Tuesday, 28 May 2013

‘UK media censor Sweden riots’

The British media have suspiciously censored the ongoing unrest in Sweden and the situation of the immigrants in the European country, a British political analyst has said.

Riots have ripped through Swedish cities since a week ago when the police shot dead a 69-year-old man who had locked himself up in an apartment building in western Stockholm.

The incident outraged youths from immigrant backgrounds who say the government discriminates against them despite Sweden priding itself on being an emblem of social justice.

Carol Gould said in an interview with Press TV that “there has been virtually no coverage whatsoever in Great Britain on any of the networks of what’s going on in Sweden”.

Gould said the reason may be that Sweden has a huge population of immigrants just like Britain and the rioters are unhappy because they are facing social discrimination just like immigrants in Britain.

He added the British officials apparently “don’t want to generate even more unrest amongst an already unhappy immigrant population in UK” as the Swedish situation suggests that there is “a very strong social divide”, which could be also the case in Britain.

Gould also stressed that “there are parallels to be drawn” between Sweden and Britain as both of them have lowered taxes for the rich and cut the welfare benefits, “so, there are a lot of economic inequities in Sweden that are getting bigger and bigger, wider and wider,” that is also the case in Britain.

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