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Socialist MEP Richard Howitt has demanded an investigation

H/T: Scottish Infidel,TT

Socialist MEP Richard Howitt has demanded an investigation after right-wingers allegedly “hijacked” parliament’s facilities.

It comes following what the deputy called a “clandestine” meeting of European far-right groups on Monday.

[TT: Clandestine, well, the meeting took place without any fanfare because of the political climate totalitarians like Howitt and like ilk, like to foment. ]

The British member has now raised the issue with parliament’s president Martin Schulz.

[TT: Martin 'Sargent' Schulz is another dull blade totalitarian on the socialist left, that UKIP's Nigel Farage uses as a verbal punching bag when it suits him.]

On Monday afternoon, Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League (EDL) spoke to the meeting and described himself as the president of the British freedom party.

[TT: It never happened. The claim has the consistency of pure helium]

The meeting was hosted behind the “cover” of the launch of a new front organisation called the International Civil Liberties Alliance.

[TT: Cover? The ICLA organization organized and sponsored the event, the minutes to the event is for all eyes to see, nothing covered there.]

The gathering was publicised on parliament’s internal TV screens, but only as a “meeting by non-attached”.
Far right members from organisations in Germany, Sweden and the UK attended the meeting, and literature was sold to attendees.

[TT: Anyone not allied with the multicultural totalitarian left are labeled with the infamous ''far-right'' term. It's really getting boring at this point.]

One keynote speaker said that the mainstream media represented “a threat to life and liberty”.
Adding, “A society which becomes more Muslim becomes less everything else.”

[TT: Finally some substance]

Howitt has, in the past, criticised EDL attempts to form different European ‘defence leagues’ by using their Facebook page.


This needs publicizing, it’s an outrage. The rapists get their sentences to run concurrent with the jail time sentence for another crime? This can’t be allowed to happen. The victim is being raped again, this time by the state.


More here.

A Statistical Study and Analysis of Immigration into Europe from 2012 to 2083

Police foil an alleged deadly Muslim terrorist attack planned for EDL's Dewsbury Demo

Yes! UK MUSLIM terrorist scum actually DID intend to massacre
 members of the English Defence League in Dewsbury .. 

 Islamophobia I think not , they really are trying to kill us !

MUSLIM terror group, found with guns and explosive devices planned to attack an English Defence League march with a pipe bomb, guns and machetes.


Terror charges for three more West Midlands men


Monday, 9 July 2012

Marine Le Pen: 'Integration is the Anglo-Saxon system adopted in Great Britain'

I'm not sure this is Marine at her best. She is certainly forceful enough on economic matters, but she seems much too accommodating towards Muslims, and too eager to point out that there have never been any problems in Hénin-Beaumont. She may be right in praising the good relations between Muslim and French residents, but the fact that there are so many Muslims in France is a major problem even when they are well-behaved. It is possible that she toned down her rhetoric for The Guardian. Her best moment is when she claims the woman with the headscarf lied. I don't know if the woman lied, but I did not like the sight of her with her smug husband eating snack food. Are they Socialists pretending to be converts?

Four guilty of killing pregnant woman who was thought to be possessed

Four family members have been found guilty of murdering a 21-year-old pregnant woman they thought was possessed by evil spirits.

Following a 12-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Naila Mumtaz's husband, Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz, 25, his parents, Zia Ul-Haq and Salma Aslam, both aged 51, and his brother-in-law, Hammad Hussan, 24, were all found guilty of killing her.

Jurors heard that Mumtaz, who was accused of smothering his six-months pregnant wife, told police she tried to strangle herself and may have been "possessed" by an evil spirit.

The court was told that he claimed his wife's death was "like a suicide" and that he had been "similarly possessed" at the city's coroner's court after her death.

All four defendants denied murdering Ms Mumtaz at her home in Craythorne Avenue, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, in the early hours of July 8, 2009.

Wendy Bounds, a lawyer from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service complex casework unit, said: “Naila Mumtaz, a kind-hearted and beautiful young woman living in Pakistan with her parents, agreed to enter into an arranged marriage with the defendant, Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz.

”She was aware that he suffered from a physical disability, but she was not put off by his appearance, taking the kind-hearted view that all living things had the same value.

”However, the jury today found that her husband and his family did not share her values.

”Naila was six months pregnant and living with the defendants in Birmingham when on 8 July 2009 the family made a 999 call for an ambulance to attend.

”All efforts to revive her by the paramedics and at the hospital failed, and she and her unborn baby died.

”She was subsequently found to have suffered injuries and the jury had to decide whether she had been assaulted, smothered and suffocated by her husband, his parents and her brother-in-law or whether, as they maintained, she was possessed by an evil spirit which took her life.”

During his opening speech to the jury, prosecutor Christopher Hotten QC quoted details of Mumtaz’s account to police after Ms Mumtaz’s death, saying: “He said she started to grab her own face and was screaming in anger.

”She tried to bite her mother’s hand. The whole family were trying to hold her down.

”It was like she couldn’t remember who we were. She suffocated herself by putting her hand in her mouth and she tried to strangle herself.

”It was, he said, more like a suicide. He said it was possible that Naila had been possessed by a djinn spirit and said he himself about a month before Naila died had been similarly possessed, and again possessed at the coroner’s court after her death.”

In his account to police, Mumtaz maintained that injuries to his wife’s body were self-inflicted and claimed that a person was present at the house praying “to get the spirit out of her”.

Ms Bounds added: “This was not an easy case to bring before the court as it involved evidence from both the UK and Pakistan, and ensuring that the jury understood that although there were complex cultural beliefs which underpinned the defence case, there was evidence that the defendants had all given untruthful accounts as to what had taken place and their roles in the death of Naila.

”Sadly, Naila died before the help that is available from the police and the prosecution team was accessed.

”This case demonstrates that it is possible to achieve justice for girls in Naila’s situation who are far away from their family, unable to speak English and with no one to turn to for help.

”Our thoughts are with Naila’s family at this time and we hope that today’s conviction brings some comfort to them.”


Sunday, 8 July 2012

RIP: Free Speech about Islam

(American Thinker) - The right of Westerners to speak  freely regarding Islam-related topics -- radical Islam or Islamism, Islamist terrorism, and Islamist terror funding -- is in jeopardy.  Islamists and their sympathizers try to silence any and all questions possibly critical of Islam with a vicious, multi-pronged assault until a critic is silenced, punished, or made an example of for others.

Islamists seem to use at least three different methods: 1) the initiation of legal proceedings, known as "lawfare" -- i.e., frivolous or malicious lawsuits which often do not even hope to succeed in court and are reluctant to reach discovery to avoid disclosing information, but which therefore seem intended, on charges of hate speech or defamation, to harass and financially crush the defendant; 2) threats of violence, or violence itself; or 3) pressure applied based on political correctness, as with attempts to smear reputations by alleging "racism," "Islamophobia," or other epithets.  Sometimes the Islamists use only one of these methods -- sometimes two, or all three.  Regardless, the assault is often successful.  

The Danish cartoon controversy, for example, began in September of 2005, after an author in Denmark stated that he could not find an artist willing, under his own name, to illustrate a book about the Islamic Prophet Mohammed's life.  In Islam, it is considered blasphemous to draw a picture of the prophet.  In response, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten ran twelve cartoons by various artists depicting Mohammed, with the editor explaining that the project was an attempt defend the Danish right to exercise free speech and to contribute to the debate regarding criticism of Islam and self-censorship.  The most controversial of these cartoons -- the "bomb in the turban" picture of Mohammed -- was drawn by Kurt Westergaard.  These cartoons were soon reprinted in magazines/newspapers in more than 50 other countries.  However, the only major U.S. magazines/newspapers to reprint any of the cartoons were the conservative Weekly Standard, the atheist Free Inquiry, and the Denver Rocky Mountain News.  Many organizations cited their unwillingness to publish them out of concern for the sensitivities of Muslim readers.  A fear of violence may also have been a significant concern.
Soon after the cartoons were published, Islamist, Islamic, or politically correct pressure groups swung into action.  In October of 2005, some ambassadors from Muslim countries sent a letter requesting a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, stating that they wished to discuss the "on-going smearing campaign in Danish public circles and media against Islam and Muslims."  They also hinted that the Danish government should legally prosecute the paper's editors.

At the same time, a nearly identical letter arrived in Copenhagen from the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC -- now known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation), an intergovernmental organization of fifty-seven Muslim states, also protesting the publication of the cartoons.  As noted here, "[t]he diplomatic protests aimed to use international disapproval to sanction the newspaper -- and the Danes -- for Islamophobia," an invented term patterned after the term "homophobia."  Coinciding with the arrival of the letters, three thousand Danish Muslims demonstrated in Copenhagen and demanded an apology from the newspaper for insulting Muslims. continue reading

Oxford sex trafficking case: Two more men in court

Two more men have appeared in court charged in connection with an alleged child prostitution ring in Oxford.

Mohammed Hussain, 24, was charged with four offences, and Assad Hussain, 31, was charged with five.

Both men, who are from the Cowley Road area of Oxford, appeared at High Wycombe Magistrates' Court earlier.

A total of eight men have now been charged as part of Operation Bullfinch, targeting alleged child sex trafficking involving 50 girls.

Thames Valley Police said it expected to make further arrests in the coming months.

Mohammed Hussain has been charged with one count of conspiracy to rape a girl under 14, two counts of rape, and one count of sexual activity with a child.

Assad Hussain has been charged with two counts of conspiracy to rape a girl under 16, two counts of rape, and one count of sexual activity with a child.

They will return to court on 16 July.

All eight men remain in custody.


Saudi Arabia's Princess Sara claims asylum in the UK

Five-star hotels, secret locations, crucifixion, persecution ... where better to seek asylum than in the land of the Kuffar ...

Princess Sara, 38, accuses senior Saudi officials of plotting to kidnap her and smuggle her back to Riyadh, having subjected her to a “well orchestrated and malicious campaign of persecution”.

She currently occupies a suite and several rooms in a five-star London hotel with her four children and two dogs, guarded by a private security team.
More saudiphobia at The Telegraph

Celebrity gets a taste of cultural diversity in the UK

Welcome to the wonderful world of the two tiered justice system , your white and British your guilty.

'I thought the innocent were protected ... it's been a hard lesson': Celebrity photographer kicked by Muslim woman she tried to help tells of pain at being charged as a racist

She has heard them many times over the past few days, but speaking the words 'racially aggravated assault' still causes Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury's entire body to shake and tears to stream down her face.

Her name may have been cleared, but it is obvious the scars of being accused of a vicious hate crime will be more difficult to erase.

Ordeal: Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury says the experience left her 'terrified'Last Thursday, a jury at Isleworth Crown Court in West London took just 15 minutes to acquit her of shoving a pregnant Muslim woman to the floor and calling her husband a terrorist during a row in Tesco. Despite Miss Heathcote-Drury's relief at the verdict, her sense of bewilderment at what has happened remains her overwhelming emotion.

The investigation that led to the celebrated photographer - whose work hangs in the National Portrait Gallery - being tried was described in court as 'a shambles'.

To her, it often felt like being trapped in a dystopian world in which she could not make her version of events heard, no matter how hard she tried.

Although, in fact, she says she was the victim of assault, her own accusations were dismissed while her accusers' claims were pursued by police.

Today the elegant 41-year-old is exhausted, but grateful finally to have her chance to explain the truth about this strange and disturbing case. 

'I've been going out of my mind since this all happened,' she says. 'I've been on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills because of the stress.

'I didn't even tell any of my friends about the charges until April, because I couldn't bear to say them; they were too hideous. I have a lot of friends of different ethnic backgrounds and I didn't want to plant even the smallest doubt in their minds about me.

'Before this, I believed that if you were innocent and told the truth, you would be protected by the system, but I've learned some very hard lessons.

'I kept waiting for my story to be investigated, and it never was. Of course it was an enormous relief to be acquitted so quickly, but I find it absolutely terrifying that the case against me could have gone as far as it did.

'The sense of powerlessness at what was happening was overwhelming.'

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Were they on way to bomb EDL rally? Police probe after Taliban-style bomb found in car boot

The foe: The EDL hold another march in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
The foe: The EDL hold another march in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
Counter-terror police were yesterday investigating whether two men found with a bomb in their car were on their way to attack an English Defence League rally.
They discovered the Afghanistan-style explosive device by sheer chance when they pulled over the vehicle on the M1.

Also hidden in the boot were two guns, ammunition and leaflets warning “infidels” not to follow the EDL, David Cameron and the Queen.

One theory is the two male occupants were planning to bomb a march by the notorious anti-Islamic group taking place just hours after they were stopped.
Officers only discovered the guns and bomb two days after impounding the car for having no insurance last Saturday.

By then police had already let the driver and passenger go.

Detectives traced the owner of the car and armed police carried out raids in Birmingham and West Yorkshire this week. Seven men were arrested.

It is the first time such an improvised explosive device – used by Taliban insurgents to kill British troops in Afghanistan – has been found in the UK.

Almost 500 members of the far-right EDL marched in Dewsbury last Saturday, where one of the suspects lives.

They had widely publicised the event – bragging that they were coming to take over the “Islamic republic of Dewsbury”.

It is not known how big the suspect device was or the destruction it could have caused if detonated.
Saturday’s incident began when uniformed motorway cops pulled over the car as it travelled south on the M1 between junctions 33 and 34 in South Yorkshire.

The numberplate recognition system in their vehicle alerted them that the vehicle was uninsured.
It is believed one of the unsuspecting officers drove the vehicle to a local police pound where the driver and passenger were freed.

It was only on Monday, when a full inspection of the car was made, that the IED, weapons and leaflets were discovered.

This sparked the huge Midlands anti-terror hunt for the occupants and any of their accomplices.

West Midlands police arrested three men – believed to include the driver and passenger – aged 23, 26 and 27 in Sparkhill, Birmingham, on Tuesday.

A 23-year-old and two men aged 22 were held in raids in the Alum Rock, Smethwick and Moseley areas of the city the following evening.

A man of 43 was arrested in Dewsbury on Thursday.

Anti-terror officers spent yesterday searching a house in the town belonging to Mohammed Mohazim Akbar.

The dad-of-three set up a boxing club in 2009 to get youngsters off the streets.

One neighbour said: “They are a wonderful family and this must be one huge mistake.”

All the suspects who were arrested were last night being quizzed on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

It is believed two of the men arrested in Sparkhill are brothers of a terror suspect currently awaiting trial in the UK.

The 20-year-old is accused of collecting money for terrorism, travelling to Pakistan for terrorism training and travelling abroad to commit acts of terrorism.

A West Midlands police spokesman said: “The arrests followed a routine stop.

“Firearms, offensive weapons and other material were later found hidden inside, prompting police to take action to trace and arrest the driver, passenger and others suspected of being involved.
“The items from the vehicle are currently undergoing forensic analysis and searches are or have been carried out at the addresses of those in custody.”


Undated MoD handout photo of some Improvised Explosive Device (IED) components found inside an IED factory
Killers: Haul of IEDs in Afghanistan
Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs – the number one killer of Nato troops in Afghanistan – have been used in armed conflicts and terrorist atrocities since the Vietnam War.

They come in all shapes and sizes – from bombs strapped to suicide attackers to booby-trapped houses.
And US intelligence warns that terrorists may one day surgically implant them for suicide missions.

In Afghanistan, many roadside IEDs are packed with metal fragments to cause maximum injury.

But in the past two years, the Taliban has developed “invisible” IEDs, with no metal or ­electronic parts.
IEDs can also include car bombs, the worst being Unabomber Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people in the Oklahoma City attack in 1995.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nasser pleaded guilty to robbing eight-year-old Chelsea

A 31-YEAR-OLD man has admitted the broad daylight robbery of a young girl’s purse as she went to buy sweets.

Nasser Laher, of Warwick Road, Batley Carr, pleaded guilty to robbing eight-year-old Chelsea Dixon when he appeared before a judge at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

The youngster was in the Mill Road area of Batley Carr on the afternoon of March 15 when she was approached by Laher.

After grabbing her hand he took the purse which contained £3.50 and had belonged to the victim’s late grandmother.

Judge John Potter remanded Laher in custody so that a pre-sentence report could be prepared, but he warned him to expect a significant custodial sentence when his case is dealt with at Leeds Crown Court on July 30.


Psychology of confidence: Multiculturalism destroys trust, economic well-being, happiness and social cohesion

The Danes are the world’s most trusting people. Historians and researchers believe that the Danes' nature of trusting other people goes back to the time of the Vikings. The Vikings' domestic economy was simply built on trust: If you live in a time with no police or courts, and you entrust some animal furs to a trader, you need to be able to trust that trader to pay you your money once he returns - often months or years later - from his trade trip.

Trust is very important for the economy to function. According to some researchers, a "10 percent negative change in the level of trust in a population will cause a half percent negative change in economic growth." Both Vikings and anybody who has ever borrowed or lent money knows that trust is important when it comes to finances. Without trust, there will be either no deal or a lot of resources will need to be invested in insurance, lawyers and bureaucracy.

Trust is also believed to be a prerequisite for happiness (Trust Hormone Associated With Happiness, Happiness flows from trust - etc.). Trust increases the feeling of security, and feeling secure is - unless you are looking for certain types of excitement - a necessity for feeling happy. No wonder the most trusting people are also the happiest.

Trust and sharing values

It is easier to trust people if you feel that you know them. This is why businessmen take the effort to travel to meet their clients personally. If you know that the other party shares the same basic values, you already know a lot about that person - because you know yourself. Sharing values means knowing each other, and knowing each other increases trust. This is why criminal gangs - which are built on a high level of trust - are mostly monocultural.

So what happens when people with very different cultural backgrounds and religious values live together? The level of trust naturally goes down. In order to preserve trust and the many benefits coming from this important feeling and experience, the different groups tend to live together in enclaves separated from the other groups. It is important for people to feel "at home" - but what makes that feeling of being at home? It’s the feeling of being surrounded by a recognisable environment and culture where one does not have to communicate excessively to reach mutual understanding and thereby trust.

A decrease in trust leads to a decrease in the feeling of safety and happiness as well. As psychologist Abraham Maslow showed us in his hierarchy of needs, and as all who have been able to learn from life's ups and downs know, not having our basic needs fulfilled leads human beings to focus more on their own basic needs before focusing their efforts on benefiting those around them. Thus a decrease in trust means an increase in egotism.

Proponents of multiculturalism may think that they are working for more confluent societies with more tolerant citizens by waging lawfare against our national borders and thereby forcing us to live with people from cultures that we basically do not know and understand. But their efforts are clearly counterproductive, as the result is cultural segregation and individuals focusing more on themselves. The multiculti segment clearly lacks knowledge of human nature, and their ivory tower theories completely overlook normal real life experience, established psychological theories and well known facts.

Multiculture destroys trust

It is understandable when people from countries, where you need to be more egoistic to survive, have less reason to trust others to the same degree, and tend to exploit the good will and trust from others. The same goes for people from religions that tell them that adherents of other faiths are unworthy of the same respect.
A recent sample conducted by the Danish tax authorities among Somali immigrants showed that 92 percent of Somali immigrants evade taxes. On average they cheat Denmark of 8,300 USD yearly. This is possible because of the Danish system Tast-Selv ("type in yourself") that allows taxpayers to type in their income to the IRS themselves. It is a system built on the state's trust in the taxpayers and is meant to save a lot of time and money. We are also seeing an alarming increase of so-called trick thefts committed by foreigners and immigrants. Here the thieves, often disguised as police or nursing assistants, deceive the home owner into letting them into the house. This type of crime is another example of exploitation of the typical trusting Danish/Western nature. The alarmingly high degree of tax evasion and social fraud among non-Western immigrants, especially Muslims, is well known but politically incorrect to speak about. A large investigation in Høje-Taastrup, Denmark, showed that 75 percent of all social fraud is committed by immigrants - other countries have similar problems.

Trust makes people happy and countries rich, but letting people from less trust-based cultures into our fellowship turns this strength into our most dangerous weakness. Multiculturalism corrodes trust, a cornerstone for happiness, economic well-being and social cohesion - and thereby eats away at our whole way of life.

Tommy Robinson: State threatens to take away EDL supporter's baby


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2012

Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2012


Just saying, multiculturalism isn’t all a bed of roses

“Lord Ahmed Delighted” After Being Reinstated by Labour Whip

Me thinks  Chief Whip Lord Bassam needs a good whipping.  But we all know that complicity and stupidity, connivance and cowardice before Islam paralyzed  UK elites long ago. This is a country where Islamic headbangers like ‘lord’ Ahmed literally get away with murder.

Ahmed  found the Lords had been “very sympathetic”  while the suspension was in place.  He never said what he said, it was all ‘lies’- and we all know that good muslims like him would never lie to kafirs.

A peer suspended by the Labour Party for allegedly offering a £10m bounty on the head of US President Barack Obama has had the suspension lifted.

Lord Ahmed, who denied the accusationspublished in a Pakistani newspaper theExpress Tribune, thanked Chief Whip Lord Bassam for a “fair” investigation. Lord Ahmed said he was “delighted” the suspension had been lifted as he had been a member of the Labour Party for 34 years.

He told BBC Asian Network said his colleagues in the Lords had been “very sympathetic” while the suspension was in place. The story was “lies” and he said he was considering taking legal action against the Express Tribune newspaper, he added.

In April this year the Express Tribune quoted Lord Ahmed saying: “If the US can announce a reward of $10m for the captor of Hafiz Saeed, I can announce a bounty of £10m on President Obama and his predecessor George Bush.” They later corrected the article.

In response to the article, Lord Ahmed said: “I’m shocked and horrified that this whole story could be just made up of lies. I never mentioned President Obama, I never mentioned the word bounty.
“It was a discussion about people investing in Pakistan and yes, I did talk about illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Bush and Blair involved in it. But I did not mention any bounty or President Obama and the sort of rubbish that’s been on the media.”

BBC News, 30 June 2012

It’s a sorry reflection on the Labour Party that it ever suspended Lord Ahmed in the first place, on the basis of a story that was quickly exposed as false, and without bothering to check its accuracy or even ask him for an explanation. That didn’t prevent certain anti-fascists from using the suspension to attack Lord Ahmed. But then, he is a supporter of the Palestinian cause and as such has inevitably been a target for Zionists.

H/t  sheikyermami

The globull warming fraud is collapsing before our very eyes

Globull worming shysters, working for the UN, want immunity from prosecution. That was part of the discussions  in Rio…. proof they haven’t been conducting honest research. It was a massive fraud from the very beginning.

Climate Shysters Seek Immunity from Prosecution or Investigation

    “Big Green” just seems to keep getting bigger with the new international Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund, an offshoot of the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) on Climate Change, budgeted for some £100 Billion dollars a year, supposedly intended for programs to lower greenhouse gases.

Seeking Immunity from what…?

    But before they start, the Green Climate Fund founders want to ensure the organization and its people will enjoy UN-like diplomatic immunity from prosecution or international investigation. This despite the fact that even the UNFCCC is not considered to be part of the UN and not allotted such immunity. More from  Michelle Stirling-Anosh, Yahoo! Contributor Network

More from  Michelle Stirling-AnoshYahoo! Contributor Network

Neighbours' fury as council allow tiny bungalow to be used as an illegal moske for 200 worshippers

The tiny two-bedroom property which has been used as a moske illegally for the last two years despite objections from neighbours in Westcliff, Essex

Gathering: A large group of worshippers crowded into the extended two-bedroom bungalow in Westcliff, Essex

 News report here.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Al Qaeda plotting to bomb US airliner during London Olympics

A bit more info on the post I made a while back on this blog link

Al Qaeda is plotting to blow up an American airliner in the run-up to this month's London Olympics and has trained a Norwegian Muslim convert in an attempt to evade airport security, a media report said on Sunday.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has trained the Norwegian convert and is understood to have also selected a target, believed to be a US passenger jet, The Sunday Times quoted intelligence sources as saying.

"The Norwegian recruit goes under the name of Muslim Abu Abdurrahman. He is understood to be in his thirties and a 'clean skin', with no previous criminal record," it said.

"He converted in 2008 and quickly became radicalised. He later travelled to Yemen, where he has spent several months, to complete his training," the paper said.

The plot confirms fears among US and British intelligence agencies that al Qaeda is seeking to recruit radicalised westerners in an attempt to evade airport security, it said.

The Norwegian was believed to have been in the southeastern town of Azzan, the longtime home of AQAP, until last month. He then moved to Dammaj, a town in the north.

The new plot is the terror group's fourth to be detected since 2009, when AQAP sent a Nigerian-born British student on a plane with an underpants bomb. The bomb failed to detonate over Detroit and the man was arrested and jailed.

In 2010, it sent two bombs hidden in printer cartridges on cargo planes destined for Chicago. They were intercepted and defused in Dubai and Britain, the paper said.

Two months ago, a third plot was averted when a British undercover agent, who had infiltrated AQAP, volunteered to be a suicide bomber. He smuggled out the latest version of the sophisticated underpants bomb to US authorities.

"There is terrorist plotting going on irrespective of the Olympics (from July 27 to August 12). The only thing that connects this to the Olympics is the fact that they are about to happen," said a Whitehall official.


Fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite - the 'white widow' of 7/7 - writes chilling online blog

Brit is suspected of involvement in a deadly grenade attack in Kenya last week that killed three
Wanted: Samantha Lewthwaite's husband was a suicide bomber in the deadly 7/7 attack
Wanted: Samantha Lewthwaite's husband was a suicide bomber in the deadly 7/7 attack
The widow of one of the 7/7 bombers is writing a chilling web diary while on the run from police after being named as the prime suspect for a deadly terror attack in Kenya.

In the haunting blog, Samantha Lewthaite, whose husband Jermaine Lindsay blew up a Piccadilly Line train during the London attacks in 2005, says “fear can make you do many things” and warns she faces “many more challenges” in the months ahead.

Her blog Fears and Tears: the Confessions of a Female Muhajid is the first time Lewthaite, 28, has made any attempt to communicate with the outside world since she fled to Africa.

Its emergence comes amid a worldwide search for Lewthwaite – dubbed the “White Widow” – as she is hunted over claims she took part in a grenade attack in Kenya which killed three football fans watching the Italy versus England Euro 2012 game in a bar last Sunday.

Just three days before the blast she posted a lengthy message on her blog admitting she had “no regrets” about converting to Islam and waging Jihad.

She wrote: “My decision to revert to Islam is the most precious gift that my maker has bestowed upon me.

Samantha Lewthwaite with a friend
Party snap: Samantha with a friend before she became an Islamic extremist
 “From a previous life of sin and worshiping of worldly things I have lived for many years now as Muslim content with serving Allah with the knowledge that I have a place in Jannah [Paradise].”

Her rambling message goes on: “Like many revertees I have been tested and challenged but each time Allah has guided me towards the right path and ensured my faith in my religion remains constant.

“During the month of April and May I faced a great challenges (sic). Some friends have told me I have over-reacted because I’m a woman and weak.

“Yes, I am woman but I am woman who believes in Jihad and supremacy of Islam.
“With all this pressure I broke down in tears... Jihad is an obligation that we must accept – so today I’m over my fear and my tears are dry.”

The extraordinary diary has appeared on the website of the Muslim Youth Center – the Kenyan arm of Islamic militant group Al-Shabaab. On the morning of the attack in Kenya a message was posted on the site saying: “BOOM!!! Mujahideen making music.”

Hints about an attack were also posted on the MYC’s Twitter account, saying: “Tick tock there goes the count-down for the kuffar...”

It appeared alongside an image of a woman Hamas fighter brandishing an assault rifle.

Lewthwaite, originally from Aylesbury, Bucks, has been on the run since last year when police foiled a plot to blow up Western hotels in Mombasa.

She was charged in December with plotting to kill hundreds of British tourists after police found weapons and a bomb-making factory in her safe house, which also acted as a makeshift bank for the group.
Lewthwaite was released and is thought to have taken refuge in Somalia before her return to Kenya. In March the MYC announced that they were helping to shield her. Then, last week, officials in Africa said the mother of three was spotted near the nightclub targeted in the bomb attack.

A grenade was thrown into the Jericho Beer Garden, which was packed with tourists watching England play Italy. A young boy was among the three dead.

University dropout Lewthwaite is being hunted by the CIA, Kenyan police and Scotland Yard, which has a team in Nairobi to assist with the search.

Before her arrest in December, she had been travelling in Kenya on a false passport.
Lewthwaite was born in Northern Ireland, where her solider father Andrew met her mother Christine. She is the youngest of three children.

Her parents separated when she was 11 years old – the trigger for her seeking solace in Islam, and converting to the faith at the age of 15, say pals.

She met King’s Cross bomber Lindsay in an Islamic internet chatroom when she was studying religion and politics at the School Of Oriental And African Studies in Central London.

She married the Jamaican-born carpet fitter in an Islamic ceremony in 2004.

When her 19-year-old husband blew himself up in 2005, claiming 26 lives, she was eight months pregnant with their second child, a daughter. She had a second son by an unknown father in 2009. Her family in Aylesbury have not had any contact with her for years.