Thursday, 24 January 2013

Génération Identitaire Distributes Food to Homeless People, but Only Indigenous French

Génération Identitaire, the French nationalist youth movement that made international headlines by occupying the roof of a mosque in Poitiers, has launched a campaign to distribute food to homeless people, but only if they are of indigenous French stock. Under the name Génération Solidaire, the action is already underway in Lyon and will soon be rolled out across France.

The movement claims that indigenous French people are discriminated against in formal and informal ways if they apply for social assistance. Multicultists have denounced the action in hysterical terms.

A group called Collectif 69 said:

We will not allow these fascist groups to aggravate the division between the inhabitants of our cities.

...In any case, the Rhône town council will have no choice but to ban this illegal distribution which also risks provoking disturbances to public order.
Sources: Génération Identitaire


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