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Why do Muslims riot in Sweden? For the same reason they riot every where else...

By: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist

Why do Muslims riot in Sweden? The short answer: For the same reason they riot every where else.

There have been several attempts at explaining the carefully planned Muslim riots and attacks around Stockholm. Poverty and lack of education are broadcast widely as the main causes of what is called intifada in Arab ("rebellion" or "resistance").

Though we may see kidnappings and demands of ransom as every where else in the world with rebelling followers of Islam, the violent Muslim men around Stockholm have not demanded money. Nor have they expressed a wish for free access to universities.

What we do see is a repetition of a pattern that has appeared everywhere in history and the world today, where large numbers of Muslims live in non-Islamic areas: Muslims attacking authorities representing secular non-Islamic laws - often accompanied by their religious slogan "Allahu akbar". While Muslims embrace the rule of home-made sharia courts, patrolling Muslim father groups and religious leaders, police and municipal institutions are attacked still more often, as the Muslims' self confidence and power increases with their growing presence.

It is not only arrogant when well educated people with a steady income claim that too few hours in school or too little kroner in the bank account make people worse citizens. It reveals an immature and one-dimensional view on we complex human beings and denies the well known psychological fact that such powerful factors such as upbringing, background culture and religion play a vital role in people's choices and values.

If it really was true that money makes people peaceful, all rich people would be exemplary human beings and we should fire our armies of social workers who work in vain to make Muslim integration happen, and give their salaries directly to the immigrants, that seem to be just as unhappy and ill-mannered here as in their home countries.

Islam is different
Islam is not a normal religion, since it does not just concern inner beliefs, but also sets the rules for how society must be ruled, including regulations for Muslims and non-Muslims. According to the Quran, man-made laws - democracy - is blasphemic, since only Allah's laws are to rule on Earth. Muslims are destined to rule over infidels, who in a Muslim society can chose between conversion, become second class citizens (dhimmis) paying protection money (jizya) or be killed. Reading the many hateful statements on infidels and direct orders to suppress and kill unbelievers, one does not have to be a psychologist to understand why Muslims rob, rape, abuse and persecute non-Muslims everywhere, also in Sweden.

Since a part of Islam concerns society, Muslims are not fully able to live according to Allah's wishes, unless society follows the guidelines in the sharia. Islamization and jihad against the rule of unbelievers is thus a religious duty.

What surprises many in our modern, secular societies is that Muslims take their religion so much more seriously. Death penalty for conversion, strong social control and fear of Allah's punishment after death for the less obedient have managed to keep Muslim culture on a medieval level while the most of the rest of the world evolved into peaceful high tech egalitarian societies with a much higher appreciation of knowledge than of faith.

It is no coincidence that it is the Muslims, and not any other immigrant group, that behave in such an extraordinarily criminal way. Islam is an unconstitutional religion that orders its followers to violate basic human rights and commit violent crimes. No one should wish to grow up in such culture and be forced to follow the sharia, and it would be an act of compassion to liberate those who do.

Why do Muslims riot in Sweden? For the same reason they riot everywhere else."

French Authorities Have Film Clearly Showing Face of Jihadist Who Attacked French Soldier But Refuse to Publish It

The video appears to suggest that the Paris attack could be inspired by the Islamist murder of a British serviceman in London.

Anti-terrorism investigators now say they have "high quality images" of a "tall, athletic bearded man" aged about 30, possibly of North African origin, praying near the spot where he attacked the 23-year-old soldier from behind with a knife or a box-cutter on Saturday. He then fled into a crowded train station and is still at large.

"He was filmed praying near where the attack took place. After the attack he can be seen leaving the shopping centre of La Défense (business district)," a source close the investigation told Le Parisien.
Source: Telegraph

This article in Le Figaro says the images clearly show the man's face and that they have been distributed to the intelligence services involved in monitoring radical Muslims. But why not publish them so that neighbours and passers-by could help with the search? Obviously because they fear it would generate negative feelings about Muslims. As in so many rape cases in Europe now, where authorities refuse to publish descriptions of the third-world attackers, the government is yet again playing politics with the lives of Europeans. Maintaining support for their mad project of repopulating Europe with Asians and Africans is more important to them than protecting their own people.

A Third of Germans Feel Unsafe When Using Public Transport

Almost a third of public transport users in Germany feel unsafe or threatened at railway stations or bus stops. In the buses and railways themselves almost 1 in 10 regularly feel "not very or not at all safe". That is the result of a representative poll conducted by the opinion research institute Forst that "Welt" has been given advance notice of.
Source: Welt.de Via: Kybeline

There have been many high-profile cases in Germany where Germans were attacked and sometimes beaten to death by Turkish colonists, so it's hardly surprising that Germans are now fearful of public transport. This is the effect of diversity generally, as demonstrated by Robert Putnam. People retreat into their private spaces because those are the only places where they feel comfortable. The domination of public space is also one of the key imperatives of Islam.

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"We will soon be hearing the death throes of the continent as we know it."

Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable


According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar, European softening, together with demographics, is leading to 'abysmal' change. Dr. Avika Libman: Riots start with preachers demanding Muslim state 


Syrian Father Of The Year Nominee

Do they think we are back in the 1940s whit the BBC home service

What the is wrong whit the Government and MSN do they really think that by not reporting news no one will know. Do they think we are back in the 1940s whit the BBC home service as the only source for whats really happening in the UK and the rest of the world or some thing !!!

Sweden total black out of reporting on the riots for the last 6 days as an example, this morning they just could not bring them selfs to say mussies attacked the prison guard, even now on the radio they are still saying inmates.

Wheres the coverage of the France solder that was attacked ?

Would you believe it !! just in as I'm ranting here, seems some jihadist has attacked some one in AUS and the government put a blanket ban on the details 

‘Islam’ on two London war memorials


Vandals daub word 'Islam' on two London war memorials

Riots put Sweden's open-door immigration policy in spotlight

Sweden's worst riots in years might benefit a far-right party in elections next year if scenes of immigrants burning cars and smashing up buildings cause voters to rethink their traditional welcome to foreigners.

Even before the week of riots in the poorer neighbourhoods of Stockholm, immigration had become a hot political issue, as the number of asylum seekers reached record levels.


‘UK media censor Sweden riots’

The British media have suspiciously censored the ongoing unrest in Sweden and the situation of the immigrants in the European country, a British political analyst has said.

Riots have ripped through Swedish cities since a week ago when the police shot dead a 69-year-old man who had locked himself up in an apartment building in western Stockholm.

The incident outraged youths from immigrant backgrounds who say the government discriminates against them despite Sweden priding itself on being an emblem of social justice.

Carol Gould said in an interview with Press TV that “there has been virtually no coverage whatsoever in Great Britain on any of the networks of what’s going on in Sweden”.

Gould said the reason may be that Sweden has a huge population of immigrants just like Britain and the rioters are unhappy because they are facing social discrimination just like immigrants in Britain.

He added the British officials apparently “don’t want to generate even more unrest amongst an already unhappy immigrant population in UK” as the Swedish situation suggests that there is “a very strong social divide”, which could be also the case in Britain.

Gould also stressed that “there are parallels to be drawn” between Sweden and Britain as both of them have lowered taxes for the rich and cut the welfare benefits, “so, there are a lot of economic inequities in Sweden that are getting bigger and bigger, wider and wider,” that is also the case in Britain.

By Andy Lines Woolwich attack: Crazed extremists batter prison guard in assault sparked by death of Drummer Lee Rigby

Prison staff feared their colleague, locked in a room and being attacked by crazed extremists, was facing the same gruesome death as murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

The terrified officer, in his 30s, was finally freed by a specialist riot squad who stormed the room where he was held for five hours and beaten mercilessly by the extremists, who told him he would die.

And the vicious assault was sparked by a simple call from a prison imam to pray for drummer Lee who was butchered in the street last week near his barracks in Woolwich, South East London.

The ringleader of the prison attack flew into a rage at the request, insisting the 25-year-old’s murder was justified.

Recruiting two fellow Muslims, an African-born fanatic and a British convert, they kidnapped the guard on Sunday and bundled him into a cleaning room at Full Sutton jail near York.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Security probe worries London’s Muslim community

London’s Muslim leaders are expressing concern as national security investigators probe figures believed to have promoted extreme Islamic views.

Dr. Hassan Mosfafa, chairman of the London-based Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, is among those worried about the image being painted.

“It is more and more of a recurring issue,” Mosfafa said. “Whether it is 911, the Boston bombings or any geopolitical event that involves religion, it winds up on our doorstep.”

Coined Project Scupper, the national investigation aims to identify local places and people that may have played a role in radicalizing youths. The community has been in the spotlight since the RCMP confirmed in April that two Londoners were among 29 militants who laid siege on an Algerian gas plant.

At least two others are believed to have traveled overseas with the pair.


Have admit i was hoping it would go bang

Islamophobia or Infidelophobia?

Hate cleric Anjem Choudary: Okla. tornado a ‘soldier of Allah’ sent to punish ‘oppression of Muslims’

British hate preacher and Shariah-pimp Anjem Choudary frequently calls for jihad against non-Muslims. In March, the Islamist said he’d like Barack Obama and David Cameron to be killed.

And the hate keeps on comin’.

Following Monday’s deadly tornado in Oklahoma, Choudary called the devastation “a lesson for Americans.” (Editor’s note: The account is not verified, but has been reported as authentic.)


‘Multiculturalism failing’: Stockholm suburbs enflamed with riots for days, Swedish PM calls to get neighborhoods ‘back’

Hundreds youths hurling rocks, burning cars and smashing windows for the second day in a row in Stockholm say they are protesting against police brutality and inequality. In Sweden, critics of the multiculturalism policies lash out at immigration laws.

Seven policemen were injured, at least ten cars and countless containers set on fire, and dozens of windows smashed in several heavily immigrant-populated neighborhoods of the Swedish capital on Tuesday.

The police said some 300 people are now taking part in riots, which started in protest against the shooting of a man allegedly armed with a knife in the Stockholm district of Husby. The protesters also cited beatings and ‘discriminative’ derogatory remarks of the officers.


Let's watch the Yutes Burn Stockholm...

LIVE TV: Riots continue in Fittja and now car fires at Tensta School 

video link 

54 British child-sex gangs probed in police crackdown

The former Attorney General, Lord Morris of Aberavon, said yesterday that at least 27 police forces were investigating 54 gangs.

The Labour peer warned that fear of racist accusations and “collective amnesia” may have prevented speedier prosecutions in the past.

More than 2,400 young people had been identified as victims of sexual exploitation by gangs between August 2010 and October 2011, the Lords were told.

The revelations come after seven members of a sex grooming ring in Oxford were convicted this month of abusing children.


He asked: “Is it collective amnesia that has blinded us to the underlying circumstances, whereby at least 27 police forces are investigating 54 alleged child grooming gangs?

“Why has investigating and prosecuting in so many different parts of the country taken so much time? “Is it the fear of racialism, or is it the fact that many of these vulnerable girls come from care homes?”

New law bans 'Christmas' for Asturias kids

Schoolchildren in the northern Spanish region of Asturias will no longer be able to call Christmas by its name now that a new law passed by the local education ministry prohibits the use of “religious” terms in the classroom when referring to the December and spring holidays. 


Sunday, 19 May 2013

"Crucified Again Exposing Islam's New War on Christians"

The "Free Syrian Army" Has a Brigade Called "Osama bin Laden", Same FSA that West Wants to Arm

European powers fund Al Qaeda looting of Syrian oil

According to a report yesterday in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, the European Union (EU) is directly funding US-backed Sunni Islamist terrorist groups fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. These groups are looting oil in parts of eastern Syria that they control and then re-selling it to EU countries at rock-bottom prices.

The Guardian writes: “The EU decision to lift Syrian oil sanctions to aid the opposition has accelerated a scramble for control over wells and pipelines in rebel-held areas and helped consolidate the grip of jihadist groups over the country’s key resources.”


Police, locals deny claim part of The Hague is a 'Sharia triangle'

‘We have had no indications that there is a sort of sharia police,’ ‘That is not to say it does not happen, but we are unaware of it.

Not exactly reassuring coming from your chief of police...

Claim by newspaper Trouw that part of The Hague’s Schilderswijk district is so dominated by orthodox Muslims that they are dictating what people should wear and how they should behave, have been denied by both police and local politicians.

Under the headline ‘Hague district is orthodox Muslim territory’, Trouw said ‘short skirts and dresses are not accepted on the street’.

The paper said the area, with a population of some 5,000, is known by locals as ‘The Sharia Triangle’. 'Very slowly, the rules in the area are beginning to change,' the article said. 'The norms of the majority are beginning to take over.'


Mother of Oxford sex gang pair blames their victims !!!

The mother of two members of the Oxford child sex abuse gang has blamed the schoolgirls for the ordeal they suffered, saying ‘they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys’.

She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent after they were found guilty of a catalogue of vile offences last week.

Mrs Dogar, believed to be called Bashira, accused the police, social services and the girls themselves of being complicit in creating Britain’s ‘grooming culture’.



This Is What Tyranny Looks Like

Here is a woman we will need to learn much more about in the coming weeks. Sarah Hall Ingram is a highly valued employee at the IRS. In the last three years she has received $103,390 in bonuses for her excellent work.

She was the Commissioner of the Tax-Exempt and Government Entitles Division. Under her leadership, groups that expressed a fear of large, out-of-control government were systematically crushed by her branch of our large, out-of-control government. They were specifically singled out for harassment for political reasons. Secret information about the conservative applicants was leaked to leftist opposition groups to facilitate further harassment.

Rise of Radical Islam in Russia "The Danger Grows"

Oxford grooming ring was race-hate gang rape

Having seen how our gutless authorities operate, they knew they could defile white girls however and wherever they chose

 Why did only one Muslim cleric have the guts to say it? Why was everyone else scared to? Why are they STILL scared to?

And why – even after all the sickening stories of those Oxford schoolgirls having babies aborted with hooks, being repeatedly gang-raped, beaten, branded and burned with cigarettes – are people STILL shying away from saying exactly what kind of crimes these are?

Because what happened to these girls can’t just be chucked in the box marked “general sex crimes”. 


Imam: ‘Sack liberal cowards’

AN IMAM says police and social workers who tip-toe around the issue of Muslim sex grooming gangs should be sacked.

Taj Hargey, Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, said: “What we have is white liberal cowardice and Muslims burying their heads in the sand.


More than 500 imams in landmark gay marriage protest

More than 500 imams have joined forces to protest against David Cameron’s plans for gay marriage in an unprecedented intervention from the British Muslim community. 


Islam to be dominant UK religion: Report

A new analysis shows that Christianity in Britain is losing ground to Islam.

Islam could overtake Christianity as the dominant religion in Britain in ten years for first time, a fresh analysis of the 2011 census suggests.

According to a report published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people following the Christian faith in the UK has fallen from 71.7 percent in 2001 to 59.3 percent in 2011.

The total number Christians in England and Wales dropped by 4.1 million to 33.2 million over the past ten years.

The decline could suggest that only a minority of people in Britain will describe themselves as Christians within the next decade.

The analysis also showed that one in 10 under 25s in Britain is now a Muslim.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that while nearly half (48 percent) of British Muslims are aged under 25, almost a quarter of Christians are over 65.

Executive director of the National Secular Society Keith Porteous Wood said that Christianity may be unattractive to young people as it “lacks relevance to their lives”.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Census analysis shows Christianity in dramatic decline, and a youthful Muslim population on the rise

According to census data analysis published yesterday, the number of British-born Christians is falling significantly, whilst the number of young Muslims is on the rise.

The figures suggest Christianity is in long-term decline in the UK; there are 5.3 million fewer British-born people describing themselves as Christians, representing a decline of 15% in just a decade, despite a growth in the overall population, calling into question the establishment of the Church of England.


Collision! Free Speech and Religion

The new 18 minute documentary program, written and presented by Danish Human Rights Lawyer, Jacob Mchangama, focuses on one of the defining issues of our time; the global battle of values over the relationship between free speech and religious sensitivities. Recent years have seen increasing demands that free speech should be limited to respect religious feelings. In a globalized world this conflict has become explosive as cartoons published in Denmark and videos uploaded in America have led to violent riots from Cairo to Karachi. The outcome of this battle, says Mchangama, will have profound consequences for the ability of people everywhere to freely express themselves and follow their beliefs.

Video Link

‘White scum’ rant racist Solomon Makhathoela walks free

 A RACIST churchman who told a shocked mother her kids “would be shot and hung” in his country walked free from court yesterday.

South African pastor Solomon Makhathoela branded neighbour Catherine Kerr “white scum” after learning the mum-of-two was unwed.

And the crazed bigot told her fiancé Alan Brown it was a “f****** disgrace” they had kids.

But Makhathoela escaped with a telling off at Stirling Sheriff Court despite being found guilty of racially aggravated abuse.

Last night Alan, 28, fumed: “I’m sure the courts would have dealt with me more harshly if it had been the other way round.

“The guy is worse than the devil. It’s a living hell having him above us and he gets off with not even a slap on the wrist.”


Solomon Makhathoela

Flypast marks Dambusters 70th anniversary

Thursday, 16 May 2013

UK Christianity faces catastrophic collapse 'after decade of immigration'

 New analysis of the 2011 census shows that a decade of mass immigration helped mask the scale of decline in Christian affiliation among the British-born population.

Christianity declining 50pc faster than thought – as one in 10 under-25s is a Muslim

 Dr Fraser Watts, a Cambridge theologian, said it was “entirely possible” the people identifying themselves as Christians could become a minority within the next decade on the basis of the figures. “It is still pretty striking and it is a worrying trend and confirms what anyone can observe that on many churches the majority of the congregation are over 60,” he said.


Admissions warning as Catholic school puts faith before family

 Non-Catholic children may be rejected from their sibling’s school after governors agreed to give Catholic families top priority.

Sacred Heart Primary School, in St Mark’s Road, Teddington, told non-Catholic parents their younger children may not be accepted in the future because of an obligation to prioritise by faith when it is oversubscribed.

The rule is contained in a Diocesan Trust Deed, in which the school said there was no scope for change.

Most other schools give priority to siblings of existing students regardless of faith and spare parents the difficulty of having children at different schools.


"Dumped pig's head was the worst insult.... and it came from another Muslim"

 A Muslim dad-of-six has spoken for the first time of suffering the “worst insult” – after a severed pig’s head was dumped on his driveway .
Shafique Rehman told the Birmingham Mail he could never forgive the terrible slur on his religion inflicted by Ehtisham Badar – believed to be a fellow Muslim.

“It is prohibited for a Muslim to even look at a pig, let alone touch one,” Mr Rehman said. “It is an unclean beast.

“What happened was the worst insult.

“To discover it was carried out by a fellow Muslim makes what happened even more shocking.

“He has let himself, his family and the Muslim community down.”


Imams promote grooming rings’, Muslim leader claims

The Oxford grooming ring was promoted by imams who encourage followers to think white women deserve to be “punished”, an Islamic leader has claimed. 

 The Oxford grooming ring was promoted by imams who encourage followers to think white women deserve to be “punished”, an Islamic leader has claimed.

    Dr Taj Hargey, imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, said race and religion were inextricably linked to the recent spate of grooming rings in which Muslim men have targeted under-age white girls.

    Earlier this week seven members of a child sex ring from Oxford were found guilty of forcing under age girls to commit acts of “extreme depravity”.

    Their victims, aged between 11 and 15, were groomed and plied with alcohol and drugs before being sexually assaulted and forced into prostitution. They targeted “out of control” teenagers.

    Dr Hargey said that the case brought shame on the city and the community and is a set back for cross community harmony.

    But worse still is the refusal to face up to its realities, he wrote in the Daily Mail.

    The activities of the Oxford sex ring are “bound up with religion and race” because all the men – though of different nationalities – were Muslim and they “deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls, whom they appeared to regard as ‘easy meat’, to use one of their revealing, racist phrases”, Dr Hargey said.

    That attitude has been promoted by religious leaders, he believes. “On one level, most imams in the UK are simply using their puritanical sermons to promote the wearing of the hijab and even the burka among their female adherents. But the dire result can be the brutish misogyny we see in the Oxford sex ring.”

    People tiptoe around the issues and refuse to discuss the problems exposed by the scandals such as those “from Rochdale to Oxford, and Telford to Derby”, he wrote.

    In all cases the perpetrators were Muslim men and the victims were under age white girls.

    To pretend it is not a problem is the Islamic community is “ideological denial”, Dr Hargey said.

    “But then part of the reason this scandal happened at all is precisely because of such politically correct thinking. All the agencies of the state, including the police, the social services and the care system, seemed eager to ignore the sickening exploitation that was happening before their eyes.

    “Terrified of accusations of racism, desperate not to undermine the official creed of cultural diversity, they took no action against obvious abuse.”

    The men were allowed, he said, to come and go from care homes by the authorities, and if the situation had been reversed with gangs of white men preying on Muslim teenagers ”the state’s agencies would have acted with greater alacrity.”

    True Islam preaches respect for women but in mosques across the country a different doctrine is preached – “one that denigrates all women, but treats whites with particular contempt,” the Imam said.

    The men are taught that women are “second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority,” he claims in the column.

    “The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent, and sleazy — sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers.

    “Their dress code, from miniskirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded.”

    Such cases can only be prevented in the future if Britain abandons the blinkers of political correctness, he concludes.

Muslims attending the German Islam Conference were apparently offended by the insinuation that Islam could be radical or violent.

A major conference on German-Muslim relations has ended in failure after Muslims attending the event refused to acknowledge the government's concerns about the threats to security posed by radical Islam.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich had wanted the eighth annual German Islam Conference, held in Berlin on May 7, to focus on finding ways the government could work together with "moderate" Muslims in Germany to combat Islamism and extremism.

But Muslims attending the gathering were apparently offended by the insinuation that Islam could be radical or violent, and demanded instead that the German government take steps to make "Islam equal to Christianity" in Germany.


France: Priest Beaten By Muslim

The day after the attack on Father Grégoire, Monsignor Cattenoz has spoken out strongly and denounces "people of the Muslim faith taking control of the district". The facts are taking on a political/religious dimension...

On Monday at around 8 pm, Father Grégoire from the parish of Saint-Jean was attacked by an individual. Struck on the face, the priest was unconscious on the ground until two other members of the parish arrived. This Tuesday morning at around 11 am, Monsignor Cattenoz, Archbishop of Avignon, denounced growing insecurity in the district of Saint-Ruf (while the local authority official in charge of public safety claims instead that there has been a decrease in crime in this sector), as well as the proliferation of thefts and threats towards members of the parish.

The leader of the Catholics in Vaucluse went even further: "People of the Muslim faith have progressively taken control of this district"... before proposing to create a committee bringing together representatives of the main religions, in order to calm the situation.

The Avignonnese Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council of the Muslim Religion, also wants to calm things down: "Before highlighting adherence to one or another religion, we need to see if the attack was accompanied by words or gestures associated with the religion. Giving it a religious dimension seems counter-productive to me."

Meanwhile, politicians have not been slow to react.

The mayor of Avignon Marie-Josée Roig (UMP) said he was "dismayed by this indescribable act", recalling that "our republican compact cannot tolerate such violent acts perpetrated by some who have an unbearable sense of impunity". the deputy mayor of Orange Jacques Bompard (Ligue du Sud) [League of the South] calls it an "act of racism (in the sense of the penal code) with regard to a Catholic priest, which is also the consequence of the hatred which a certain Islamism propagates with regards to everything that is French and Christian."
Source: Le Dauphine 

Turkish men hospitalized after drinking camel's milk, urine

Two Turkish men were hospitalized on arrival to Turkey after drinking camel's milk and urine while on an umrah visit, daily Hürriyet reported.

The men believed the camel's milk and urine to be good for health, claiming it was written in a hadith. An imam, according to the Turkish men, also drank the milk and urine with them.

The visitors were hospitalized due to high fever and unusual levels of liver enzymes. Further tests revealed that the two men had been infected with the "alkhurma" virus, reportedly catching the virus from the milk. 


Hürriyet photo

15-year-old convert to Islam, whose father is British, left home after "marrying" a 28-year-old Muslim man “over the phone"

French police have charged seven men with removing a child from her parents’ care, after a 15-year-old convert to Islam, whose father is British, left home after "marrying" a 28-year-old Muslim man “over the phone".


Dutch police criticised for allegedly helping two underage Muslims to marry

Police in Amsterdam were under fire last night for allegedly helping two young underage Muslims to marry in the Netherlands – so the bride could avoid being sent back to her family’s native Pakistan for a traditional arranged marriage to her cousin.

Although they denied last night that they had acted as “wedding planners” or even as “mediators”, a police spokesman confirmed that the girl had been collected by officers “directly from school” and delivered under escort to the secret location where the wedding had taken place.

The ages of the couple have not been revealed


British official said the U.K. would pledge 128 million pounds ($195 million) to help make Mali and the broader Sahel region more secure

A list of the pledges was not immediately released. But French President Francois Hollande said his country would contribute 280 million euros ($363.3 million). Germany committed 100 million euros to the project, to be paid out through 2014 provided Mali's planned elections take place.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the Obama administration would ask Congress for $180 million in funding for Mali in 2014, after the elections.

And a British official said the U.K. would pledge 128 million pounds ($195 million) to help make Mali and the broader Sahel region more secure — but it was unclear how much of that was specifically for Mali.

The day before the conference, the European Union had announced it would give 520 million euros ($674.8 million ) over the next two years — more than one-quarter of the amount sought.



Town votes against flying St George's flag as it might be 'offensive' to Muslims

A RURAL town council was yesterday branded "outrageous" and "ignorant" after voting against flying the flag of St George because of its links to the Crusades - claiming it might be 'offensive' to Muslims.

The extraordinary ban has been imposed in Labour-dominated Radstock, Somerset, despite the town having just 16 Muslims within its population of 5,620.

The ruling came after a councillor on the local authority said the red and white emblem could still cause upset because it was used during the Crusades - a thousand years ago.

Eleanor Jackson, a university lecturer and Labour councillor, said: "My big problem is that it is offensive to some Muslims, but even more so that it has been hijacked by the far right.

"My thoughts are we ought to drop it for 20 years. 




Eleanor Jackson


 Should England still be ashamed of it's history? http://www.lbc.co.uk/duncan-barkes-blog-46117/entry/130/9547


The Oxford sex ring and the preachers who teach young Muslim men that white girls are cheap

The terrible story of the Oxford child sex ring has brought shame not only on the city of dreaming spires, but also on the local Muslim community.

It is a sense of repulsion and outrage that I feel particularly strongly, working as a Muslim leader and Imam in this neighbourhood and trying  to promote genuine  cultural integration.

There is no doubt that the evil deeds of these men have badly set back the cause of cross-community harmony.

In its harrowing details, this grim saga of exploitation, misogyny, perversion and cruelty fills me not only with desperate sorrow for those girls and their families, but also with dread and despair.


UK’s ‘dirtiest’ guest house used by gang


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Missed chances to halt sex gang: Police and social workers apologise to girls tortured by 'medieval' predators

Catastrophic failings by police and social services allowed a child sex ring to sexually torture girls as young as 11 for eight years.

Victims repeatedly told officers they had been raped or abused by the vicious and ‘medieval’ predators – but no action was taken.

Last night – after the abusers were convicted at the Old Bailey – the police and social services apologised for failing to answer the girls’ desperate pleas for help.

The gang groomed more than 50 vulnerable youngsters before selling them for sex around the country.


Ooops... Islamists protesting for implementation of blasphemy laws torch Qur'ans

Moulana Abul Khayer, an imam at a mosque in northern Dinajpur district, told Khabar that the protestors' actions would be grounds for execution under the very blasphemy law they are seeking.

"Islam never condones violence and extremism," he said.


Islamic Sunni-Shiite Holy War Breaks Out in… London

The collapse of American power under Obama has increased attacks on America, but it also really increased Muslim attacks on each other, as the jackals of Islam fight over the Middle East. Similarly the collapse of European power has led to Islamic incursions, but more jackals fighting over power.

Here Anjem Choudary of Sharia4UK and similar groups, and his Salafist cronies clash violently with Shiites. Anjem and his four lions are out to support Syrian Jihadists while denouncing Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. But they run into some supporters of the Shiite gang, words are exchanged and some punches are thrown…

While the EDL gets hit by police every time it comes out, the police don’t really seem to be making arrests despite an outbreak of violence.


Mohammed Osman will be sentenced in Cyprus today for stabbing to death a soldier from Manchester.

Fusilier David Collins, who was 19 and from Chorlton, died after a fight broke out in a nightclub in the resort of Ayia Napa last November.

He was stabbed the day before he was due to fly out to Afghanistan.


Rape attack foiled when Holloway residents hear woman’s screams and come to her rescue

The 30-year-old victim was on her way home from the Big Red pub in Holloway Road on Sunday, May 5 at about 2.20am.

As she walked past Loraine Mansions in Widdenham Road, a man pushed her into a front garden, put his hand over her mouth and tried to rape her.

People living in the area heard her cries and managed to scare off the attacker, who fled towards Quemerford Road.

Police are now hunting the man, who is thought to have been involved in another attempted assault in Camden Road shortly before this attack.



Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Muslim peer quits UK’s Labour Party

British politician Lord Nazir Ahmed has quit Labour party after attributing his prison sentence to pressure applied on the court by Jews œwho own newspapers and television channels,” local media reports.

The 55-year-old Labor MP, who became one of the first Muslim peers in the UK after former Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed him in 1998, was jailed in 2009 after he killed a motorist when sending text messages while driving.

Nargess Moballeghi, Press TV™s correspondent in London, asked Lord Ahmed earlier about his decision to step down from Labour party.

œThis was a very difficulty step, I™m very hurt, because I™ve been a member of the Labour party for 38 years, a party I have represented locally as well as nationally and regionally that I™ve been very proud of”, said the Lord desperately.

Press TV™s correspondent asked the Lord if there were any evidence to affirm claims against him.


no matter what job or how you dress them up the ideology still comes through

CCTV image released by police investigating indecent assault in Watford town centre

 Police have released CCTV images of a man after a woman was indecently assaulted in Watford town centre.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said the victim was followed across the ring road as she walked out of the town centre at 6pm on March 8.

The woman was then touched inappropriately while she made her way down Exchange Road.

The suspect is said to have made off down Estcourt Road towards Watford Junction.


CCTV image released by police investigating indecent assault

Cornwall councillor Collin Brewer who likened disabled children to deformed animals

Cornwall councillor Collin Brewer who likened disabled children to deformed animals that should be put down to be investigated by police over controversial comments

 'If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. Bang.'


Cornwall councillor Collin Brewer, whose comments on disabled children have caused a storm of criticism

Local election 2013: 'Put disabled down' councillor re-elected in Cornwall


Seven men have been convicted of one of Britain's most serious cases of child exploitation and abuse.

the men were found guilty of 59 charges, including 38 counts of rape, nine counts of arranging prostitution and five counts of trafficking.

The court heard that victims were girls aged between 11 and 15, and were drugged as they faced horrific abuse including rape, chocking, branding with a hot wire and death threats.

Friends of the men paid to take part in the abuse.

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Morton described the men as "vile predators" and stressed how important it is to stamp out such "horrific crimes".

"Those that have been found guilty groom, corrupt, isolate and sexually abuse their victims to the point of torture in some cases," he said.

Life under Sharia law

You can't make this up, it;s like a very sick joke

Iran to chair U.N. disarmament conference

“This is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of a women’s shelter,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, the Geneva based non-governmental organization, which announced it will hold protest events outside the UN hall featuring Iranian dissidents.


More and More Europeans Are Flying to Syria to Fight Assad

Syria is currently stuck in a torturous stalemate of prolonged fighting and death that has no sign of any realistic outcome. And while most European governments have remained vocal supporters of the revolution against Bashar al-Assad, they've all stopped short of sending in ground reinforcements to help push the increasingly dire situation forward.

Now, as the conflict rolls into its third year, a new wave of young Europeans are going all For Whom the Bell Tolls and leaving their homes behind to lend Syria's rebels some vigilante assistance. But while these ideological crusades may sound noble, experts warn that the young men flying off to fight for what they consider to be Syria's freedom could return radicalised and dangerous.


Boris Johnson has accused British workers of "sloth" and blamed a culture of "easy gratification" for the UK's economic woes.

Writing in the The Telegraph, for which he earns around £5,000 for each weekly column, Johnson said voters were partly responsible for the country falling behind rival European nations, like Germany.

The Mayor of London said: "We would have to recognise that most of our problems are not caused by "Bwussels", but by chronic British short-termism, inadequate management, sloth, low skills, a culture of easy gratification and under-investment in both human and physical capital and infrastructure."

Britain had failed to measure up to the top performers on the continent for decades, he claimed.


Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come... and made it hard for Britons to get work, says Mandelson

Labour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, Lord Mandelson has admitted.

In a stunning confirmation that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration, the former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers.

He also conceded that the influx of arrivals meant the party’s traditional supporters are now unable to find work.

By contrast, Labour leader Ed Miliband has said his party got it wrong on immigration but has refused to admit it was too high under Labour.



Brown attacks Tory 'Enoch Powell' immigration policy


Tory MP backs Bill to curb growth of Sharia courts

An MP has praised a cross-bench Peer’s attempts to curb the growth of quasi-legal systems in the UK, which discriminate against women.

Tory MP Kris Hopkins said Baroness Caroline Cox is doing “exceptional” work in the House of Lords, through her Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill.

There are an estimated 85 Sharia courts operating in the UK, and many are believed to discriminate against women and back polygamy.


I do... for now. UK Muslims revive temporary marriages

The temporary marriage, or nikah mut'ah, is an ancient Islamic practice that unites man and woman as husband and wife for a limited time. Historically it was used so that a man could have a wife for a short while when travelling long distances. So why are young British Muslims adopting the practice now?

"It allowed us to meet without breaking the bounds of Sharia [Islamic law]. We both wanted to date, to go out for dinner or go shopping and just get to know each other better before getting married, which we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise," says Sara.

The mut'ah is particularly popular on university campuses and, according to Omar Farooq Khan, president of the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society at Bradford University, the practice is on the increase among Shia students.


Muslim prayer centre sparks parking fears

A new Muslim prayer centre planned for a the site of a former register office in Shrewsbury would cause huge parking problems, according to residents.

People living near Shirehall have raised fears about congestion and safety should the plans for Column Lodge in Preston Street get the go-ahead. Up to 50 people could use the building at peak times according to a planning report – despite there only being three parking spaces on the site.

Shropshire Council sold the former school to the Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society for £215,000. Society members now want to turn the building into a Muslim prayer centre and community room and plans have been submitted to change its use to a day care centre and place of worship.



Ken Livingstone’s favourite Islamist spreads Jew-hatred in Gaza

“Our whole ambition is to die on the path to Allah… I am sure we will conquer” said Ken Livingstone’s favourite Muslim cleric, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, as he touched down in Gaza on Wednesday for a three day solidarity visit. Before he left on Friday he told a Muslim Brotherhood rally that Israel had no right to exist. 

The rally was the scene of mass chanting of "liberate Palestine … from the sons of monkeys and pigs".
If all that was depressingly predictable, less so, was the range of voices opposed to Qaradawi's cult of death.


‘New mosque will serve whole community’

The former corporate HQ building on Sutton Seeds roundabout has been purchased by Jamme Masjid Reading which expects hundreds to attend the busy Friday lunchtime prayers.

Members of the Jamme Masjid say the new Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre will relieve pressure on the existing Alexandra Road mosque and be able to accommodate male and female Muslims.

“We have no objection to race, religion or anything. Our only objective is to provide a facility for the community as well as a bigger space for prayers.”



Monday, 13 May 2013

Woman Gang-Raped By Muslims, Jailed For 8 Months Because Her Rapists Weren’t Her Husband

Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, sometimes called the “shopping capital” of the Middle East is also boasted as one of the world’s top transit spots. While Dubai may have a healthy economy there is still a dark side. Australian Alicia Gali discovered just how dark it could be living under sharia law.
Gali took a job in the UAE with one of the world’s biggest hotel chains, Starwood. What happened next makes this story a must-watch for every Woman planning on travelling through the region. 
Gali was using her laptop in the hotel’s staff bar when her drink was spiked. She awoke to a nightmare beyond belief: she had been savagely raped by three of her colleagues. Alone and frightened, she took herself to hospital. 
What Alicia didn’t know is that under the UAE’s strict sharia laws, if the perpetrator does not confess, a rape cannot be convicted without four adult Muslim male witnesses. She was charged with having illicit sex outside marriage, and thrown in a filthy jail cell for eight months.

Video link

Egyptian man disguised as woman is harassed

 Waleed Hammad dressed conservatively for his secret mission into the world of sexual harassment and abuse on the streets of Cairo, donning a long tan skirt and sleeved shirt, and at times covering his head like many Egyptian women.

The 24-year-old actor walked the sidewalks, hidden cameras in tow, for an investigative television report, hoping the broadcast would enlighten national debate about how to combat deep-rooted day-to-day sexual harassment and abuse in this patriarchal society.

Initiatives to counter the problem have mushroomed in recent months. Vigilantes groups have started protecting women at gatherings, particularly at large protests or during national holidays when groping and harassment in crowds is at an all-time high. Activists have offered self-defense classes for women. Social network sites have been started where women can "name and shame" their harassers.

In this undated image made from video released by the producers of "Awel el Kheit," or "the Thread," which aired in May 2013 on the private TV station ONTV, Waleed Hammad walks in a busy shopping district in Cairo, Egypt, dressed as a woman, as a hidden camera crew films him for an investigative story on sexual harassment. The 24-year-old actor dressed conservatively for his mission into the secret world of sexual harassment and abuse on the streets of Cairo, donning a long skirt and sleeved shirt and covering his head like many Egyptian women. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Awel el Kheit)
Egyptian man disguised as woman gets sexually harassed - and he ain't exactly convincing if ya know what I mean


THOUSANDS of immigrants are getting access to UK state handouts as soon as they arrive thanks to an EU loophole.

In the past five years 100,000 wives, husbands and children of EU citizens have moved to Britain under a lax system that bypasses rules for Brits.

British people who want close family from outside Europe to move to the UK have to prove they earn around £18,000 a year before they get visas.

But separate rules for EU citizens mean they do not have to bring in the same wages before flying in relatives. They then get the same right to benefits as unemployed Brits.


It is absurd that EU citizens should be in a more favourable position than our own citizens.
 Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch


A tragic phenomenon which is taking a terrible toll on everyone involved.

There is a dire phenomenon rising in Europe that is crippling entire societies and yet the continent sleeps, refusing not only to confront the destructive elephant in the room, but also to admit its very existence.

The troubling reality being referred to is the widespread practice of Muslim inbreeding and the birth defects and social ills that it spawns.

The tragic effect of the Left’s control of the boundaries of debate is that any discussion about vital issues such as these marks an individual as an “Islamophobe” and a “racist."

A person who dares to point at the pathology of inbreeding in the Muslim community is accused of whipping up hatred against Muslim people.


Ahmed Abassi's New York terror plot: airborne or waterborne bacterial attack

Mohammed Butt strangled a woman in her 20s and held a pillow over her face as he raped her for up to an hour

Rapist, 26, gets four years' prison for 'extremely vicious' robberies

A MAN serving life for rape has appeared at court to face justice for two violent robberies he committed days before the sickening attack.

Mohammed Butt strangled a woman in her 20s and held a pillow over her face as he raped her for up to an hour last July. He was handed an indeterminate term of imprisonment for public protection.

On Friday, Butt was back at Bristol Crown Court to hear prosecutors say he carried out the two robberies in Stokes Croft on June 27 and July 1 – a few days before the rape on July 8.



UKIP have made the rest wake up to immigration doubts not making you a racist

Suddenly, our politicians get that people are angry and upset about immigration and it doesn’t mean they’re racists

 Funny how times change. Just 12 months ago anyone who publicly objected to uncontrolled immigration was branded a racist/a little Englander/small-minded/anti-progress.

And most of those accusations came from our own politicians and the cultural elite who for years have refused to see the effect open-door immigration was having on ordinary people.

And the reason they didn’t see it was that it didn’t impact on THEIR lives, their medical services or on the streets where they lived.

Now, thanks to the Farage Effect, politicians of all colours can’t wait to scream how suddenly they recognise immigration is a problem, that it happened too fast and too furiously, that numbers must now be limited.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hunt for vicious attacker who preys on elderly men in their homes

A violent robber who targets vulnerable and elderly victims in Bradford is being hunted by detectives. 

The robber, who dresses in traditional Muslim clothing, is thought to be responsible for two attacks in Manningham and is being linked to three similar incidents which took place last year.

Police today released an e-fit and CCTV images of a man they urgently want to trace in connection with the despicable offences.


The E-fit image of the man wanted by police

Shock as 84 schools have NO white British pupils at all... double the number of five years ago

More than 80 state schools in England have no white British pupils, Government figures show.

The number of such schools appears to have more than doubled over the past five years, and the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated.

The new figures follow research showing that white Britons are retreating from areas dominated by ethnic minorities, to be replaced by immigrants and other ethnic minorities.

‘In the longer term, this is bound to effect the cohesion of our society as a whole.’


What if these Paki Muslim kids have no ambitions to be “brilliant British people”one day and just want to be good Muslims like the execrable “Lord Ahmed” and the Islam-promotin’ curry princess Warsi? What if their highest goals in life is not becoming loyal British subjects of the Queen but jihadists who fight in the way of allah to make his religion the law of the land? What if these Paki Muslims see their highest goal in what the Koran demands of them?