Friday, 4 January 2013

Exposé: England is Marching to Islam

According to a new study of the Henry Jackson Society, the Muslim Council of Britain, which calls itself the “representative body” of UK Muslims, already has a more prominent role in public debate today than the Church of England.

“2030: the year in which England ceased to be a Christian nation”, said the Daily Mail. The title might be too optimistic. The Church of England is already dying and the UK is experiencing a process of “Islamification”, as a leftwing publication such as The Independent recently titled a report.

In his new bestselling book “Civilization,” renowned Harvard historian Niall Ferguson writes: “If the Muslim population of the UK were to continue growing at an annual rate of 6.7% (as it did between 2004 and 2008,) its share of the total UK population would rise from just under 4% in 2008 to 8% in 2020, to 15% in 2030 and to 28% in 2040, finally passing 50%in 2050.”

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