Thursday, 28 February 2013

May’s pledge to fight extremist groups in UK

Home Secretary Theresa May has said the government is doing everything possible to counter extremist groups operating in Britain.

Speaking at the Community Security Trust annual dinner in central London on Wednesday evening, Mrs May said more would be done to stop extremists "masquerading as charities" in order to raise funds.

Mrs May praised the Charity Commission's efforts to take a "more effective and aggressive line in seeking out and ejecting" such organisations.

"Too often organisations whose purposes have been the opposite of charitable - and which have even been involved in sending money to straightforwardly terrorist organisations - have been allowed to flourish as charities," said the Home Secretary.

But she warned that the "battle against intolerance and extremism, and the murderous violence it spawns, is not going to end soon".

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Book on Islam ruffles feathers in Germany

 Some of Germany's Muslim leaders are criticizing a book which says that belief in God is not mandatory in Islam. The author is on the defense - particularly since he heads the organization that trains Islam teachers.

For an outsider, the situation sounds odd: a Turkish newspaper, "Türkiye," prints an article in which three high-ranking functionaries of Muslim organizations in Hamburg accuse an Austrian with Palestinian roots of betraying the roots of Islam. The reason: the Austrian wrote a book in which he claimed that paradise was open to anyone who lived a good life - regardless of whether he or she believed in God.

The plot thickened when it became clear that the Austrian was also a professor of Islam. Adding another layer of internationalism to the story, it turned out he works at the University of Munster in Germany, where he heads the organization responsible for training future Muslim religion teachers.

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Immigration continues to be a top issue of importance to Britons

This month’s Ipsos MORI Issues Index shows a four point jump from January in the number of people who consider race relations/immigration an issue of importance to Britain. The issue is now on a par with unemployment and only the economy is seen by the public to be a more significant issue at present. Immigration is nearly twice as important as crime, education, inflation or poverty/inequality; it is three times more important an issue than the EU.

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Tower Hamlets Tories slam Mayor’s “obscene” spending plans

Forwarding the Conservative Group’s alternative budget, Cllr David Snowdon said the proposals were “fiscally negligent” and accused Mayor Rahman of wasting money on “propaganda and vanity offices”.

“There is one simple word for the Mayor’s obscene spending: ‘wrong’”, he said.

“Council tax funds do not exist to pay for propaganda and vanity offices. It exists to provide services to local residents and local council tax payers.”

Cllr Snowden went on to attack the Mayor for spending £70 per day on a hired chauffeur-driven Mercedes.

“One element of spending I am proposing is £1,424 to buy the Mayor a zones 1-3 travel card, so that he can travel in the same manner as most Londoners”, he added.

More living it up on your money here

Thousands of town hall staff kept off payroll to avoid full tax

Town halls across London are using “BBC-style” payment schemes which help staff avoid full income tax, the Standard has learned.

Thousands of local government workers are paid “off-payroll”, allowing councils to sidestep huge sums in national insurance.

The figures come after the BBC was forced to review the freelance contracts of more than 800 staff, including Jeremy Paxman and Fiona Bruce, who were being paid through their own firms.

The Local Government Association suggested the practice was not wide-spread in town halls.

But Freedom of Information requests found that Westminster, Wandsworth, Croydon, Hounslow, Kingston-upon-Thames and other councils were paying staff off-payroll or through personal service companies.

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Sex claims against MPs threaten to engulf Parliament

The sex scandal engulfing the Liberal Democrats today threatened to spread across Parliament to the Conservatives and Labour.

Former Lib-Dem activist Alison Smith, who claims she was inappropriately touched by the party’s former chief executive Lord Rennard, was due to speak to the police about her alleged ordeal.

But as voters went to the polls in the Eastleigh by-election, she also revealed how going public with her complaints had led to other women contacting her with similar experiences.

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Muslims in Europe

Another attempt to show my ('TemplarReturn) muslims in europe' video

Last one was removed by youtube for showing violent scenes...apparently!!!

French Government to Make Anti-Racism, Anti-Islamophobia Training Mandatory for All Government Employees

Bear in mind that in France, 56% of employees work for the government. And the government has a major influence or an actual stake in many of the major private sector companies too. So clauses mandating "anti-racism" training for their employees may well turn up in government contracts with private companies. Note they take about "the struggle against racism" then immediately cite a supposed increase in "islamophobic" acts, so we can be fairly sure that "islamophobia" will be included in their definition of "racism".

The governemnt wants to train all of its officials for the struggle against racism and antisemitism with an obligatory module in their initial training, according to the conclusions of an inter-ministerial committee held on Tuesday in Matignon.

After an increase in antisemitic (+58%) and islamophobic (+28%) acts in 2012, according to figures validated by the Ministry of Interior, the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault had called a meeting of several ministers to re-launch the struggle against racism.

The conclusions of the meeting contain numerous recommendations with an emphasis on prevention, but few new commitments, according to a document sent to the AFP.

It also wants to increase school visits to "places of memory", organise sensitivity campaigns on the use of the internet, add to the charter of France Télévision the obligation to support the struggle against the formation of prejudices, etc.
Source: AFP

Probe of Jimmy Savile’s tea club police pals

A probe has been launched into on-duty police officers who attended weekly tea parties at Jimmy Savile’s penthouse flat.

West Yorkshire Police are quizzing members of the disgraced late entertainer’s inner circle over the so-called Friday Morning Club get-togethers.

In October the force said it had no information about officers visiting Savile’s Roundhay Park pad, but that “they were free to do what they wished when off duty”. However, it has now confirmed police regularly visited while on uniform duties to “interact more” with the community.

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Sydney sharia victim whipped 'out of love'

Four men who took part in the whipping of a Muslim convert to punish him for drinking alcohol and taking drugs have been found guilty of assault.

The Sydney case is believed to be the first in an Australian court relating to such punishment being meted out under the pretext of sharia, or Islamic law.

Christian Martinez, 32, was whipped with an electric cord at his home in Silverwater in Sydney's west between July 16 and 17 in 2011.

His religious mentor, Wasim Fayed, was accused of carrying out the whipping as punishment under sharia, while the other three men held Mr Martinez down on his bed.

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Derby 'needs more cash to pay for migrants'

The Normanton-based Job Education Training centre has seen a near-200% rise in visitors, most of them from Eastern Europe, over the course of a year.

The Normanton-based Job Education Training centre  has seen a near-200% rise in visitors, most of them from Eastern Europe, over the course of a year.THE Government should give Derby more cash to cover the cost of European migrants coming to the city, claim city council officials.

The authority now plans to "actively and persuasively" lobby Whitehall for the money to help create better housing and more school places
Officials will also "open dialogue with Brussels" as they say Roma people often flee Eastern Europe to the UK because they suffer racist persecution and want to know why the European Union is not doing more to stop the problem.

And leading city councillor Ranjit Banwait said it was important to improve liaison with migrants already in the city.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Exclusive: Secret war on enemy within - British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed by drones

I find this a bit hard to belive when she can't even stop Abu Qatada getting benefits, never mind get him out of the country

The Government has secretly ramped up a controversial programme that strips people of their British citizenship on national security grounds – with two of the men subsequently killed by American drone attacks.

An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for The Independent has established that since 2010, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has revoked the passports of 16 individuals, many of whom are alleged to have had links to militant or terrorist groups.

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London trio guilty of forcing girl, 13, to be sex slave

Three men have been convicting of abducting a 13-year-old girl and forcing her to become their sex slave.

The girl, from a "troubled" family, was subjected to a string of assaults over four days after being trafficked from her home in London to Ipswich, prosecutor Riel Karmy-Jones told Norwich Crown Court.

Suran Uddin, 28, of St Matthew's Row, Bethnal Green, London; Mohammed Sheikh, 31, of Seaton Point in Hackney, London; and Hamza Ali, 38, of Chilford Road, Waltham Forest, London, denied various sex offences during a three week trial.

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Commissioner opens new Mosque

A new Muslim Cultural Centre has been opened in Northwich.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer said he was honoured to open the new place of prayer and community centre in the town centre.

"I was impressed with the facilities at the mosque


The Journalist Who Was Arrested for Investigating Jersey's Child Abuse

When American journalist Leah McGrath Goodman heard about the story she made plans to write a book about the orphanage,

That September, after stopping in London on the way to Austria, Leah was held under arrest in Heathrow airport for 12 hours, searched and granted no opportunity to contact her consulate or family. The UK Border Agency said it was all being done at the request of Jersey. Leah was then sent back to New York and banned from the UK. A year and five months later, with the help of a petition and parliamentary member John Hemming, Leah has permission to re-enter, so I thought it would be a good time to ring her for a chat.

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Promotions for bungle police

Two senior officers due to face gross misconduct hearings over their handling of the serial sex attacker Kirk Reid have been been promoted, it emerged today.

Both men and a third officer at the rank of inspector were recommended by the IPCC for disciplinary action over their conduct during the Met’s flawed investigation into Reid.

All three were let off with written warnings after what the IPCC today described as a “litany of delay and prevarication” by the Met which meant key witnesses were no longer available to testify against them.

More news on the untouchables here

A glimpse in the life of Greeks: Why Austerity and budget cutting is not the answer (Video is in english)

Now the Muslim student group is unhappy with the “discrimination” against its members

City University in London recently closed a Muslim prayer room after students refused to submit their sermons to the university administration for advance scrutiny. The university had good reason to monitor what was going on in that room — one speaker was recorded advocating the killing of apostates.

Now the Muslim student group is unhappy with the “discrimination” against its members, and is busy mau-mauing the university authorities with the usual “diversity” rhetoric.


Australian Muslim activists lose free speech appeal over letters sent to families of war dead

I can't believe they nearly got off whit it , the court narrowly rejected the case 

CANBERRA, Australia - Australia's highest court on Wednesday narrowly rejected the case of two Muslim activists who argued they had a constitutional free-speech right to send offensive letters to families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Iranian-born Man Horan Monis, a self-styled Sydney cleric also known as Sheik Haron, was charged with 12 counts of using a postal service in an offensive way and one count of using a postal service in a harassing way over three years until 2009. Amirah Droudis was charged with aiding and abetting the offences. They face potential maximum prison sentences of 26 years and 16 years respectively if convicted.

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Brand new cars for council staff scheme well on the road to being adopted in North Lincolnshire

Yes free cars on the never never paid  for by you the tax payer. Wonder how much they are getting from the finance company's for acting as brokers ?

The vast majority of North Lincolnshire Council staff are in line to be offered the chance to get new cars at very competitive prices

NEWcarfordCouncillor Neil Poole (Messingham), cabinet member for policy and resources, considered the issue.

He decided that subject to final endorsement of legal documentation, approval should be be given to enter the SS4C ) (Free cars )scheme.

Employees will save tax and national insurance on the amount sacrificed and the council will save the national insurance on the sacrificed amount.

Many other UK councils have already adopted the car scheme, or are in the process of doing so. 


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dance Academy could become mosque after owner loses licence

THE owner of the Dance Academy has claimed he may hand the property over to a charity – to turn it into a mosque.

Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh outside the closed Dance AcademyThe unexpected twist in the ongoing saga that is the historic Palace Theatre comes as Plymouth City Council's licensing sub-committee revoked the premises licence from Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh.

 The Union Street club has remained closed since a police raid in May 2006 and a review of the premises licence has been repeatedly postponed since then due to legal proceedings.

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Police and Muslim community hold training event

 POLICE worked with Northamptonshire’s Muslim community to facilitate a successful ground-breaking mosque and madrassah training event in Northampton.

Faith Associates, a non-theological consultancy, were commissioned by the police – in consultation with local Muslim leaders from various mosques and civil society organisations – to deliver a two-day mosque governance and management training programme.

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Manchester University society shut down after anti-gay Muslim video expose

A society at the University of Manchester has been shut down after a student secretly filmed an extremist Muslim saying gay people should be killed – with a complaint then received by police.

Following a complaint to Greater Manchester Police, the Global Aspirations group has now been closed by the Student Union Executive.

The issue of extremism on British university campuses remains in the spotlight.


Radical preacher's al-Qaeda sermons still on YouTube, MPs warn

The radical sermons of al-Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaki are still easily available on YouTube, MPs warned, despite his influence on a new breed of terrorists plotting to attack Britain. 

 Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, said he found addresses by al-Awlaki, the al–Qaeda preacher killed in a drone attack in Yemen, were still available on the site on Tuesday.

It comes after a judge heard last week that a gang of terrorists convicted for plotting to attack Britain with suicide bombs were heavily influenced by the dead Yemeni-based preacher.

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George Galloway and the Left's Warped World Where Even Assad is Better than Israel

Over the past few decades, the unholy alliance in the West between Islamist groups and the far left has appeared resilient to ideological differences. But while these groups have collaborated in support of violence against Israel and over a mutual hatred for Western values, the question of Syria - and the regime's violence against Palestinian refugees - is now triggering a powerful division. The far left remains broadly supportive of Assad, while Islamist groups now call for the destruction of the Syrian regime. Why is it that these ostensibly disparate ideologies can work together for the destruction of the Jewish State but are left divided when it comes to the Arab slaughter of Palestinians?

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Girl sexually assaulted on way home from school from Sutton to Banstead

 A teenage girl was sexually assaulted on her way home from school on Friday.

A man sat next to the girl on the lower deck of the 4.13pm bus from Sutton to Banstead before sexually assaulting her.

The man was Asian, in his 40s, and was wearing a sandy coloured woolly jumper.

He was about 5ft 9in, with a large build, unshaven and had short black cropped hair.

Anyone with information should call Surrey Police on 101 quoting reference RB/13/1458 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


EDL terror plot accused to stand trial

Six men will stand trial accused of planning a terrorist attack on a far-right demonstration in Dewsbury.

The men from Birmingham are accused of preparing acts of terrorism between May 1 and July 4 last year.

Their alleged target was an English Defence League demonstration in the town centre on June 30.

Jewel Uddin, 27; Omar Mohammed Khan, 28; Mohammed Hasseen, 23; Anzal Hussain, 24; Mohammed Saud, 22, and Zohaib Ahmed, 22 appeared by prison video link at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday.

They spoke only to confirm their names and enter not guilty pleas. A provisional trial date has been set for May 7.


Met Police rape unit 'encouraged' victims to retract cases

Victims of rape were "encouraged" by police to retract allegations to boost detection rates, a report has said.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said a south London sex crime unit had its own "standard operating procedure" to cut the number of rapes officially recorded as crimes.

The IPCC said the Southwark Sapphire squad's approach of "failing to believe victims" was "wholly inappropriate".

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said substantial changes had been made.


Thief jailed for stealing poppy tins on Remembrance Sunday

A THIEF has been jailed for stealing three poppy collection tins on Remembrance Sunday. 

Iulia Olteanu, 31, who was finally caught following an appeal in the Echo, has been sentenced to 84 days in prison.

She had been operating with another man, believed to be Liviu Ghitoi, who is still wanted by police.

 Iulia Olteanu

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A CHILD was gagged, whipped, and tied up while she was made to act out "sexual fantasies" for groups of men, the Old Bailey heard this morning.

 A young woman, giving evidence at the Oxford sex exploitation trial, said she was driven to High Wycombe up to three times a week to have sex with up to seven men.
She was also abused with "toys" and gang raped, the jury heard.

Known as Girl 4 as she cannot be named, she said: "Anything from biting, pulling. I have had candle wax poured on me.

"I have been horse-whipped, I have been cuffed, and I have been tied with a shirt tie."

The witness claims she was raped and sold for sex by brothers Mohammed and Bassam Karrar between the ages of 11 and 15.


"The young girl’s father wondered why the teacher was giving children lessons about Islam in a geography class."

A Texas lawmaker is launching an investigation after a teacher reportedly invited female students to dress up in Islamic garb and then told her classroom they should call Muslim terrorists – freedom fighters.

A Texas mom became outraged after she discovered a Facebook photo of her child wearing Islamic garb.“I am outraged,” one of the parents, who asked not to be identified, told Fox News. “I felt my blood pressure go through my head.”

The parent said she was not aware of the lesson until she discovered a photograph of her 14-year-old daughter wearing a burqa on Facebook.

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Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement becomes Italy's election success story

By any standards, and whatever happens, Beppe Grillo and the Five Star Movement (M5S) have emerged from Italy's general election as big winners.

Because of the way the electoral system works – favouring alliances Grillo shuns – the M5S will not be the overall victor. But projections suggested it could get more votes than any other party, and could hold the balance of power in the upper house, the Senate. "Honesty will be fashionable again," Grillo declared on Twitter, as the projections began to emerge.

Dutch Yutes Share Multicultural Joy

Monday, 25 February 2013

Man denies the murder of his wife

A 31-year-old man has denied murdering his wife.

Yacoub Rezai, of Hand Avenue, Braunstone, Leicester, pleaded not guilty at Leicester Crown Court to the murder of 23-year-old mother-of-two Raihana Rezayi on November 13.

Her body was discovered at 2.20pm on that day in a house in Hand Avenue.

The brief hearing yesterday afternoon was translated into Farsi – an Iranian language – by an interpreter, who stood in the dock next to Rezai.


Prison inmates sue Government over tainted Halal meat

The Ministry of Justice is being sued over the contamination of Halal meat in prisons, Justice Minister Jeremy Wright told MPs today.

A "small number" of claims have been filed and would be "robustly defended where appropriate," Mr Wright said in response to a parliamentary question from shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan.

Earlier this month, McColgan Quality Foods Limited, a Northern Ireland-based company, was identified as the source of "the very small number of halal savoury beef pastry products" found to contain pork DNA supplied to prisons.


Islamists threaten to kill French kidnapped in Cameroon

 Gunmen claiming to be from Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram threatened on Monday to kill a kidnapped French family of seven if authorities in Nigeria and Cameroon do not release Muslim militants held there.

French ministers said they believed the three adults and four children seized in Cameroon's far north near the Nigerian border on Tuesday were being held by Boko Haram, which has killed hundreds in an attempt to establish an Islamist state in Nigeria.

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Another SWP Rape

Nick Cohen has an excellent piece at The Spectator Coffee House, on the inability of political parties – and I’d add, pretty much any other institution – to investigate sexual abuse cases. He concludes:
In these paranoid circumstances, you can no more guarantee that the Liberal Democrats will put the interests of justice before the interests of the party than you can expect the Socialist Workers Party to provide an alternative to a court of law. Conspiracy theory, manifesting itself as a paranoid fear of a “bourgeois state” or “Tory press”, prevents an honest evaluation of the facts.
But there’s also this account of another as yet unreported rape in the Socialist Workers Party:
I wanted to tell you that I was in the SWP a few years ago, and was physically and sexually abused. Following the rape, I left the party, but was encouraged to take the complaint to the disputes committee to make sure he didn’t do it to other women in the party. The disputes committee meeting lasted 5 hours. I was asked if I had been drinking. They said that if {the alleged assailant} and I had recently broken up my case would be invalid. They constantly asked me if I was still attracted to him, and referred to instances of him hitting me as ‘shaking’. They also constantly asked if I was sure I had not consented to sex.
The disputes committee also told me that if I talked to the media or anyone else that I was in trouble. {The man} was allowed to bring two character witnesses who claimed I was a convincing slut, and he had my statement for a month before the meeting, but I had no idea what he would say in his statement.”
Well, now it has been reported.
And there is more to come:
“My colleagues are working on more stories of rape on the far left.”

US 'supercop' Bill Bratton: British police should make fewer arrests

Bill Bratton 

Bill Bratton says he is still interested in British policing's top job.
The American "supercop" who could be Britain's first foreign police chief has said officers should make fewer arrests and send fewer people to prison to achieve big falls in crime.

More Madness here

Austria: Muslims Set Fire to Own Fast-Food Business and Leave 'Racist' Graffiti to Mislead Investigators


A couple of weeks ago a pizzeria owned by Albanian Muslims in Wörgl, Austria, was badly burned. A nearby building owned by a Turkish association was also set on fire. 'Racist' graffiti in Turkish was left on the scene, complete with swastika symbols. This immediately provoked demonstrations from Turks and Greens protesting against "right-wingers" and "racists". One placard read :

Racism isn't an opinion! Racism is a crime

No far-right motive?? Racism isn't an opinion! Racism is a crime

It has now emerged, though, the both fires were set by the Muslims themselves. They were in dire financial circumstances and wanted the insurance payment. The 'racist' graffiti was simply left to mislead the investigators. Fortunately, two of the Muslim perps were injured in their own attack when the fire they were setting produced an explosion.
After the arson attack on a pizzeria and the premises of an association in Wörgl, the investigators have made public new details. One of the perpetrators has confessed, another is in custody. The anti-foreigner words are said to have been a diversionary tactic.

According to police, financial problems were the motive for the attack. As reported, two brothers were injured in front of the premises during the attack - an 18-year-old and 31-year-old Albanian...
Sources: Unzensuriert, ORF, ORF, ORF

Muslim education trust loses bid to open school in empty West Bromwich office block

Waterside House, in Charles Street, West BromwichParents who claimed they were forced to send their children to classes almost 130 miles away have lost their bid to open a Muslim secondary school in the Black Country.

Birmingham and Sandwell Education Trust, an umbrella group set up by Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani Muslim leaders, earmarked a vacant site in West Bromwich for the project.

They claimed parents had to send their children to independent schools as far away as Blackburn and Bradford to be taught the ethos of their religion.

But Sandwell Council’s planning committee decided the proposed site, Waterside House, in Charles Street, was unsuitable for the project.

The Health and Safety Executive advised against the scheme because of the building’s “proximity to hazardous premises”, including a chemical distribution unit.

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Another Hamasnik Rally at the East London Mosque – UPDATE: Cancelled

Well done to all concerned

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah.

Reminder: our planned event “Dignity & Defiance” has had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

We apologise for the disappointment.
Please keep an eye out for updates.

Oxford exploitation trial: Man 'prepared girl for gang rape'

A teenager has told the Old Bailey a man carried out a brutal sexual assault to "prepare" her to be gang-raped.

The girl, who was 12 at the time, said Mohammed Karrar used sex toys and numbing cream used by dentists during the incident at an Oxford flat.

Sobbing during her evidence, she said five or six men then came to the flat and all raped her on the kitchen table.

Mr Karrar is one of nine men who deny a total of 51 offences including rape and trafficking from 2004 to 2012.

The latest witness was asked if the attack had caused discomfort and uttered the word "much" in reply, before breaking down in tears.

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Cops halt hate preacher Choudary’s rally over jihad call

ANTI-terror cops broke up a rally by vile hate preacher Anjem Choudary after one speaker called for a holy war. Convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen ranted that anyone who was not part of jihad was “nothing”.

As up to 150 people roared their approval, Choudary was seen arguing with cops. Saturday’s rally in Birmingham was stopped soon after.


Yes you guessed it no arrests 

Somali robber sues UK £50k for ‘nightmares’

AN asylum seeker with a string of criminal convictions is suing the Government — claiming its bid to deport him gave him NIGHTMARES.



New farce over migrant crooks as judge overrules plan to boot out foreign criminals

BRITAIN’S top immigration judge is defying attempts to stop foreign criminals exploiting European human rights laws to stay in Britain.


In a key ruling, Mr Justice Blake insisted that the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights can override decisions taken by Parliament to toughen up immigration rules.

His decision is a damaging blow to Home Secretary Theresa May’s attempts to stop overseas-born crooks using the “right to family life” as an excuse to avoid deportation.

The judge also claimed that “little weight” should be given to Home Office rules ­involving criminals with children.

Mr Justice Blake’s ruling, in a case ­involving a Nigerian drug dealer, will have to be ­followed by other immigration judges in future ­deportation cases. But his intervention has infuriated MPs.

Tory backbencher Priti Patel, MP for Witham in Essex, said: “This judge’s comments show he is completely out of touch. People are fed up with these nasty criminals who come to Britain, break the law and then play the system to stay here.” Dominic Raab, Tory MP for Esher and Walton in Surrey, said the ruling usurped the democratic will of Parliament.

More here

'Terror blacklist' charity was given Scottish aid cash

SCOTTISH Ministers have handed hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money to an Islamic charity recently blacklisted by a Swiss bank under counter-terrorism regulations.


Islamic Relief Worldwide was given £398,000 last year as part of the Scottish Government’s £9million International Development Fund.

But concerns have been raised after it emerged that a bank recently closed an account held by IRW and blocked all transactions because of regulations to prevent funds reaching rogue states.

It was also revealed that a project director with IRW in Gaza was deported by Israel in 2006 for allegedly providing “funds and assistance to various Hamas institutions and organisations”.

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Muslim cleric ordered to pay back thousands of pounds

A Muslim cleric has been ordered to pay back thousands of pounds to sponsors of a new mosque he never intended to build.

Imam Miah Rahman promised to use the cash to build the place of worship in Brentwood, because the congregation were having to use a local community hall.

Rahman argued that the cash was intended as 'gifts' and had been used for other Islamic purposes, Central London County Court heard.

More here

British primary school where every single pupil is 'foreign' and speaks English as a second language

Makes you Wonder where are the local English Kids ? 

Gladstone Primary School in Peterborough most multi-cultural in Britain, But no British children

A primary school with more than 400 pupils has become the first in the country where no children speak English as their mother tongue.

Punjabi Urdu, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian and several African dialects are among the 20 foreign languages spoken at Gladstone Primary School.

But it has thrived in the face of adversity. Only 14 months ago the school was rated ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted, the lowest of four ratings. Last month it was upgraded to ‘good’, the second highest.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Aaron, 9, ‘bullied to death for being white’

 THE devastated family of a nine-year-old boy who hanged himself say he took his life after racist taunts by Asian bullies.

Aaron Dugmore — thought to be one of Britain’s youngest suicides after bullying — was found in his bedroom after months of jibes at school, they claim.

His family say that Aaron was threatened with a plastic KNIFE by one Asian pupil — who warned him: “Next time it will be a real one.”

But despite complaints to the school, where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic backgrounds, they claim nothing was done to stop the bullying. 

Heartbroken mum Kelly-Marie Dugmore is convinced the taunts led to her son killing himself two weeks ago. She sobbed: “We are not racist people. Aaron got on with all the children at his last school, and for him to have been bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

More here

Strasbourg: Muslim Smashes Up Church, Leaves Koran and Muslim Prayer Carpet Inside and Writes "Allahu Akbar" on Smashed Statues

A 24-year-old Moroccan has been arrested in Strasbourg, suspected of having damaged statues in a church and of having placed a prayer carpet and a Koran stolen from a mosque.

Taken into custody on Thursday, the suspect has acknowledged the facts. He is going to be subjected to psychiatric examination. According to the priest of the church concerned, located in the centre of Strasbourg, he "probably" has psychological problems.

The man is suspected of having toppled around 15 statues. "He wrote 'Allah ou akbar' [God is the greatest] in Arabic with chalk, especially underneath thet status, and placed a Koran on a pulpit," specified the priest.

The man was exposed by officials of the Grand Mosque of Strasbourg, who noticed that several times he had stolen objects from the mosque, including the imam's prayer carpet, indicated one of the officials of the mosque.
Source: BFM


A £45million-a-year anti-extremism scheme is in crisis after the conviction of three would-be terrorists.

The Government’s Prevent Strategy failed to stop Ashik Ali, Irfan Khalid and Irfan Naseer plotting their bombing campaign.

And it did not encourage anyone who knew of their plans to inform on them.

More here

The Government’s Prevent Strategy, They really don't get it do they

“As a Muslim we don’t give information to the police that harms another Muslim.”

Paying Islamic terrorists not to wage jihad and bomb us was not such a great idea after all:

First Muslim only college opens in the US

Avoid London, it's full of Pakistanis,' Romanians warn fellow migrants

ROMANIANS preparing to swamp Britain next year are insulting British towns and cities and making racist comments about fellow immigrants on the internet.

Many would-be settlers criticise Britain, targeting the likes of Scotland, London and Liverpool, while insisting they do not want to live near Indians, Arabs, Chinese or black people.

The slurs were made on a popular Romanian chat forum in a discussion about the pros and cons of relocating to Britain when border rules are relaxed on January 1 next year.

One poster on Romani Online, aptly named Skis, said he and his family were keen to move to Scotland for winter sports in the Highlands but his comments took a bitter racist twist: “We do not want that cosmopolitan crowd of Indians, Arabs, Chinese, etc. We want something more quiet.”

More here

Sheffield murder charge man in court - victim named

A MAN has appeared in court today accused of stabbing the mother of his child to death in a Sheffield street, writes Molly Lynch.

Erham Mehmedov, 44, is alleged to have stabbed Dimitrina Borisova 16 times in Blackstock Road, Gleadless Valley, near to the John O’Gaunt pub at around noon on Thursday.

The Turkish national was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with murder on Friday night.

Mehmedov, who had a two-year-old child with Ms Borisova, spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth when he appeared at Sheffield Magistrates Court this morning.

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Jaymin Abdulrahman denies attempted murder of her newborn baby

A woman has denied the attempted murder of her newborn baby after the child was found dumped among rubbish in a block of flats in Wolverhampton.

Jaymin Abdulrahman will stand trial in the summer. She is accused of trying to kill the six-day old girl, who was discovered in a bin.

The 24-year-old Iraqi national also pleaded not guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice.

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Jaymin Abdulrahman has denied attempting to murder a newborn baby who was found at the bottom of a 50ft rubbish chute.

 Theory: Detectives believe the baby may have fallen 50ft from the fifth floor of this block of flats in Wolverhampton, West Midlands

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Police gave council advance warning of raid on Elm Guest House

Police planning a raid in 1982 on a guest house allegedly at the centre of a VIP paedophile ring told Richmond council in advance.

The revelation was made to Exaro by Terry Earland, who was the council’s head of children’s services at the time.

It was one of several disclosures that show how the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames was aware of allegations that boys in its care were sexually abused by a paedophile ring centred on the borough three decades ago.


Turkish man admits murdering women from north

 A 22-YEAR-OLD man has admitted murdering two Co Down women in Turkey in August 2011.

Recep Cetin, who had been accused of stabbing to death his girlfriend's mother Marion Graham and her friend Kathy Dinsmore, admitted the killings in a Turkish court on Wednesday.

Ms Graham, a mother-of-five from Newry and Ms Dinsmore, from Warrenpoint, had been holidaying with Ms Graham's 15-year-old daughter Shannon in the popular tourist resort of Kusadasi.

The bodies of the women, both aged 54, were found lying in a remote forest near the city of Izmir.

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Cetin complained he was being treated like “a Christian, an atheist or communist” in the trial. “I am a Muslim,” he said.



AN Islamist group banned from speaking at universities is being investigated by police after ­radicals were filmed calling for gay people to be killed.

Activists with links to notorious ­Islamist sect Hizb ut-Tahrir (HuT) called for ­“homosexuals to be executed” during an event at Manchester University last week.

Greater Manchester Police decided to act after Manchester University undergraduate Colin Cortbus filmed the ­incident at a public meeting.

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Only Left-wingers could think killing and maiming is a giggle

What is wrong with Left-wing people? Why are so many of them so filled with violent hatred of anyone who disagrees with them?

Why has so little attention been paid to the cruel, bloodstained words of John O’Farrell, the official Labour candidate in the Eastleigh by-election?

Mr O’Farrell, an alleged comedian, has not as far as I know repudiated or regretted a passage in a book he wrote at the age of 36, saying he wished Margaret Thatcher had died in the Brighton Bomb.

He said: ‘In October 1984 when the Brighton bomb went off, I felt a surge of excitement at the nearness of her demise and yet disappointment that such a chance had been missed.’

In case anyone had missed his point, he added later. ‘I just hated her so very, very much.’

I am not, as it happens, a great admirer of Lady Thatcher myself. And I’m not above a bit of invective and mockery against the politicians I actively despise.

But it is the hate-filled violence of this passage that strikes me. What kind of person can write this, and then not cross it out in embarrassment?

This is not the only example of this sort of thing last week. The BBC has for many years tolerated a radio programme called ‘The News Quiz’ on which sniggering fun-revolutionaries (at your expense) are paid to amuse a sniggering Left-wing studio audience with babyish jests, under the guidance of a self-satisfied chairwoman who thinks she is cleverer than she is.

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bring back the Project Champion spy cameras in Birmingham, says city's Muslim MP

A Birmingham MP has called for the reinstatement of controversial spy cameras in predominantly Muslim areas of Birmingham in the wake of a failed suicide bomb plot.

Khalid Mahmood said the relaunch of the Project Champion scheme to monitor the movement of cars and people in Sparkhill, Ward End and Washwood Heath “could ensure the safety and security for people in Birmingham and the whole UK.”

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Mosque plans given go-ahead by Leicester City Council

Plans to build a mosque with a 60ft minaret on the site of a demolished public house have been approved.

The scheme by Goodwood Community and Education Trust was voted through unanimously at a city council planning meeting on Thursday, despite opposition from some neighbours.

  1. Kitterick

    City council planning committee chairman Patrick Kitterick proposed the scheme should be accepted

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Police attend heated meeting over Leeds pub site

Graffiti scrawled on the side of the Lingfield pub in Moortown.Police watched over a council planning meeting where emotions ran high over a proposal to create an Muslim-run community and welfare centre.

Officers attended plans panel north and east at Leeds City Council where members unanimously voted to give the go-ahead to convert the derelict Lingfield pub in Moortown.

Applicants UKIM, UK Islamic Mission, who bought the site, want to create a public gym, IT suite, library, training facilities. and a prayer room for up to 70 worshippers.

More than 400 letters of objection were received over traffic, congestion and noise concerns.

Many also expressed fears the centre would be used exclusively by the Islamic community.

The night before the planning meeting the words ‘a mosque’ were repeatedly daubed on the exterior of the forlorn building.

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Forced 'infidelity check' not rape: Swedish court

A Swedish court has ruled that a 28-year-old man who ripped off his girlfriend's trousers and underwear to perform an "infidelity check" is not guilty of rape or any other sex crimes.

The lower court had also convicted the man of several other charges related to repeated assaults and threats directed against girlfriend in a relationship that had been marked by jealousy and suspicion.

 Second 'infidelity check' attack ruled to be sexual


Yes it's a mussie

Minister: ”Make the Church multi-religious!”

Do away with Christianity and turn the church into a multi-religious meeting place. That was the future vision of Ulf Kristersson (of Moderaterna, liberal conservatives), the Swedish Minister for Social Security, during the recent brainstorming day ”Se Framtiden” (“See the Future”). The Swedish Archbishop, however, was skeptical.

Some 250 persons had gathered on February 6th at the conference center Norra Latin in Stockholm to discuss visions and challenges for the Church of Sweden. During a panel discussion, a variety of ideas were presented, proposing what the Church of Sweden can do for its members, in order to put an end to the ongoing flight of members from the Church.

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Massachusetts Public Schools Nix Gender ~ Dennis Prager Discusses

Via Patheos:

In some schools, this would allow boys as old as 14 in public school bathrooms with girls as young as 5. Now I ask you, what could possibly go wrong?

East Grinstead Man 63 Dies of Kidney Failure and Starvation after being cut off benefits and declared “Fit For Work”

A terminally ill man from East Grinstead was found dead in his home following a DWP medical assessment by Croydon based medical company ATOS.

The man aged 63 was found dead after ATOS submitted their report to the DWP stating that the 63 year old was fit and able to carry out manual work in which ATOS made recomendations that his benefits should be stopped in November 2012.

Police state that the 63 year old had died of kidney failure and starvation following the assessment.

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UEA's Islamic Centre is to remain open. The University of East Anglia

Controversial plans to close the Islamic Centre at the UEA have been put on hold, and plans have been lodged to renew temporary permission for it to remain on campus until 2014
The university planned to shut the centre and adapt the existing multi-faith chaplaincy building to meet the needs of its Muslim students.

But following protests by students, the university has decided to keep the centre open. The building is used for Friday prayers by Islamic students at the UEA, plus members of the local community.

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Man charged with stabbing two Southampton Solent University students

 MAN was due to appear at Southampton Magistrates’ Court today over the stabbing of two students in the city centre.

Hamza Himdy, 20, from Luton, was due to appear before magistrates to face two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and one of possessing an offensive weapon.

Two students, aged 18 and 23, suffered stab wounds as a result of an incident at 3pm on Wednesday, when emergency services were called to Southampton Solent University’s Sir Sidney Kimber halls of residence.

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Families of British muslims planning attack failed to alert police over Pakistan trips

NOBODY in Birmingham's Muslim community tipped off police about the plot, it was revealed yesterday.


Yet several people knew that Naseer, Khalid and Ali were sending young men to terrorist training camps in Pakistan. 


Detective Inspector Adam Gough, who led the 18-month investigation, said the extended families of the four men had "become aware" of why they went to Pakistan but "did not tell us". The revelation raises questions over the relationship between police and community leaders.

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Cover-up! By not sacking The Man With No Shame

Cover-up! By not sacking The Man With No Shame, politicians and civil servants are colluding to protect one of their own. The public are sickened by such cynicism

Julie Bailey is a heroine of our age. She is the cafe owner from Stafford who saw her elderly mother enter hospital for a routine operation and end up dead in the most dreadful and degrading circumstances imaginable.

Mrs Bailey was shocked by what she saw. So instead of resuming her quiet life, she dug into deep reserves of steely resolve and determined no one else should spend their final days with fear in their eyes, surrounded by patients abandoned, starving and screaming in pain.

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City University London removes Muslim Friday prayer room

City University in London has been accused of discrimination by a group of Muslim students after it closed a dedicated room used for Friday prayers.

A group of students have formed Muslim Voices on Campus, calling on the university to reverse its decision.

The group said it was being "unjustly targeted".

City said it acted because students had refused to submit the proposed content of sermons to the university before prayers to check its "appropriateness".

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

If we know what kind of person or kind of ideology they have.I think most of us know the answer to that

Muslim leader suggests way to tackle radicalisation


The Chair of Birmingham’s Central Mosque says a different approach is needed to tackling radicalisation.

Mohammed Naseem wants better access to people with known extremist views, to gain a better understanding of their mindset.
"We can prevent this kind of thinking by collecting the people talking to them, putting peer pressure on them, making it clear to them that instead of going to heaven they might be going to hell.

If we know what kind of person or kind of ideology they have then we can look for it in our society or in the congregation."

– MOHAMMED NASEEM - Chair of Birmingham Central Mosque

Although relatives of the four men known as “the travellers” intervened when they found out they had flown to Pakistan for terrorist training, no one alerted the police.


Love this bit

If we know what kind of person or kind of ideology they have then we can look for it in our society or in the congregation."

Well heres a start mate