Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Security probe worries London’s Muslim community

London’s Muslim leaders are expressing concern as national security investigators probe figures believed to have promoted extreme Islamic views.

Dr. Hassan Mosfafa, chairman of the London-based Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, is among those worried about the image being painted.

“It is more and more of a recurring issue,” Mosfafa said. “Whether it is 911, the Boston bombings or any geopolitical event that involves religion, it winds up on our doorstep.”

Coined Project Scupper, the national investigation aims to identify local places and people that may have played a role in radicalizing youths. The community has been in the spotlight since the RCMP confirmed in April that two Londoners were among 29 militants who laid siege on an Algerian gas plant.

At least two others are believed to have traveled overseas with the pair.


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