Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Do they think we are back in the 1940s whit the BBC home service

What the is wrong whit the Government and MSN do they really think that by not reporting news no one will know. Do they think we are back in the 1940s whit the BBC home service as the only source for whats really happening in the UK and the rest of the world or some thing !!!

Sweden total black out of reporting on the riots for the last 6 days as an example, this morning they just could not bring them selfs to say mussies attacked the prison guard, even now on the radio they are still saying inmates.

Wheres the coverage of the France solder that was attacked ?

Would you believe it !! just in as I'm ranting here, seems some jihadist has attacked some one in AUS and the government put a blanket ban on the details 

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  1. this must be the same one This was issued before the above video:

    The Australian Defence force issues blunt warning to troops to avoid firebrand jihadist The warning is said to name the 23-year-old from Sydney's lower North Shore.

    He is on bail after pleading guilty to an ATM ram raid robbery in 2011.

    Defence sources said the warning was issued nationwide in response to vengeful and hateful material posted by the man against the defence forces in the past. ...

    looks like the cover ups in full swing the link has been removed