Sunday, 31 March 2013

Targeted attack: Tennis ball packed with explosives lobbed at school


The principal of a private secondary school in Ittehad Town was killed and several children, including his daughter, were injured after an attack and shooting at the school on Saturday morning.

Nation Secondary School principal, 45-year-old Abdul Rasheed Khan, was also the vice-president of Awami National Party’s district west. The school is located in Baldia Ittehad Town’s Rehmania Muhalla, considered a Taliban stronghold.

Even though it was the weekend, the school was open for its annual result day. A prize-distribution ceremony was taking place for the position holders and nearly 500 students had gathered when the explosion took place.

According to witnesses, a young man in shalwar kameez and a light beard threw an explosive device and then started firing indiscriminately. “The magic show was going on when the blast occurred,” said Gul Khair Ali, a school employee who was injured in the firing. “First we thought that the loud bang was part of the magic show. Then the firing started and then we couldn’t figure out what happened.”


Luxembourg Warns of Investor Flight from Europe

In Luxembourg, leaders are warning that applying the Cypriot bailout model -- a levy on bank deposits -- to other crisis-plagued countries could lead to a flight of investors from Europe. But the EU is considering the option anyway.


Melilla: Muslims Mock Virgin Mary and Start Fight During Holy Week Procession

The solemnity and devotion of the night of Good Friday was tarnished in Melilla by a fight which provoked scenes of panic between penitents of the Virgin de la Soledad [Our Lady of Solitude] and the public who were watching this procession, one of the most popular during Holy Week in the autonomous city. According to the official version of events, reflected in the statement of the National Police, the public disorder started with mocking and contemptuous comments made by four young Muslims who were dining in the terrace of a bar in the centre of Melilla and, it seems, were the worse for wear due to the consumption of alcohol. The four have been arrested and a family has now filed a complaint against them, which the Agrupación de Cofradías de Melilla [Association of (Holy Week) Fraternities of Melilla] is considering joining.

It all started at around quarter past eleven in the night, when the Solitude procession passed in front of the bar, whose terrace is located in a small street a few metres from the synagogue Or Zaruah. The young men made some contemptuous comment about the Virgin, an attitude which was rebuked by a family that was close to them and able to hear the insults directed at the religious image. But far from retracting them, those have now been detained continued with their mockery. It was then that a fight started, lighting the fuse of general disorder.

According to the testimony of people who were present, the dispute even involved glasses, plates and bar furniture being thrown. The noise that the impact of these objects provoked, added to the shouts of the tumult, reached the procession, which traditionally moves through the centre of Melilla in silence and darkness because of the grief of Good Friday.

It was then that many of those who were there, not knowing what was happening, started to run to escape the tumult. The stampede of penitents and members of the public also caused moments of fear for the little nazarenos [people wearing the hooded garments] of the Solitude, who were "crying disconsolately" looking for their parents, according to one of the officials of the Cofradía de la Soledad [Fraternity of Solitude].

...Incidents of this type are not common in Melilla, a city marked by respect between the religious faiths that form its society... The interculturalism of Melilla even makes possible the fact that on Holy Thursday el Cautivo [procession of an emblem of Jesus in chains during which prisoners are pardoned] liberated more Muslim than Christian prisoners.
Source: El Mundo H/T: Maria José,

Peterborough: Police smash 'biggest child-sex ring' in the UK

Six men have been arrested and almost 50 alleged victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery aged as young as 12 

Police believe they have smashed what could be Britain’s biggest child-sex ring.

Six men have been arrested so far and officers have identified almost 50 alleged victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery aged as young as 12.

Detectives fear those numbers could easily reach more than 100 in a case potentially bigger than the Rochdale grooming scandal.

The men suspected of carrying out the abuse are of various nationalities, a source said.

Police originally believed they were dealing with two separate rings operating in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

But they now suspect a large gang was targeting vulnerable youngsters across the city.

Officers have already taken statements from 10 girls but there are a further 37 who they think were abused and are waiting to interview.


Confirmed: If Needed Government Will Rescue Canada's Banks By Robbing Your Savings Like Cyprus

I started asking on Monday, and again on Tuesday, whether the confiscation of money from private bank accounts could happen in Canada the way it has happened in Cyprus. 

My argument was that yes it could, especially given that Cyprus is a modern European nation and that the decision to dip into accounts was made by finance ministers and officials from countries such as Germany, France and Italy.

This was not a Robert Mugabe theft of cash. If it can happen there then it can happen here.

Little did I know that the answer was already in the budget....

Here's a link to the pdf page 145 (155 of the PDF). Have they confiscated pitchforks yet?

Meet the Gay Police State

On March 24, 2013, as I stood with other speakers waiting to take the stage at Paris's "manif pour tous" against homosexual marriage, I saw tear gas sail through the air at a crowd of peaceful protesters.

Children, elderly people, and elected officials were hit by the gas.  Christine Boutin, the president of a political party, passed out.  Some videos showing what happened are posted on my blog here.


Britain helps pay for it with £33m foreign aid

You try your best to avoid being violent,’ the Palestinian security man tells me. ‘But in cases where the data is strong, and the prisoner is not co-operating, and when there might be harm done to others – then you must be.

'I’m not going to lie to you. Torture is used. We have to protect our people.

Britain helps pay for it with £33m foreign aid


Officially the stupidest thing ever Just read it. I got nothin'.

Call the police and they sue YOU: WPC demands £50,000 from petrol station owner after tripping over a kerb while investigating a break-in


You would think she would be happy whit a  bouquet of flowers...........

Great News: UN Will Fight Racism in Soccer

... The UN has tried to fight genocide. It has tried to fight world hunger. It has tried to fight internal corruption. But now it’s going up a target it can take on; soccer hooligans. ...

The Islamic state - Khilafah is near !

Nato alarm over Afghan army crisis: loss of recruits threatens security as handover looms

Thousands of recruits are quitting the newly formed Afghan police and armed forces every month, raising fears over their ability to protect the emerging democracy when coalition troops leave the country in less than two years' time. 

For every 10 new soldiers recruited to the Afghan National Army (ANA), at least three are lost because they have been sacked, captured or killed in action, new figures have revealed. British officials admit that current "attrition rates", with more than 5,000 soldiers quitting every month, threaten the force's long-term effectiveness.


They are no doubt handing the guns back

Mr Hate sneers at cops

Hours after cops say they can't nick him, Choudary tells cronies: Be proud to call yourself terrorist 

 COCKY hate cleric Anjem Choudary has laughed at British justice only days after cops said they were powerless to arrest him.

The hate preacher urged his cronies to “be proud” to be called terrorists as he sneered on a trip abroad funded by benefits - when he also urged followers to “rise up”.

It came hours after police here admitted they were powerless to arrest him for saying he wanted David Cameron dead and urging Muslims to rake in handouts to fund holy war.

Choudary, who claims £25,000 a year in welfare, launched his tirade on a secret trip to Finland.

In an angry rant he said followers should “follow the message” and refuse to compromise in their fight to impose Muslim law in the West.

The smug scrounger, 45, who lives in Leytonstone, East London, took a £400 British Airways return flight with two henchmen from Heathrow to Helsinki. 

more here

[YouTube / mad god disease] Islamic Fatwa On Male Genital Washing

Police resort to giving flowers to victims of burglaries and muggings to 'soften the blow' because they are 'unlikely to solve crimes'

Police are given bouquets of flowers to victims in an attempt to 'soften the blow' of hard to solve crimes burglaries and muggings.

Success rates for the detection of burglaries are as low as 12 per cent in the areas where forces are giving out flowers, including London and west Mercia.

Victims told The Sunday Telegraph that while they appreciate the thought, they would rather that police focused on solving their crimes.

The Met has sent out 300 bouquets in the north London borough of Barnet since November, including one to 55-year-old Sarah Miller.

She had two laptops, a camera and other valuables stolen from her home.

The day after the burglary Mrs Miller received a card apologising as the lack of evidence made it unlikely that her crime could be solved.


How the invasion of immigrants into every corner of England has made a mockery of PM's promise to close the door

2012-08-20-PhotoFrancineOrrMCT.jpgWas this Britain? Every group of people I passed was speaking Russian. The shops were full of black bread, pickled cucumbers and vodka, the faces were Slavic. The advertisements in the windows were in the Cyrillic script I had come to know so well when I lived, many years before, in Moscow.

Yet here I was in the shadow of a lovely English Gothic church tower, half-way to dear old Skegness, surrounded by fields of English turnips, leeks and sugar beet, under an English heaven.

This was Boston, Lincolnshire, which I had first seen three decades ago as a somnolent, slightly shabby market town where a kindly traffic warden had found me a parking space, saying: ‘We can always find room for a foreigner.’


Ann Widdecombe: mockery of Christianity 'has gone too far'

In conversation with Cole Moreton, Ann Widdecombe argues that whilst Christians can take jokes, the mocking of her faith "has gone too far". 

video link

Islamic high school to open in Glasgow

Muslim community group buys �400,000 building in Glasgow. Picture: Robert PerrySCOTLAND’S first Islamic secondary school is to be opened in Glasgow by a group of Muslim parents.

The Glasgow Community Education Association (GCEA) has bought Abbotsford House, a former state school in the Gorbals, for £400,000 and plans to rename the B-listed Victorian building The Islamic Institute. It will offer private secondary education to boys and girls, as well as a nursery.

The school will be funded by parents, businessmen and members of Glasgow’s Muslim community.

A spokesperson for the GCEA told Scotland on Sunday: “We can confirm that the building has been purchased, and we are now focused on getting the project moving ­forward.


Saturday, 30 March 2013

The yob who did this was jailed for two years... and he could be out after 14 weeks

Daniel Stringer-Prince sustained sickening injuries, including a fractured skull and fractured eye sockets

Daniel Stringer-Prince and his family have blasted the justice system after they got the news of Ali Haydor's early parole application

A thug who brutally attacked a teenage student could be released from prison after spending just 14 weeks of a two-year sentence behind bars.

Daniel Stringer-Prince and his family have angrily criticised the justice system after they were told that Ali Haydor has applied for early parole.

Haydor, 22, led a gang attack which left trainee baker Daniel with sickening injuries, including a fractured skull and fractured eye sockets.

He was punched at least twice by Haydor, before others repeatedly kicked and punched him. 

Takeaway worker Haydor, of Croft Street, Hyde, pleaded guilty to assault and was jailed for two years in December.

But he has now applied to the Parole Board to be released on an electronic tag – and could be freed as early as April.


Christian Church opens doors to Muslims

Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong

St John's Episcopal Church has opened its doors to Muslims for Friday prayers


Tony Blair’s Islamic-Supremacist Life Peer At It Again

Speaking of the Islamic sheikhdown racket from the United Kingdom, how nice to see Nazir Ahmed back in the news. When we last encountered this native Pakistan Islamic-supremacist, made a life peer by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998, Lord Ahmed was putting out a bounty of £10 million for the capture of President Obama and President Bush in retaliation for the United States government’s announcement of a $10 million reward for aid in the apprehension of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, emir of the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist organization (or is it political resistance organization?). Now, the Right Honorable Lord Ahmed has been suspended by Labour for blaming — what else? — Jewish control of the media for the twelve-week jail sentence he received for dangerous driving.

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The timing of FA plea over anti-IRA 'No surrender' song is baffling to England fans' spokesman

The Football Association has warned England supporters to stop chanting “No surrender” in an attempt to avoid the prospect of crowd trouble in the friendly against the Republic of Ireland at Wembley in May. 

 But England fans have accused the FA of potentially increasing the risk of unrest by drawing attention to the song during a testing 48 hours for the national governing body.

The FA issued a strongly-worded statement on Friday in response to anti-racism group Fare’s complaint to Fifa of alleged racist chanting, insisting it had found no video evidence of songs being sung against Rio and Anton Ferdinand during last Friday’s World Cup qualifier in San Marino.  

 The FA is investigating allegations that England fans' sang racist songs during the World Cup qualifier against San Marino


Strapped Spanish city to tax church activities

 Besides prayer and charity, nuns at a Spanish convent run a side business selling candied almonds. A Spanish city's decision to tax those operations has called Spain's relationship to the Church into question.

Off a cobblestone street in the historic city of Alcalá de Henares, the birthplace of Cervantes, roughly 30 kilometers from Madrid, a 400-year-old convent, El Convento de Clarisas de San Diego, awaits its next customer.

When the doorbell rings, a nun cries out, "Holy Mary, the immaculate!"

"Good afternoon!" a customer says. "May I have four boxes of roasted almonds, please?"

Since a nun's vow of chastity means she can't be seen in public, the four delicately-wrapped almond tins are pushed through a rotating wooden turnstile. "That will be 19 euros ($25)," the nun says, and the transaction is completed.

Profits from the nuns' almond enterprise are likely minimal. But that's beside the point, says a group of lawmakers in Alcalá. A part of the convent is being used by nuns for commercial purposes, the city council believes, and for that, the church must pay.

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Just South Wales

Fears for vulnerable children as 20 reported missing every week

There are fears that vulnerable children are ending up in “dangerous situations” after it emerged nearly 20 youngsters are reported missing to police every week.

Figures released by South Wales Police under freedom of information laws show around 1,000 children under the age of 16 runaway from their parents or guardians every year.

Between January 2010 and November 2012 a total of 2,853 youngsters were reported missing from their homes – that equates to 18 youngsters each week.

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North Weald Islamic interfaith group says: 'We're not terrorists'


AN ISLAMIC interfaith group has called on the people of North Weald to show tolerance to Islam and think of Muslims as peaceful people.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community held an exhibition at North Weald Village Hall last Saturday to try and change the perceptions of the Islamic community and mark its 100th anniversary in the UK.


laws to punish atheists and anyone else for that matter

'Arrest the atheists who insulted Islam!' Tens of thousands of Muslim activists hold prayers on streets of Bangladesh capital to call for new blasphemy laws against bloggers

Members of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh are demanding the arrest of 'atheist bloggers who insulted Islam' and to pass laws punishing those who 'insulted Islam in the parliament'.

They have announced plans to 'lay siege' to the office of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on April 25 if their demands are not met.


 Collective effort: Members of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh are demanding the arrest of 'atheist bloggers who insulted Islam' and to pass laws punishing those who 'insulted Islam in the parliament'

Dozens of Islamists protest demanding purge of Egypt's media


Lord Carey Attacks David Cameron On Religion

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey questions the PM's support for Christians, as a poll suggests many feel "persecuted".

Video link

East London Mosque opens doors to non-Muslims


The East London Mosque is opening its doors to non-Muslims in an attempt to promote a better understanding of Islam and what goes on inside the building.

Members of the local community are invited to take a look inside the mosque, observe prayers and ask questions about the religion, however challenging.

There will be an exhibition about the way of life for Muslims in the UK, as well as information about culture and history.

Dilowar Khan, executive director of the mosque, said there was plenty of work to be done to improve its reputation locally.


MP urges probe into Islamic letter on schooling

A “COMPLETELY inappropriate” letter warning parents that a meeting was “more serious than death” has been sent out by an Islamic group with links to a free school which has been given the initial go-ahead by the Government.

The document was sent to homes in Halifax by the Sunniyy School which is run by a group with connections to the proposed Northern Lights Primary Free School being planned in the town.

It came to light after parents and staff at state schools gave it to Calderdale Council and MPs to raise concerns about the possible link between the free school group and the Sunniyy School.

Now the town’s MP Linda Riordan is demanding the Government launches an inquiry.

The letter said: “If it was said to us ‘If you do not attend this meeting your child will die’

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Kids spy on cabbies in sex-scandal crackdown

The teenagers are looking for ‘inappropriate behaviour,' as part of a crackdown by Rochdale council after the conviction of nine men last year for offences such as rape and sexual activity with a child

Teenagers are being asked to spy on taxi drivers in Rochdale in a bid to avoid a repeat of the child sex ring scandal.

The young ‘mystery shoppers’ are being asked by council officials to catch taxi rides – in a bid to root out ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by potential sex abuser cabbies. It is part of a crackdown by Rochdale council on cab drivers and takeaway workers in the town following the conviction of nine men last year for offences including rape and sexual activity with a child.


Off To A Good Start...Dhimmitude,

Off To A Good Start... Belgium: Minister of Equal Opportunities Joëlle Milquet said he wanted to designate 2014, which will mark the fiftieth anniversary of Moroccan and Turkish immigration, "the year of diversity and respect for all religions and philosophies"

 Today the Belgian federal police presented to the media a sample of the impressive military arsenal found at the home of Franco-Algerian shot Tuesday on a highway in Hainaut.

Imam acquitted on sex charges re-arrested

TORONTO - A day after being acquitted of sex-related charges, a former Toronto imam was arrested Wednesday for extradition to the United States.

Mohammad Masroor, 50, is wanted in Michigan and Florida on charges of criminal sexual contact with a person under 13, Toronto Police said.


U.S. ex-soldier charged with using RPG/ Grenade for al Qaeda group | Eric Harroun Ex Soldier

A former U.S. soldier has been arrested and charged with illegally using a weapon on behalf of an al Qaeda-affiliated group in Syria.

Eric Harroun, 30, of Phoenix was arrested Tuesday night by the FBI at a hotel near Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia. A Justice Department official tells CNN that FBI agents questioned Harroun at the hotel, then took him into custody.

It's amazing i watch this the cover up, he just charged whit illegally using a weapon. the reporters keep saying it and he is not anti USA. Yea Right

Lord Ahmed apology rejected by UK Jewish group: Muslim peer slammed for anti-Semitism

British Lord Ahmed has apologised to the Jewish community in the UK for suggesting Jews controlled the media and British politics. The Labour peer was exposed by the Times who uncovered an interview Lord Baron Ahmed of Rotherham gave when he was in Pakistan talking about being thrown in jail after he admitted sending a text message just before a highway crash that killed another driver.

Pork found in halal chicken burgers distributed by Birmingham firm

Pork has been discovered in Halal chicken burgers which were distributed by a Birmingham food company.

Birmingham City Council’s environmental health team discovered the Humza brand burgers, sold in packs of 20, contained pork protein after the officers were checking for horsemeat.

The affected burgers, which have a best before date of May 10, 2013, are distributed by Roshan Food. Anyone who has the product, one of 170 samples to be tested in the city, is asked to return it to where they bought it from.

A council spokesman said: “The city council would like to stress that at this stage, there is no evidence to suggest that Roshan Foods has caused this deliberately.


British aid workers sexually assaulted in Libya

THREE British women have been sexually assaulted during a kidnapping ordeal in Libya.

The female aid workers, two of whom are sisters, were among five Britons in a 10-vehicle aid convoy travelling through eastern Libya on its way to the Gaza Strip.

The party was held at gunpoint for several hours before being released.

The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning as the cars approached Benghazi Airport, shortly after passing through a national army checkpoint.

The British workers were led to an area where the assault took place, security officials said.The women are now recovering from the ordeal at the Turkish consul in Benghazi and are expected to return to the UK



Four suspects arrested in rape case, Libyan officials say


Ten councillors cleared of collusion after Blackburn prayer room inquiry

TEN Labour councillors on Blackburn with Darwen planning committee have been cleared by a major standards inquiry of malpractice over the controversial approval of proposals for a Muslim prayer room in Beardwood. 

 The 10 councillors involved are councillors Smith, Parvaiz Akhtar, Eileen Entwistle, Brian Taylor, Zamir Khan, Suleman Khonat, Trevor Maxfield, Carl Nuttall, Abdul Rehman and Phil Riley. Several complainants rejected the conclusions in letters to Mr Dudfield with Barbara Stillman claiming “clear evidence of a predetermined decision” and accusing the report of portraying Beardwood residents as “paranoid, delusional and racist”.


Christians slaughtered, world yawns

Christians are the single most widely persecuted religious group in the world today. When will global leaders, the media, and others of influence give this horror the attention it deserves?



Looks like the pope is on the case

Pope Francis washes feet of Muslims, women in Holy Thursday ceremony
Newly-elected leader of Catholics breaks with tradition by including women and Muslims in ceremony, and perfoming it in a prison


Woman assaulted and robbed in Southend

Essex Police are appealing for information after a woman was assaulted and robbed of her handbag at Southend.

The 67-year-old victim was walking along Cambridge Road, at about 2.45pm on Wednesday March 27 when the incident happened.

She was followed by two men who then approached her and tried to grab her handbag. The woman attempted to hold on to the bag but let go after she was punched in the face and head up to a dozen times.
The two men ran off in the direction of the Cliffs Pavilion Theatre, Westcliff.

The main suspect is described as an Asian or Eastern European man, aged in his early 20s. He was wearing a dark coloured baseball cap and dark clothing. The only description of the second man was that he was stockier and was wearing a maroon coloured jacket.


In Iran, gay porn searches litter the top of the XXX search charts.

Web Porn Searches Mock Anti-Gay Laws in Muslim World and Africa

Gay MuslimWeb users are defying legal bans on homosexuality to enjoy an array of gay pornography on their computers in countries where same-sex relations are prohibited.

Sex searches compiled by country reveal appetites for gay activity in African countries where homosexuals are stigmatised and hounded by the law.

In Iran, gay porn searches litter the top of the XXX search charts.




John Hayes: Muslims are right about Britain

John Hayes, the prime minister’s latest tribune, achieved some fame or infamy, depending on your view, when he wrote the following article for the Spectator on 6 August 2005, a month after the 7/7 bombings. I wonder if he still holds these views, and, if he does, whether the prime minister agrees with him?

Muslims are right about Britain

Many moderate Muslims believe that much of Britain is decadent. They are right. Mr Blair says that the fanatics who want to blow us up despise us, but he won’t admit that their decent co-religionists who are the best hope of undermining the extremists at source — despair of us. They despair of the moral decline and the ugly brutishness that characterise much of urban Britain. They despair of the metropolitan mix of gay rights and lager louts. And they despair of the liberal establishment’s unwillingness to face the facts and fight the battle for manners and morals.

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Mosque's planned minaret 'out of place', say planners

PLANS for a minaret over a mosque in a Rotherham street have been thrown out.

Planners said the proposal for the mosque on Milton Road, Eastwood, would be inappropriate in the traditional terraced street.

The minaret would have been slightly taller than surrounding  chimneys and applicant Mohammed NajiB said it would define the function of the building and allow more light into the upstairs prayer hall.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Brierfield child sex claims: five acquitted

A BRIERFIELD man has admitted three offences of child abduction and one of sexual activity with a child.

Mohammed Imran Amjad (26), of Halifax Road, pleaded guilty to the offences on a girl, who was aged between 13 and 15 at the time, part way through a trial at Manchester Crown Court.

The offences were said to have happened between April and September 2010 at an address in Sackville Street, Brierfield.

Amjad had initially denied the charges. He was acquitted on direction of the judge of other charges of rape and aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring rape, encouraging or assisting an offence and witness intimidation.

The judge adjourned sentencing until April 26th.

Five other men – Haroon Mahmood (22), of John Street, Mohammed Suleman Farooq (23), of Berry Street, Omar Mazafer (22), of Halifax Road, Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad (25), of Halifax Road, and Shiraz Afzal (26), of Mansfield Crescent, all Brierfield, were acquitted on direction of the judge of various sex offences against the same girl.


Belgium: military equipment found in dead terror suspect’s flat

Belgian authorities searching the home of a terror suspect who was shot dead after a high-speed pursuit say they found incriminating paraphernalia at his flat in Anderlecht.

Prosecutors said the man was born in 1973 and came originally from Algeria. He has been named locally as Hakim Benladghem.

Police moved in after intelligence from French anti-terrorist officers triggered an investigation.

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The government of the French-speaking part of Belgium has just renamed all the Christian school holidays.

A new decree henceforth establishes a series of regulations to determine school holidays. Also, in this decree, the holidays of Toussaint [All Saints], Noël [Christmas], Carnaval [Carnival] and Pâques [Easter] are renamed Autumn, Winter, Break and Spring holidays. 

Source: LeSoir

Muslim Persecution of Christians: January, 2013

Egypt: A court sentenced an entire family – Nadia Mohamed Ali and her seven children – to fifteen years in prison for converting to Christianity.
The year 2013 began with reports indicating that wherever Christians live side by side with large numbers of Muslims, the Christians are under attack. As one report said, "Africa, where Christianity spread fastest during the past century, now is the region where oppression of Christians is spreading fastest." Whether in Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Somalia, Sudan, or Tanzania—attacks on Christians are as frequent as they are graphic.

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France: 2 arrested in connection with Merah case - One a serving French soldier

The two were arrested in Toulouse late on Tuesday night. One arrest was made in a rough neighborhood, Les Izards, where gunman Merah spent part of his childhood, France's prosecutor’s office said.

The second man arrested is reported to be a serving French soldier, whose barracks are based in the town of Castres nearby.


Islamic extremists wanted by Germany arrested

An Islamic extremist wanted by Germany for allegedly calling for terrorist attacks on Europe has been arrested in Turkey and Berlin is negotiating his extradition, an official said March 22.

Mohamed Mahmoud, 27, was picked up March 19 in the southeastern province of Hatay near the Syrian border, a German security official said on condition of anonymity. He said Germany has already begun preliminary proceedings to have Mahmoud extradited.


Karen Buck MP visits The Islamic Cultural Centre - London

Karen Buck MP visited the Islamic Cultural Centre to discuss community issues such as the changes in legislation which are affecting the local community and also the role of centres such as the ICC and the importance they play in providing support and guidance to the community with Educational, Religious and Social Services.

Allah Finds a Home in a German Cathedral

Lutheran church in Hamburg, the Kapernaumkirche, is about to be converted into an Islamic place of worship.

Because of Europe’s rampant de-Christianization, the church has no more faithful. The same has just happened to the the Church of Saint-Eloi in the French region of Vierzon, which will soon become a mosque. The diocese of Bourges put the church up for sale and a Muslim organization, l’Association des Marocains, made the most generous offer for the site.

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Police hunt teenage attacker after woman sexually assaulted in Bow

The victim was walking through Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park in Bow Common Lane when a youth followed her inside and grabbed her at about 3.30pm on Friday.
“He sexually assaulted her by touching her,” a Tower Hamlets police spokeswoman said. “He then made off towards Devons Road.

“The suspect is described as an Asian male aged approximately 16 years, approximately 5ft 10in.”

Police believe the youth was carrying a blue Adidas bag with a white Adidas logo, and was wearing dark trousers, black shoes, and a blue quilted jacket.

Anyone with information about the assault should contact Det Con Shoaib Iqbal at Limehouse Police Station on 0207 275 4694, quoting crime reference number 4207309/13, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Sheffield bomb threat taxi driver jailed

A SHEFFIELD taxi driver who sent an email to the English Defence League, saying its march in Bristol was going to be bombed, has been jailed for two years.

Sakander Mahmood, aged 26, of Firth Park, Sheffield, admitted sending the group a hoax message through its website.

But he told Sheffield Crown Court he never meant it to be taken seriously as a threat.

The father-of-five who was a self employed taxi driver in Sheffield denied communicating a hoax bomb threat with intent.

But he was found guilty by the jury at his second trial.

The court heard Mr Mahmood had sent a message which read: “14th July in Bristol, You are getting bombed.”

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Police probe sex abuse allegations at kids' home at centre of Mirror investigation

Police have been probing sex abuse allegations at a children’s home linked to a paedophile MP “cover-up” exposed by the Mirror.

A man has claimed he was assaulted there in the 80s, says a source.

Officers of the Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Command are believed to have been examining the allegations which relate to at least one former member of care home staff.

The news comes as detectives from the same unit this week begin examining claims police failed to properly investigate abuse allegations linked to at least one MP.

Det Chief Insp Clive Driscoll said the Yard interfered with his 1999 probe into the home in Lambeth, South London, after he named politicians as suspects.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tilburg: Possible Ill-treatment of Children at Koranschools

Mayor Peter Noordanus of Tilburg has complained to the police about suspected ill-treatment of children at two Koranschools in his town. 

The suspicions are based on an investigation by the Municipal Health Service (GGD). Six children of ten and eleven year old have declared that they were witnesses of the ill-treatment. At a Moroccan school a teacher is accused of hitting children with his hands and threatening to whip them. The other complaints concern a Somalian school.


Melilla: Mohammedan Teacher Beats Pupil with Wooden Stick

Oxford exploitation trial: Accused 'victim of mistaken identity'

A man accused of being part of a child sex ring in Oxford has told a court he was the victim of mistaken identity.

Kamar Jamil, 27, said he did not know any of the six girls, aged 11 to 15, who have given evidence against him and eight other men at the Old Bailey.

He denied sexual offences against two of the girls named in charges against him.

Mr Jamil and eight others are accused of grooming and exploiting girls for sex over a period of eight years.

He said identification of him as being one of the offenders was mistaken.

more lies here

Islam’s Outrageous Obscenities

Islamic TV personality, Abu Islam—the man who made international headlines when he insulted Christianity and tore a Bible on camera to screams of “Allahu Akbar!” and later incited Muslims to rape female protesters—unwittingly insulted Islam’s prophet Muhammad in a way that would have caused much of the Islamic world to riot and call for his death (if he was a non-Muslim).


Scottish Government Funds Pro-Terror Group

"In 1999, Islamic Relief Worldwide received a payment of £50,000 from a Canadian charity that the US Department of the Treasury identified as a "Bin Laden front". In 2005, the Russian Government accused Islamic Relief of supporting terrorism in Chechnya.

In 2006, the Israeli Government designated Islamic Relief a "terrorist front." After three weeks' detention in Israel, the head of Islamic Relief's operations in Gaza, Ayaz Ali, was deported by Israeli authorities after being accused of funneling money to banned organizations and storing images of swastikas and Osama bin Laden on his computer.

In November 2012, the Swiss Bank UBS closed the account of, and blocked all donations to, Islamic Relief due to "counter-terror concerns."

Full story here

Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest

Islamic hard-liners stormed a mosque in suburban Cairo, turning it into torture chamber for Christians who had been demonstrating against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in the latest case of violent persecution that experts fear will only get worse.


Roma 'bridal market'

Young Roma women, provocatively dressed, gyrate sensuously to the sounds of Gypsy pop, trying to catch the eye of young men clad in muscle shirts and leather jackets.

 With the austere, car boot sale-like surroundings and the downmarket nightclub dress code, it's no wonder the event they are taking part in has been locally dubbed the 'bridal market'.

Love is not exactly for sale in this poverty-stricken corner of Bulgaria..


Tradition: Talk of brides being sold angers the Kalaidzhi. They say the marriage fair is a tradition that actually works, keeping communities and extended families intact for generations.

Media Jihad Against Christianity

Dan Gainor of Media Research Center speaks about his Blaze magazine feature on the media's jihad against Christianity and blindness to radical Islam.

An app to find foods that haven't been sacrificed to allah or otherwise halal-certified would be handy

New app shows where to eat halal food in a non-Muslim nation

Tomoaki Sato, 19, is a first-year physics student at Waseda University in Tokyo. He has an interest in technology and is developing an app to help Muslims living in non-Muslim-majority countries to find and buy halal foods more easily. ...

More foods sacrificed to the strange and evil allah at TheNational


1-in-5 migrants heads to Britain: 566,000 end up in UK in just a YEAR

THE scale of immigration to Britain was exposed last night after it was revealed one-in-five people moving to and around the EU comes here.

 Figures released by the European Commission showed that 566,000 migrants arrived in Britain in 2011 alone, the latest available statistic.

It is the highest number in Europe and represents almost 20 per cent of migration from outside and inside the European Union.

Britain is still most popular for those travelling from beyond Europe. And the UK is second only to Germany for migration within the EU.

The shocking league table from Eurostat, the statistical arm of the European Commission, will increase calls for Britain to regain full control of its borders by leaving the EU – a crusade led by the Daily Express.


Greater Manchester Police chief in fair treatment pledge after damning report

Sir Peter Fahy has said his force is ‘totally committed’ to fair treatment for all after a report said Asian police staff were nearly three times more likely to face corruption probes than white colleagues

Sir Peter Fahy has said his force is ‘totally committed’ to fair treatment for all after a report said Asian police staff were nearly three times more likely to face corruption probes than white colleagues.

Sir Peter, chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, said the report would help GMP “understand some of the underlying causes, which are complex and wrapped up in a host of cultural issues”.

The research was carried out by Manchester University after being commissioned by GMP.

It revealed Asian bobbies were 2.8 times more likely to be subjected to an internal corruption investigation than white officers.

more here

Syria: 'up to 100' British Muslims fighting in war

Up to 100 British Muslims are fighting in Syria’s civil war amid fears some could return home to carry out terrorist attacks, senior intelligence chiefs disclosed yesterday. 

There are “hundreds” of Europeans now fighting in Syria, some of whom are with groups linked to al Qaeda, the Home Office told MPs.
The British-born jihadis are said to have joined the fight with Jabhat al-Nusra, the country’s most militant al-Qaeda gang.
The fighters have come from range of ethnic backgrounds include young Asians, converts to Islam and men from north African backgrounds.

more here


Tower Hamlets: the Met's new phone-hacking?

Older readers will remember how that brilliantly successful organisation, the Metropolitan Police, satisfied itself that no widespread phone-hacking could possibly have occurred at the News of the World. They simply refused to investigate seriously, doing just enough to enable them to claim that they had looked into it but failing to follow obvious leads and neglecting to interview key witnesses.

It looks like something similar is now happening in respect of persistent allegations of postal vote fraud in Tower Hamlets,

more here

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sharia law about to enter the Spanish legislator – to assure Muslim adopted chilren “have not converted to Christianity”

The Spanish government will allow Moroccan religious authorities to take control of children up to 18 years of age to make sure they have not been converted to Christianity.

In the name of Sharia it designates the set of rules of Muslim life. Islamic states are adopting it as their own legislation. They are even doing this – in partially-in Islamic countries that are not Islamic states.


German Politician Resigns from Anti-Islam Party After Being Terrorised by Leftists

Die Freiheit (Freedom) is the German affiliate of Geert Wilders' party. One of its officials, Claus Schaffer, has resigned because he is being terrorised by anti-fascist leftists. At the weekend, they vandalised his car outside his home and stole two tyres from it.

I have always been engaged with the Civil rights party for more freedom and democracy DIE FRIEHEIT on the basis of our freedom-based democratic constitution. I have always criticised deplorables states of affairs in politics and society and draw attention to them in moderate tones and have always spoken up for increased democracy, and above all true democracy, namely one that is controlled by the people. To defy these anti-democratic forces and continue my extra-parliamentary struggle by democratic means would, I feel, be easy on my own. However, I cannot also take this decision for my family and thus impose on them this permanent burden. For this reason, I terminate my political work in the Civil rights party for more freedom and democracy DIE FREIHEIT and withdraw from all offices that I have been confided with.

I would like to thank all friends and members of FREIHEIT for their support and ask for their understanding and acceptance of my decision.

Claus Schaffer
Source: Die Freiheit Via: Quotenqueen


Lyon: Iranian Vandalises Clock in Cathedral Dedicated to John the Baptist

On Saturday a man attacked the astronomical clock located inside the Saint-Jean [John the Baptist] cathedral in the 5th district.

Armed with an iron bar, he struck several blows against this 14th century clock. Part of its exterior was broken, as well as two of its hands. For this reason it will not function for some time.

The man is a 28-year-old Iranian. He explained that the beauty of the clock prevented believers from concentrating on their prayers. His detention has been extended awaiting the results of a psychological evaluation.
Source: Lyonmag

Mosaic Of Diversity Alert: Race Baiter...Oops... Multicultural Group's Leader Declares London Councillor "Not Black Enough"

Coun. Harold Usher, the lone visible minority on London city council, says he won’t support the push by a group called the London Multicultural Community Association, which says it needs the cash to study the “feasibility” of creating a job-creation centre for immigrants.

The group’s director, Deeq Abdi, says Usher’s resistance is rooted in a personality clash between them.

“It’s a vendetta because I supported someone who ran against him,” Abdi told The Free Press, later adding: “He’s not black enough.”

That comment — certain to stun some, coming from a person representing multiculturalism — didn’t draw a fiery reaction from Usher.

Sweden Denies Asylum to Christians Facing Persecution

STOCKHOLM -- Christians in Iran face arrest, torture, even death. But that doesn't seem to matter to Swedish immigration officials.

Sweden wants to send Iranian Christian asylum seekers, who left Islam, back to Iran where they could be killed.

Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians. As apostates from Islam, they face grave danger in this country.

But their requests for asylum status that could save their lives have been denied.

Reza Jabbari has been in hiding after his asylum request was rejected. He knows what could await him in Iran.

"Islam teaches that every man who leaves Islam must be killed because that man is an apostate," he said.

His pastor, Cai Berger, still can't believe Reza's asylum request was denied.


80% Of French Favour Tougher Anti-Veil Laws

The Islamic veil is still very much a national controversy, data from a front-page BVA survey in Le Parisien newspaper showed on Monday.

More than 80% of respondents favor toughening the country's 2004 law, which bans religious dress and insignia in schools, nurseries, and anywhere that involves the care and education of children. Another 83% is in favor of extending the ban to the private sector, and 16% is against.


Sex ring trial prosecution closes

The prosecution closed its case at the Old Bailey against nine men accused of taking part in an Oxford paedophile sex ring.

The defendants will begin their case on Tuesday and the trial is due to end in May.

The accused, all from Oxford, deny 47 counts including rape, trafficking and organising prostitution. The original 51-count indictment was amended on the direction of the judge.

The prosecution allege six vulnerable young girls were sexually exploited by a group of men who subjected them to depravity and perversion.

The accused deny all the charges. They include two sets of brothers, Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31, and Bassam Karrar, 32, and Mohammed Karrar, 38.

The others are Kamar Jamil, 27, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, Assad Hussain, 32, Bilal Ahmed, 26, and Mohammed Hussain, 24.


Sex groomer jailed for attacks on vulnerable women

Quasim InayatA predatory sex groomer who plied his vulnerable victims with neat vodka before abusing them has been jailed for almost eight years. 

Quasim Inayat sexually assaulted a 15-year-old schoolgirl he persistently followed in his car and two women with mental health difficulties, molesting one and raping the other, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

more here

Immigration Backlog 'Could Take 24 Years to Clear’ [VIDEO]

A group of MPs have criticised the former head of the UK Border Agency for her "catastrophic leadership failure", and claimed that clearing the backlog of immigrant cases could now take 24 years. 

In a scathing report from the Home Affairs Select Committee, Lin Homer has been condemned for not sufficiently handling the size the asylum backlog and for refusing "to take responsibility for her failings".

The committee added they were "astounded" that Homer was promoted to the role of chief executive of HM Revenue & Customs following her "unacceptable performance" at the UKBA.

more here

Labour ‘conspiring’ to block entry of more Muslims in UK parliament

LONDON: Britain’s Labour Party has been accused by Pakistani and Indian Muslim campaigners of conspiring to block the entry of Muslims into parliament in the next parliamentary election of 2015.

Pakistani community leaders in Dewsbury have been left stunned after the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) imposed this week an all-women shortlist for the parliamentary election of 2015. This decision means that only women will be able to put their names forward to become the Labour MPs for Dewsbury – a constituency where more than 20,000 Muslims, most of Pakistani origin, reside.

more here

Muslim convert quits Catholic Church, says it's too weak against Islam

VATICAN CITY --  A high-profile Italian Muslim who converted to Catholicism and was baptized by Pope Benedict XVI announced on Monday that he will leave the church to protest its soft stance against Islam.

Egyptian-born Magdi Cristiano Allam, 61, a prominent journalist and outspoken critic of Islam, publicly entered the Catholic Church on March 22, 2008, during an Easter Vigil service, receiving baptism directly from Benedict.

After his conversion, Allam founded a small right-wing political party that lost badly in Italy's general elections last April.

more here

The tensions between Muslim identity and Western citizenship

Across the West the arrival of significant numbers of migrants has caused a number of acute and ongoing challenges, notably in terms of social cohesion. These should not be overstated, but nor should they be ignored.

    'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'

    'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.

    'I don't much care where--' said Alice.

    'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.

I wish to make the claim that no matter their political hue, British governments have, for decades, adopted an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ approach to migrant settlers. That is to say, like Alice they have not cared much about where they want to get to with regards to forging some kind of common citizenship. At least until recent years when some importance has been put on improving social or community cohesion and attention paid to factors which are deemed to comprise ‘Britishness’.

In stark contrast, community and religious ‘leaders’ and ‘elders’ from some religious-ethnic minority groups have been very clear as to where they want to get to: the granting of resources, rights, separate laws, and exemptions to the law for their respective ‘communities’. In this endeavour they have been greatly assisted by the academy whose theories and ideas have coalesced under the rubric of ‘multiculturalism’. At its heart, this is the stress on acknowledging, respecting and showing ‘recognition’ of the differences in culture and religion between different communities and, thereby, the breaching of universalism. Unwittingly and aimlessly, this came to be adopted by national and local governments. Indeed the previous Labour government began to think of Britain as a ‘multi-faith’ society, an epithet implicitly acknowledged by the present Coalition government with its appointment – a first – of a Minister for Faith and Communities (whereas other European have, more sensibly, Ministers for Integration) so that there seemed to be a seamless transformation from multiculturalism to multifaithism.

more here

Tower Hamlets MP calls for calm in borough following violent clashes in Bangladesh

The MP, who represents Bethnal and Bow and also serves as the shadow minister for international development, called a debate in Parliament about the spate of violence that has erupted in Bangladesh.

Dozens of people have died in skirmishes as party supporters and activists clashed after death sentences were dished out to Islamist party leaders accused of war crimes dating back to the fight for the country’s independence in 1971.

The unrest has led to a series of weekly demonstrations in Whitechapel’s Altab Ali Park in Whitechapel Road.


No charges in Islamic school probe

No further police action will be taken against three men arrested after an investigation into an Islamic school for girls in Lancashire.

Two men arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and false imprisonment have been released from their bail without charge, police said.

A third man arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment at the school in Lancaster has also been released without charge.

Police were called to the Jamea Al Kauthar school to investigate claims of sexual assault and false imprisonment.

Detectives executed a search warrant and arrested the three men earlier this month.

Police said no further action will be taken as "none of the conduct disclosed ... meets the threshold for criminal prosecution".


Monday, 25 March 2013

I refuse to surrender to the Marxist teachers hell-bent on destroying our schools: Education Secretary berates 'the new enemies of promise' for opposing his plans

Exactly 75 years ago the great English writer and thinker, Cyril Connolly, published his most famous book –  The Enemies Of Promise. Connolly’s work explores the ways in which the talented individuals of his time were prevented from achieving their full potential.

It’s time someone produced an update. Because there are millions of talented young people  being denied the opportunity to succeed as they deserve. Far too many are having their potential thwarted by a new set of Enemies Of Promise.

The new Enemies Of Promise are a set of politically motivated individuals who have been actively trying to prevent millions of our poorest children getting the education they need.


"Tourism To Non Muslim Countires Is Haram,Don't Spend Money In Countries That May Attack Muslims"

[Enrichers?] Safety fears after gang storm Paris train - The Local

... Police have been forced to put reinforcements on the capital's overground RER train service after a 20-strong gang carried out an audacious robbery on passengers, while they were stopped at a station.
The robbers, reportedly armed with pepper spray stormed a train at Grigny station on the RER line D on Saturday. ...

Civil servants ‘lied to MPs about immigration chaos’

SENIOR civil servants today stand accused of misleading Parliament over the “chaos” on Britain’s borders which may have led to thousands of failed asylum seekers being allowed to stay on unlawfully in the UK.

MPs have launched a blistering attack on the highly-paid officers in charge border control after concluding they have been putting out false information for the past six years about Britain’s staggering backlog of asylum cases, which stands at well over 300,000 – more than the entire population of Iceland.

A devastating report published this morning by the Commons Home Affairs Committee finds that in thousands of cases where the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has been unable to trace a failed asylum seeker or illegal immigrant, the agency has simply assumed they are no longer in the country and closed their file.

How stupid do you think we are? link

Community role for Thurnby Lodge Scout hut hit by controversy

A former Scout hut at the centre of a row over plans to lease it to a Muslim group has reopened as a community building.

The Forgotten Estates group has refurbished the property, in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester, and named it The 55th, after the Scout group that once met there.

The Forgotten Estates group was formed to oppose city council plans to allow the As-Salaam Muslim community group to take over the hut.

The council rethought the idea after months of protest by residents outside the nearby Thurnby Lodge Community Centre, where members of As-Salaam have met for prayers for the past three years.

After the rethink, city mayor Sir Peter Soulsby agreed the Forgotten Estates committee would be given the lease on the hut for two years, rent-free.

As-Salaam was offered another council-owned building, the Raven Centre, next to Thurnby Lodge Community Centre.


Russian Civilians Join Raids On Migrant Camps

Russia's federal migration service has introduced civilian patrols as part of a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Civic-minded citizens in Moscow can now sign up to take part in organised raids of migrant housing and street patrols.

The volunteers are supervised by a migration service official and not allowed to use force, unless in self-defence.

Sky News filmed a raid on a suspected migrant workers' camp in a suburb on the outskirts of Moscow.

The volunteers gathered in a supermarket car park at 6am. It was snowing heavily and the temperature was -10C, but the group seemed enthusiastic as they piled out of their 4x4s to discuss the plan.

We set off in convoy towards the camp along a rough track deep in snow. We were told the area is close to a large open-air market where many of the migrants find work.

Video link

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Police seize MP Galloway’s computer in hacking probe: Investigating claims he sanctioned spying on secretary’s emails

Police have seized a Commons computer belonging to MP George Galloway as part of a probe into claims the maverick sanctioned the hacking of a former secretary’s private emails.

Scotland Yard said it was examining the laptop after a complaint that the Respect MP had authorised a lawyer to spy on the Hotmail account of Aisha Ali-Khan, suspended by Mr Galloway last October.

The Bradford West MP, who denies he condoned hacking, put down a Commons motion last year accusing Ms Ali-Khan of a dirty-tricks campaign against him with her husband, Afiz Khan, a member of the Metropolitan Police anti-terror squad.


Benzema's anthem snub riles National Front

France’s far-right National Front party have demanded French international striker Karim Benzema be barred from playing for the national team after he insisted he would not sing the French national anthem before matches.

 The far right National Front party has demanded that Benzema, 25, who plays for Real Madrid in Spain, be sacked from the French national team for declaring he had never sung the French national anthem - the Marseillaise before an international game, and would continue not to.

Eric  Domard – sporting advisor to National Front leader Marine LePen – said in a statement on Tuesday that “[Benzema] shows an inconceivable and unacceptable contempt for the jersey he has the fortune to be able to wear.”

Labeling him a “footballing mercenary paid €1484 an hour,” Domard further declared that “since Karim Benzema sees no problem with not singing the Marseillaise, the French people should have no problem with him not playing for France anymore.”


SDL rally in Malmö sparks violent demo

Counter demonstrators clashed with Swedish police ahead of a public rally by the anti-Muslim group Swedish Defence League (SDL) in Malmö on Saturday.

Note that it's always the "Counter-Demonstrators" who resort to violence at these affairs.


German spies accused of racism, Islamophobia

Germany's domestic intelligence agency is a hotbed of "institutional racism," where Islamophobic, racist and offensive remarks are an everyday occurrence, a newspaper reported on Friday.

Germany's security service the Verfassungsschutz is a hornet's nest of conflict, envy, jealousy and inappropriate insults, wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing inside sources.

And they aren't just innocent office jokes. Employees of the department tasked with observing militant Islamists reportedly throw around deeply offensive, Nazi-affiliated words in private of the kind which would be unthinkable in a public setting.

These range from Herrenrasse, the German for "master race" to Muselmann - originally a German word meaning "Muslim man" later used by the Nazis as a slang word for emaciated death camp inmates who had surrendered to their fate - to Ölauge, a derogatory name for "greasy" dark-eyed foreigners. 


Row over Halal meat at Larkswood Primary School in Chingford

Row over Halal meat at school Parents have reacted with outrage over plans to start serving only Halal meat to school pupils.

Management at Larkswood Primary in New Road, Chingford, will stop providing meat slaughtered using 'standard' methods and replace it with food which is prepared according to the rituals of Islam from mid-April.

Parents told the Guardian they had no objection to Muslim children practising their faith and eating Halal meat at the school.

But said they did not want such religious beliefs imposed on their own offspring.

They also claim not to have been given an explanation for the sudden change and say less than 10 per cent of children at Larkswood are Muslim.

Headteacher Lynne Harrowell said most schools in London served Halal meat and that parents were consulted but the majority did not express a preference.

She was unable to provide details how many voted for or against the plans.


Do Muslims believe they get 72 virgins in heaven? Yes, say brainwashed gullible suicide bombers

Muslim and African immigrants destroying France, French society. Leftist politicians are to blame

Hungarian Film Crew Visits Islamicized France
France used to be a nice country. Then the leaders admitted large numbers of Muslim immigrants and now the society is crumbling from crime and dysfunction.

Hungarian journalists visited the "City of Light," as Paris was once called, and reported on the deteriorating state of society.

Muslim immigration has been an unmitigated disaster. In Marseilles (touted as an ideal diverse city not long ago), the Muslim gangs are armed with Kalashnikovs. The most recent New Years car-b-que saw nearly 1200 vehicles torched by yutes in Muslim neighborhoods. A January poll found that 70 percent of French citizens believe that their country has too many immigrants.

We learn from the Hungarian report that gang warfare occurs just a few kilometers from the Eiffel Tower.

A HATE preacher has slammed the state benefits system for not paying enough to meet “basic needs”.

Anjem Choudary, 45, believed to claim £25,000 a year, said benefits were invented by Muslims 1,400 years ago and were more generous then.

The father of four, who lives in a £320,000 house in east London, told followers via a video address: “He [the caliph] said for every new-born child a gift from the Islamic state, child credit, child benefit, 1,400 years ago, before these kuffar [non-Muslims] ever thought about the welfare state.

“They used to give money for food, clothing and shelter, 20 days, 30 days in advance to people.

“Nowadays if you have welfare, it’s two weeks in arrears.


Revealed: The NHS imam who opposes organ transplants but has been employed in a hospital for three years

Sheikh Suliman Gani has been working as a Muslim chaplain at St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London, for the past three years A hardliner imam who opposes organ transplants and abortions, and believes homosexuality is 'unnatural', is being employed by the NHS to work as a Muslim chaplain.

Sheikh Suliman Gani has been working as a Muslim chaplain at St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London, for the past three years.

He offers spiritual and ethical advice to Muslim and non-Muslim patients and their families as one of seven paid chaplains employed by the hospital.

It is estimated that Imam Gani may have received as much as £50,000 in salary over the past three years.


Ukip urges Brits to withdraw their money from Spanish banks

Nigel Farage has urged British expatriates in Spain to pull their money out of the country’s banks. 

The UK Independence Party leader said that the European Union had “crossed a line” by trying to extract funds from savers under the terms of the abandoned Cypriot bail-out.

Mr Farage said: “Even I didn’t think that they would stoop to actually stealing money from people’s bank accounts.

“There is going to be a big flight of money and that flight of money won’t just be from Cyprus, it will be from the other eurozone countries, too. There are 750,000 British people who own properties, or who live, many of them in retirement, down in Spain.

“Now that we see the EU are prepared to resort to anything to keep alive their failing euro project, our advice to expats living down in the Mediterranean must be, 'Get your money out of there while you’ve still got a chance’.” 


Immigrants banned from housing waiting lists for up to five years

David Cameron is to unveil a new immigration crackdown with migrant families kept off council house waiting lists until they have lived in Britain for up to five years. 


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sweden: Death threats against minister for suggesting to limit "volume" of (Muslim) immigrants

The Muslim population in Sweden and Denmark has doubled the last 14 years. Sweden alone experienced a population growth of 5.6 percent the last eight years mainly due to Muslim immigration, Muslim asylum seekers and their high fidelity rate. Sweden therefore have one of the fastest growing populations in the Western world. Suggesting to put a lid on the madness is cause of death threats from fellow politicians in the world's most political correct country. Which is what Sweden's Minister of Immigration Tobias Billström did last month by suggesting to limit the "volume" of immigrants.

"Minister Billström has received death threats on Twitter. The threat is reported to come from the chairman of Young Left in the town of Luleå. The incident is now reported to the police.
Twitter comment from Christoffer Hurtig about Tobias Billström - the latter suggested to "I want to shoot Tobias Billström. I really look forward to the day he dies. From the depth of my heart, I really mean it."

Sources: Expressen -


France: Convicted for 'Racist' Posters that Said "No to Islam" and "No Minaret in Our Districts"

A young man and his female companion, activists in the Front national, were prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred this Thursday afternoon, at the magistrate's court of Laval. In the night of 21 novembre 2012, in the towns of Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne at Andouillé, they put up posters of a racist character: "No to Islam", "No Minaret in our districts". Yesterday, they were sentenced to a fine of 800 euros with a suspended sentence. probation.