Friday, 21 September 2012

Syed Hussain, 31, of Beaufort Close, Chingford, jailed for possession of guns, ammunition and drugs worth £300,000

Syed Hussain  
Syed Hussain 

A “dangerous” man has been jailed and taken off the streets after being found with guns, ammunition and drugs with a street value of £300,000.

Syed Hussain, 31, of Beaufort Close, Chingford, was jailed yesterday for 12 years at Snaresbrook Crown Court for a total of eight offences.

Following an investigation by the Met’s Trident Gang Crime Command, officers swooped on Hussian’s home on March 15 with a search warrant and found Mr Hussain at home with 58g of cocaine, self seal bags containing cannabis and around £1,600 cash.

They also seized a key which belonged to a utility room in Kebble Terace, Forest Gate, where Hussain had claimed to have visited a few days earlier as a handyman.

After his arrest officers used the key to enter the room and found inside a hand gun, a silencer, a sawn-off shot gun, and ammunition.

Officers also removed 137 grams of cocaine, 5 grams of heroin and a further £1,680 cash.
After the find Hussain was arrested again on suspicion of further offences and charged on March 16 and remanded into custody.

He was found guilty of the possession of firearms, ammunition and Class A and B drugs on September 7 at Snaresbrook Crown Court, after standing trial.

Detective Constable James Barber of the Trident Gang Crime Command, said: "Hussain has without question accumulated an astonishing quantity of weaponry and drugs, determining himself to be a dangerous individual.

"There is no doubt that Hussain had every intention to cause serious harm with these items in his possession. Our officers deserve huge credit for this intervention which followed a skilled and detailed investigation. Today's sentencing leaves Londoners far safer with this criminal off the streets."


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