommy Robinson. Criminal Muslims commit pedophilia because it is officially sanctioned in the Koran. White pedophiles in Scotland did not commit their crimes because of a religious ideology, they did what they did because they are pedophiles.

Tommy is being played here; Sufis are in no way different from Salafists or Wahabites, they all read the same Koran. The Muselmaniac grabs the narrative and runs with it. When you have educated Islam-propagandists speaking your own language better than you do you really have a problem.

Vlad Tepes presents:

Voice of Russia, the fully and overtly state controlled broadcaster of Russia set up a 4 person panel to attempt to crush Tommy Robinson in something that could be passed off as debate. Something we have come to expect more from the BBC or CBC than from Russian media, which, while clearly agenda driven, often is more fair to serious issues than much state controlled Western media these days.

This clip was re-edited by our own, Abbé Faria to try and bring a better sense of how it actually went live as opposed to the original panel show here, which was clearly edited to interrupt Tommy every time he started to make a salient point.


There might be some in Afghanistan who’d beg to differ.

A long article on the muslim Rochdale sex gang

I will just put the link up


"Out of 77 recent convictions for grooming, rape and other predatory sex crimes, 67 involved Pakistani men."


Friday, 18 May 2012

Lets hope they do arrest this waste of time Theresa May,

Rape victim calls for inquiry

A woman who was raped in Oldham has waived her right to anonymity to call on David Cameron to launch a parliamentary inquiry over child exploitation.

Samantha Roberts, 18, wants to highlight the issue in the wake of the recent court case in which eight Pakistani men and one Afghan received jail sentences of between four and 19 years for a range of sexual offences against five white girls in Rochdale.

She was picked up in a car in Oldham at the age of 12 by 39-year-old Shakil Chowdhury, and driven to a house where he and three other Asian men raped her.

Chowdhury was jailed for six years in October 2007 and has since been released but her other attackers have not been caught, reported the Oldham Chronicle.

Speaking to her local newspaper, she said: "It's ridiculous that it has to take five girls, as in this case, for people to take notice.

"I've been dealing with it for six years. I think it needed to be blown up in the media and across the country to get more people talking about it and the sentencing changed."

She said the 19-year sentence given at Liverpool Crown Court earlier this month to a 59-year-old man - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was "a good sentence".

"I'm just gutted the same didn't happen with my case," she said.

"People have now realised that things like this do go on in places like Oldham and Rochdale. There are cultural problems."

She has written a letter to the Prime Minister to ask to him to investigate the issue and said she wanted to meet him in person.


Can't keep up whit these .........

TWO muslims have been jailed for their part in a horrific attack on a girl of 15.

The teenager was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted in Ravensthorpe. She was filmed being subjected to a series of sexual attacks over the course of one night in May last year.

Today, Ali Rehman, 26, of Tanhouse Street, Ravensthorpe, was jailed for 11 years for three counts of rape and one of attempted rape.

Faisar Younas, 23, of Myrtle Road, Ravensthorpe, was given a four year sentence for sexual activity with a child.

A third man, Larasab Hussain, 46, of Headfield Road, Savile Town will be sentenced in July after he admitted sexual assault.

All three appeared at Leeds Crown Court today.

They admitted their offences during a trial in March, when the court heard how parts of the night’s events were filmed on a mobile phone.

The girl was taken to the homes of Rehman and Younas and a third address, given alcohol and repeatedly sexually abused.

At one point she was too drunk to walk so Rehman carried her over his shoulder to Younas’ house, the court heard.

After today’s hearing Andrew Horton from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “This was a highly disturbing case in which the men preyed on a vulnerable child victim.

“The victim showed tremendous courage in coming forward and being prepared to give evidence at trial.

“We hope that the sentences handed down are some comfort to the victim and that she is now able to begin to rebuild her life.”


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another muslim pedo

A Bengali immigrant has appeared in court charged with serious sexual offences against young girls in Street.

Muhammod Kamal Uddin, 40, currently resident at Colnbrook Immigration Centre, near London, was brought before South Somerset Magistrates in custody.

He was charged with four allegations of sexual assault on victims aged 11 and 12 on various dates between September 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

He did not enter pleas to any of the charges and prosecutor Chris Ansell said the matters were so serious that they must be dealt with at the crown court.

 The magistrates ordered the defendant to be sent straight to Taunton Crown Court to appear at a preliminary hearing on May 21. They refused an application for bail by defending solicitor Chris Ivory and remanded Uddin in custody.


Man arrested at Tower Hamlets Council over alleged threat to kill

  Well looks like British politics can fall no lower After all the fraud and lies from Tower Hamlets Council

They are now attacking and threating to kill each other at meetings.

The clash is the latest political crisis to hit Tower Hamlets — dogged by allegations of voter fraud and claims that Mr Rahman is linked to groups supporting extremism.

An emergency resolution was being discussed when the row broke out in Bengali between two councillors

No surprise it was in Bengali , I don't think English comes in as the first language or native tongue.

Security officers then cleared the lobby outside the council chamber and ordered waiting journalists down to the ground-floor reception area.

Scotland Yard confirmed this morning that police had been called to the Town Hall.
A spokesman told the Advertiser: “Police have arrested a man of 45 on suspicion of making threats to kill. He has been detained while inquiries continue.”

 The man arrested at 11.35pm is believed to be a Labour councillor.

CPS Guide Lines for  Threats to kill, Lets see what happens

Offence: Threats to kill

Legislation: Offences Against the Person Act 1861 section 16

Mode of Trial: Either Way

Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: 10 years imprisonment

Sentencing Range: Serious specified violent offence

To be honest this should not really be that big a surprise , have a watch of the Video below they cant even agree who founded Pakistan whit out killing each other. This video is in London sadly not Pakistan   


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