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High Court opens way to divorces by Sharia

Divorce cases could be settled by Sharia and religious courts after a landmark High Court ruling.

Mr Justice Baker quoted the former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, who said in 2008 that ‘citizenship in a secular society should not necessitate the abandoning of religious discipline’.

 The Muslim Council of Britain praised the judgement, with a spokesman telling The Times: ‘If it leads to the eventual acceptance of Sharia court divorces then Muslims will be very encouraged.’

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Everybody Loves Aussie Dick! What's So Offensive About That?


Did you spot what offended Muslims?

France deports Moroccan it says has radical Islam ties

France deported a Moroccan man on Thursday suspected of links to the radical Islamist group Forsane Alizza, the Interior Ministry said, after the threat of domestic attack escalated following its intervention in Mali.

Ali Benhammou, who was sent back to Morocco, had been involved in two cells linked to the French group Forsane Alizza (Knights of Pride) which "had made France a priority target," the ministry said in a statement.

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                             How ?

Church in Wales school with majority Muslim intake praised by inspectors

A primary school in Cardiff which is the only Church in Wales (CIW) school with a majority of Muslim pupils has been deemed “excellent” by inspectors.

St Mary The Virgin CIW Primary School, which serves the Butetown area of the city, was judged to have has 181 pupils on roll – 90% of who come from an ethnic minority background and 73% which speak as an additional language.

Many are from Yemeni and Somali backgrounds and some start school with no English at all.

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Oswestry’s first Muslim centre at ex-church gets go-ahead

Controversial plans for Oswestry’s first Muslim centre have been given the go-ahead. It will be sited in a 19th century former Presbyterian church.

The bid to change the church in Oswald Road, into a Muslim prayer centre sparked more than 70 objections and led to the town being targeted in a leafleting campaign by the British National Party.

But more than 40 people wrote in support of the bid by Oswestry Muslim Society and permission was given by Shropshire Council planning officers under delegated powers.

Planning officers revealed today that some of the objectors’ views had not been placed on the council planning website where the public’s representations can normally be viewed as they were of a ‘sensitive and pot-entially provocative nature’.

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Outrage as high school recites Pledge in Arabic saying 'One Nation Under Allah'

Fury is brewing at Rocky Mountain High School, in Colorado, after a multicultural student group were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic - replacing 'one nation under God' with 'one nation under Allah'. 

Solemn Duty: Young students recite the Pledge of Allegiance at a school in AmericaFollowing Monday's pledge, Principal Tom Lopez has been inundated with complaints from outraged parents concerned that saying the Pledge in any language other than English is unpatriotic. Standing by his controversial decision, Principal Lopez has said that despite the irate telephone calls and emails, he is not in any way or form trying to push an Islamic agenda at the Fort Collins school.

The pupils sought the permission of Principal Lopez, who previously had allowed the Pledge to be read out in French and Spanish.

However, the backlash began from students hours after the recital and has continued through the week as angry parents have waded into the controversy.

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Terror Threat Level Set To "Multicultural" - More Islamic sharia law patrols in England

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Muslim charity's reassurance Broadgreen centre will be for whole community

The office was bought with Lottery cash for the benefit of the whole community and should not be transferred to a religious charity. 

They fear the office would only be used to benefit one section of Swindon’s Muslim community, and claim the transfer would be haram – contrary to Islamic law – as Lottery cash was involved.

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Plans to turn Waltham Oak pub in Walthamstow into a mosque

Plans to turn pub into mosquePlans to turn a Walthamstow pub into a mosque have been submitted to Waltham Forest Council.

Ghulam Rabbani, of the Manchester-based Faizan-e-Islam Trust, has applied for change of use permission for the Waltham Oak in Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow.

The plans include proposals for a community hall and two single-storey extensions at the rear.

Photographs appearing to show workmen from the trust gutting and renovating the interior of the building have been posted on website

Residents have until February 7 to comment on the plans.


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Video: Scandal of Asian sex gangs left to prey on children in West Yorkshire

GANGS of Asian men were allowed to prey on vulnerable young white girls for years in Yorkshire because authorities were “terrified of being called racist”, a former MP has said in a dramatic committee hearing in Westminster.

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Muslim patrols could become more prevalent and more violent, warns anti-extremist

Muslim patrols stalking British streets could become “a lot more dangerous” and perhaps even willing to maim or kill, the head of an anti-extremism organisation has warned. 

 Muslim patrols could become more prevalent and more violent, warns anti-extremist   


As British jihadists venture abroad to capitalise on the aftermath of the Arab Spring and then return to the UK, they are likely to bring a greater level of violence back home, Maajid Nawaz, the chairman of the Quilliam Foundation, suggested.

His comments follow incidents in which groups of Muslim vigilantes, dubbing themselves 'Muslim Patrols' have approached Londoners and demanded they behave in an Islamic way by not drinking.

They have also told women to put more clothes on, claiming they are entering 'Muslim areas'.

Their actions could be “a sign of things to come” and are part of a pattern of extremism spreading across Europe in different forms, be it far right fascism or Islamism, Mr Nawaz said.

Writing in The Times, he said: “While this street-level problem festers across Europe, al-Qaeda and its affiliates are busy capitalising on the chaos of the post-Arab Spring world.

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BBC 'censored' play about honour killings

The BBC has been accused of an “extraordinary” act of censorship after ordering a playwright to axe certain lines from a Radio 4 drama about honour killings. 

 In an episode for the broadcaster’s DCI Stone series, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti told the story of an investigation into the killing of a 16-year-old Asian girl.

When it turns out the teenager had been the victim of a so-called honour killing, the fictional detective is advised to handle the case “sensitively” because the family is Muslim.

At the end of the episode, called Heart Of Darkness and due to be broadcast in the Afternoon Drama slot this week, a character says: “There is so much pressure in our community, to look right and to behave right.”

Bhatti said: “A week before recording I got an email from the producer saying the BBC compliance department had asked them to take lines out.

“It’s an extraordinary and awful situation. They said the lines were offensive but they absolutely were not. We live in a fear-ridden culture.”

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swp member Spills the beans

swp member decided to leave the SWP after the sexual abuse scandal they tried to cover up. This is his resignation video.


Love the red pillow case hanging out of the window, his mum will kill he when she gets home
He needs some singing lessons 

Keep protest in our multicultural city peaceful, EDL told

EDL marchCambridge MP Julian Huppert said: “This is the second year running that the EDL has targeted our city and, while I recognise their right to protest, they are not welcome here. I have been talking to the Muslim Council about how best to respond.


France: "Many radical preachers will be deported in the coming days"

"Many radical preachers foreigners will be deported in the coming days," said Mr. Valls in at an international conference on the fight against violent extremism.

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How ?
                                   See may it can be done 

Honour Killing: She was stabbed over 100 times with two different knives and a pair of scissors.

An 8 Year sentence, in Sweden. "This is an incredibly harsh sentence. My client is in shock.

The 17-year-old boy from southern Sweden who stabbed his sister to death in April was sentenced to eight years in prison on Tuesday for what the court referred to as an "honour killing".

The sister had previously claimed she was forcibly married off at age 15 and raped.

In the months before her death, the 19-year-old had been speaking with the women's support group Tänk Om ('Think Again'), which works to combat honour violence. They had given her shelter and recorded her claims of abuse.

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I feel like a stranger where I live’

As new figures show 'white flight' from cities is rising, one Londoner writes a provocative personal piece about how immigration has drastically changed the borough where she has lived for 17 years 



"When you go swimming, it’s much healthier to keep your whole body completely covered, you know.” The Muslim lady behind the counter in my local pharmacy has recently started giving me advice like this. It’s kindly meant and I’m always glad to hear her views because she is one of the few people in west London where I live who talks to me.

The streets around Acton, which has been my home since 1996, have taken on a new identity. Most of the shops are now owned by Muslims and even the fish and chip shop and Indian takeaway are Halal. It seems that almost overnight it’s changed from Acton Vale into Acton Veil.

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1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500%

Sweden has imported huge numbers of Muslim immigrants with catastrophic effect.

    Sweden’s population grew from 9 million to 9.5 million in the years 2004-2012, mainly due to immigration from “countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia”. 16 percent of all newborns have mothers born in non-Western countries. Employment rate among immigrants: 54 percent.

Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

In 2003, Sweden’s rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

The statistics are skewed by urban centers where the Islamic colonists cluster. In Stockholm this summer there  was an average of

5 rapes a day. Stockholm has gone from a Swedish city to a city that is one-third immigrant and is between a fifth and a quarter Muslim.

Sweden, like the rest of the West, will have to come to terms with the fact that it can either have female equality or Muslim immigration. It cannot have both.



VOTERS sent a forceful message to David Cameron last night not to relax border controls with Romania and Bulgaria.

Nearly eight out of 10 – 79 per cent – quizzed for an opinion poll wanted visa restrictions on the Eastern European countries to stay.

The results follow widespread fears that the UK will be flooded with a new wave of immigrants after controls are dropped to meet European Union freedom-of-movement rules.

The poll was commissioned by anti-Brussels campaign group Get Britain Out who said it proved Britons want to take back control of their borders.

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BRITISH embassies in Romania and Bulgaria were last night criticised for appearing to encourage migrants to head for the UK.

Embassy websites in the capitals of the two Eastern European countries are running a campaign hailing Britain as “one of the very best places in the world to visit, live, work, study invest and do business”.

But that contradicts a planned advertising blitz by ministers aimed at preventing an expected flood of people – by portraying the UK as cold, wet and no soft touch for benefits claimants.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “This is a farce. The Government is trying to discourage people coming from these two countries.

“These messages from the embassies are saying the opposite.”


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Protestors are planning to take to the streets of Wisbech in a bid to stop the influx of migrant workers into the UK.

Boston immigration group protest

A group, which started in Boston, and has hundreds of supporters, has scheduled a protest on May 25 before taking their fight to Westminster.

A Facebook group run by the protest organisers, debating immigration issues in Wisbech, has gained massive support in the last week, doubling the number of members in the wake of two murders in the town.

Feelings have been running high in Wisbech for sometime and have escalated in the wake of the murders of Una Crown and Virginja Jurkiene but police stress they are not linking these two deaths.

However, this has not stopped the ‘Wisbech Immigration Issues’ group attracting more than 800 members, with people sharing their own – mostly negative – views and opinions on the migrant population.

The group is linked with similar set-ups in Boston and Spalding and a static protest was held in Boston in November. It saw around 200 people come together to debate Britain’s involvement in the EU and called for a halt to more immigration.

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Thirty people have been arrested in the space of two months in the Bradford area by police investigating child sex grooming

“Across the Bradford district, at this moment in time, 30 people have been arrested in the last two months and there are ongoing cases." 

“I've no doubt at all that the police – certainly the police who work in my area – know what's expected by the law and by politicians as well.” 

In November, Mr Hopkins triggered a furious row when he claimed gangs of Muslim men were “going round and raping white kids”, fuelled by a cultural background that encouraged brutal sexism against all women.

Yesterday, the MP urged the Pakistani community to “come to terms” with the problem

The inquiry also heard from Ann Cryer, the former Keighley and Ilkley Labour MP, who spoke out against sex abuse by a minority of Pakistani men in Keighley a decade ago – a campaign which resulted in her being branded a racist. Yesterday, Mrs Cryer noted the lack of action, back in 2002, by police and council social services, saying: “It seemed they were terrified about being called racist.”  

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Criminal record checks system breaches human rights, court rules

The home secretary, Theresa May, is facing urgent pressure to overhaul the criminal records system after an appeal court ruled that the way it operated was unlawful and breached human rights.

One of Britain's most senior judges, Lord Dyson, the master of rolls, ruled that a blanket requirement on job applicants to disclose minor offences, including cautions, amounted to a breach of their right to a private and family life.

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Man's jaw is broken in violent robbery in Canterbury

One of the men then punched and kicked him to the floor, before taking the victim's mobile phone from his coat pocket.

The suspect is described as aged 20 to 25 with short black hair.

The man who was with him - who was not involved in the attack - is described as Asian, aged 20 to
25, with short black hair and a beard.

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Teignbridge District Council has received driver applications from Romanian nationals who have been brought over to work in the district by a local company.

Importing Taxi drivers , I would love to know the name of this so called local company.

A Devon council is planning to change its policy on criminal record and health checks for taxi drivers after a local firm said it wants to employ Romanian workers.

Teignbridge District Council has received driver applications from Romanian nationals who have been brought over to work in the district by a local company.

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CCTV IMAGE: Police plea over city centre gay hate attack

hate attackPOLICE have released a CCTV image of a man they want to talk to after a gay hate attack in Coventry city centre.

Two friends were punched to the ground in the unprovoked assault in New Union Street.

 “What makes this all the more shocking is that it was seemingly purely motivated by speculation about the victim’s sexuality.

The offender is described as a dark-skinned man, in his mid 20s to early 30s, between 6ft and 6ft 2in, of broad build with a goatee style beard and short dark hair.

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Parents furious as child sex attacker Kevin Sherwood released

Kevin Sherwood, who has been released on licence four months into his 18-month sentence THE mother of a child sex attack victim is furious after her daughter’s abuser was released from prison after just four months.

Kevin Sherwood was jailed for 18 months on August 31 last year after pleading guilty to nine charges of sexual activity with a child and three counts of causing a child to watch a sexual act, between May and November 2011.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard how the father-of-four had touched some girls, shown one a pornographic film and carried out a sexual act in front of another.

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PCSO converts to Islam after helping ‘honour’ violence victim

PCSO Jayne Kemp

A mum-of-two has told how she was inspired to convert to Islam – after helping a victim of honour-based violence as part of her job in the police.

Police Community Support Officer Jayne Kemp, 28, decided to find out about the faith while helping a Muslim woman suffering domestic abuse.

After speaking to other Muslims on Twitter, she was inspired to give up her Catholic faith to fully convert last year and now lives a completely Islamic lifestyle.

She now goes out on her  PCSO patrols in Eccles, Salford, wearing the traditional hijab headscarf and makes time up at the end of her shift to attend Friday prayers.

Jayne, single mum to a son, nine, and daughter, seven, formerly converted in a Shahada ceremony last April and now plans to change her name to Aminah.

While her children spent Christmas Day at their dad’s so they could still celebrate, she went round to her mum’s – but had to cook her own dinner so it would be halal.

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Counter terrorism police launch campaign urging Cumbrians to report suspicious activity

THE new head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit (NW CTU) is urging Cumbrians to support police in the fight against terrorists. 

 Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole said recent events in Algeria and Mali had shown the threat from international terrorism was ‘very real and has in no way dissipated’.

In a week-long campaign starting today, the NW CTU is encouraging people working and living in the North West to be vigilant and report any suspicious or unusual behaviour to the Confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

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Monday, 28 January 2013


Remember folks, this is not an isolated incident, there are documented cases of the same kind of incidents taking place here in Finland as well as in Norway and of course elsewhere in the West when local demographics start to change to a more highly concentrated Muslim presence.

Half of Somalis With Dutch Citizenship Drawn to Britain by Large Number of Mosques

What if we were told that thousands of people from Africa we've seen arriving here are not, in fact, fleeing poverty at all? Or that, legally speaking, they're not even Africans, but rather nationals of such generous welfare utopias as Sweden, Denmark and Holland?

For BBC Radio 4, I've been searching for some idea of what the modern "British Dream" could be, through a series of frank interviews with some of the almost 3 million new arrivals to England and Wales since 2001 (the first of three programmes is broadcast at 8pm starting tonight). Time and again, our team uncovered Africans who were not any longer from Africa. They were EU citizens and actually giving up welfare rights in places like Scandinavia to come to the UK.

Indeed, we met so many Nigerians from Germany, or Somalis from Denmark, that we asked Oxford University's Migration Observatory to crunch the numbers on how many EU migrants are not originally from Europe. They found that 141,000 people, 7% of those who came to the UK under EU rules were born outside the continent. Somalis are one of the biggest such groups, with an estimated 20,000 coming to the UK from the Netherlands alone. Studies show that between one third and a half of the entire Dutch Somali community has moved to the UK.

But why abandon the good life in Sweden, or the Netherlands, to start again from scratch in Britain?

"It's great to have a decent house," I was told by Quman Akli, who was three and a half when her family fled Somalia for Bergen, in North Holland, in 1989. "But also you want more in life than a decent house. You want to be able to progress."

Quman's family had been housed by the Dutch government. She grew up there and spoke Dutch fluently. After finishing school, she would have been entitled to a subsidised university education; even her bus passes would have been paid for by the state.

Instead, in 2003, she told her father Jibril that she wanted to move to Britain, where she would have to pay for university. He wasn't upset – in fact he decided to quit his job in a printing firm and bring the whole family to London.

"I think the UK is more open than other European countries," says Jibril, who is now a London bus driver. He and many other Somalis told me they admired the success of non-white people in Britain – which was conspicuously absent, they felt, on the continent. Jibril mentions the Asian community who came to the UK from Uganda. "They are landlords, they are businessmen, lawyers," he enthuses. "It's amazing."

How should we feel about this admiration of Britain from non-white people across Europe? Some may find it uncomfortable that Jibril and other Somalis I met were partly attracted by the larger number of mosques in Britain. On the other hand, for them, it's often about racism. Quman remembers how well-meaning Dutch people constantly asked her when she was "going home" after 9/11.

"No one has asked me that in London," she says. She enthuses about Britain's education system and the number of minority MPs.

Others are even more direct in their praise. "London has become a place where black people can live," says Kevin Obudako, who was born in Nigeria but came to Britain from Germany. Having been racially taunted when he first got to Germany, he says an awareness of British post-colonial migration drew him here. "You had Nigerians, Jamaicans," he says. "Everyone was accommodated."

Source: Guardian


Algeria terror attack: Extremists quizzed in Birmingham

Counter-Terrorism detectives have been questioning alleged Algerian Islamic extremists in the Midlands after fears that the hostage crisis may have been planned and directed from abroad. 

Special Branch officers from Scotland Yard’s elite SO13 unit are in Birmingham and Leicester in an effort to track down alleged militants with links to an Al Qaida-affiliated group which attacked the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria, killing four British hostages.

Detectives have already questioned a number of men in the region who have previously been under surveillance.

The secret raids centred on addresses in Birmingham and Leicester as the security services executed a shakedown of known extremists.

Detectives are particularly keen to trace an Algerian suspect, who was believed to be living in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham, and is alleged to be a high ranking member of Tafkir-Wal-Hijra, which is associated with Al Qaida.

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Shanette Saysell recalled to prison for racial abuse

problems:  Shanette Saysell.A MUM who unleashed a tirade of racial abuse against two women with a young child, then dropped her trousers, has been sent back to jail.

Shanette June Saysell, 27, of London Road, Gloucester, took offence when the women turned down her request for a cigarette, Stroud Magistrates' Court heard.

"She pulled her jeans and her underwear down, exposing her bottom. She then said: 'Suck this, you white *****'.

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Looks like they changed their minds

'I feel like a stranger where I live’ 06:54

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Met Police officer who downloaded child porn walks free from court

A police officer who downloaded child porn while working for the Met diplomatic squad which protects MPs was spared jail today.

Christopher Exley, 33, kept a stash of 53 indecent images of young children on two laptops and a memory stick at his home.

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Cineworld Milton Keynes Protest held outside cinema against ‘Islamophobic film’

The protest against Vishwaroopam

ANGRY Muslims staged a protest against an allegedly Islamophobic film outside Cineworld last Saturday, writes Charles Crook.

The group were protesting the UK release of the controversial Indian film Vishwaroopam, which is currently showing in British cinemas.

The film has already been banned in two Indian regions and in Muslim countries in South East Asia amid controversy about the way it depicts Muslims as terrorists.

Campaigner Mustapha Zamaan felt the film fuelled negative views against Muslim people and should not be shown in British cinemas.

He said: “We know there’s a number of American films against Muslims but it’s a lot different in Indian culture, where they trust film actors like gods. This worship leads to films like this creating racial tension and that’s why it’s been banned in India. Ideally we want it pulled here too, but we might be a bit late.

“We respect freedom of expression but this film is hate speech that portrays Muslims negatively.”

'Muslim Vigilantes': Video Abuse Victim Found

The victim of a "Muslim vigilante" attack that was filmed and uploaded to YouTube has come forward after a police appeal.

The man was one of a number of people who were harassed on east London streets in a single weekend earlier this month.

Several incidents were filmed and the footage posted online.

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Former Keighley to appear in House of Commons over child grooming

A former West Yorkshire MP who led a campaign against child grooming will appear in the House of Commons today.

Ann Cryer, former Keighley MP, will give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, which is leading a far-reaching inquiry into the issue of child grooming - in particular the alleged failure of Rotherham Borough Council to protect victims.

A report by the local safeguarding children board blamed "deficiencies" among front-line staff.

The former MP, who first publicly raised the issue in 2003, has continued to highlight localised grooming as a problem. The Committee will ask her about the issues she has uncovered in her 10 years of campaigning on the subject and why the experiences of the victims are only now beginning to be understood

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Islamic sign deemed 'obtrusive advert' by Newport council


A man has been told to remove an Islamic sign from the front of his house by Newport council which claims it is an "obtrusive advert".

The Arabic symbols translate as "with the will/grace of God, may God grant him peace, there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger".

Homeowner Mahmood Ali, who wants to illuminate the sign, says the symbols are a blessing on his house in Chepstow Road.

An appeal will be heard next month.

The sign is bright green, plastic and 2m (6ft 7ins) long.

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Al-Qaeda expert's talk on Islam at Reading university

A leading authority on al-Qaeda will be giving a lecture on the ‘The future of the Islamic threat’ at The University of Reading on Wednesday.

Dr Christina Hellmich will speak at the Palmer Building on Whiteknights campus at 8pm.
For more information about lectures and events at the university visit

Stratford men among terror suspects appearing today at Old Bailey

Shajul Islam, aged 26, of Luxembourg Mews, appeared at the Old Bailey on Monday, along with Jubayer Chowdhury, aged 24, of no fixed address charged with unlawful imprisonment of Sunday Times photographer and Dutchman Jeroen Oerlemans.

Mr Cantile and Mr Oerlemans were kidnapped near the Syrian border with Turkey in July of last year.

The pair were handcuffed and held at gunpoint by a rebel army after accidentally stumbling into a terrorist training camp.

Mr Islam and Mr Chowdhury, are said to have been part of the band of rebels.

Islam’s brother Najul, 31, of the same Stratford address as his brother, was arrested last Friday, and accused of helping to bankroll the operation.

He is charged with facilitating an act of terrorism.


30 weeks for Teenager 'used vehicle as a weapon' when he reversed car into PCSO

A TEENAGE motorist has been locked up after he reversed his car, dragging a police community support officer to the ground.

Zakir Ajaib knocked the officer from her feet after she became suspicious that he was smoking cannabis in his vehicle. She banged her head and suffered ligament damage to her wrist and whiplash injuries.

Sending Ajaib, 19, to a young offenders' institution for 30 weeks, Judge John Gosling said: "This officer was doing her job when you ran her down. These injuries could have been much worse but you didn't care."

He said Ajaib, of Crewe Street, Derby, had literally used his vehicle as "a weapon".

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Kosovo’s Serb Christians Face “Rising Attacks” Against Orthodox Sites

Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo struggle with a "sharp rise" in threats and vandalism against their churches and other religious sites.

Serbian churches have been targeted in Kosovo. Since this month's Orthodox Christmas assailants attacked a monastery, set on fire a chapel and wooden crosses, and destroyed over 100 Orthodox tombstones, reported Belgrade-based Balkan rights group Centar 9.

The clashes are linked to anger within Kosovo's mainly Muslim Albanian population about the removal of a memorial to fallen fighters in neighboring Serbia.

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Here We Go Again! Tahrir Square Mob Sexually Assaults 25 Women,Strips 1 Naked,Rapes 1,Cuts Genitals Of 1 With Knife

Amid Egypt's ongoing civil unrest, at least 25 women have been sexually assaulted during clashes in Tahrir Square, according to local women's rights campaigners.

Several cases of sexual assault have been reported from Tahrir Square on Friday, 19 being cases of women being groped, verbally assaulted or raped.

An Egyptian woman less than 20 years old was sexually assaulted on Friday night amidst demonstrations in and around Tahrir. The assault caused cuts on the girl’s genitals.

A spokesperson for Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment (OASH), an activist group that aims to prevent sexual harassment, said the girl has since been released from the hospital.

OASH intervened in 15 of the 19 cases of sexual harassment reported. The encounters occurred between 5 pm 1 am Friday evening.

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EU official: Hezbollah unlikely to get on terrorism blacklist

The EU's top counter-terrorism official has said that Hezbollah might not get onto the Union's blacklist even if it did bomb Jewish tourists in Bulgaria last year.
Gilles de Kerchove told EUobserver that Bulgaria's investigation into the incident is likely to be concluded next month.

US and Israeli officials have said the EU should list the Lebanese militant group if the Bulgarians find it guilty, in a move which would make it illegal for Hezbollah sympathisers in Europe to send it money.

But for De Kerchove, the situation is not so simple.

"First, we need to reach conclusions with strong evidence that it was the military wing of Hezbollah. That's the prerequisite, even in legal terms, but then, as always in the listing process, you need to ask yourself: 'Is this the right thing to do?'," he said.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Threatening to blow up the EDL and you get off

Seems The Two Tier system is still very much alive and well , Mr Mahmood Threatens  to blow up the EDL says he was only joking and  he bascly gets off whit it. The prosecutors are to decide within seven days whether Mahmood should face a retrial. Dont hold your breath.

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But if some one jokes that there are bombs in a mosque ( I know a silly thing to do )

Timothy Bingham told police that mosques in St Mary’s and Groves Road were about to be blown up.

 A Winchester Crown Court Bingham was sentenced to 15 months in prison suspended for two years He was also been ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work and given a six-month curfew.

After the case Fiona Rutherford, for the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Thanks to Hampshire Constabulary, who acted quickly and discreetly Tim Bingham’s reprehensible actions did not have any impact on the community and the potential for widespread alarm and distress was avoided.

“Her Honour Judge Miller said when passing sentence that considerable police time was wasted and she also remarked that it would have been traumatic for the operator who took the call.

“This prosecution should serve as reminder that making a bomb hoax is serious criminal offence, which carries a maximum sentence of seven years.” 

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