Monday, 7 January 2013

Germany’s local authorities begin integrating Islam

Who is integrating Who ? 

Two years after Thilo Sarrazin published his book, “Germany Is Abolishing Itself” in which the author condemned what he considered to be the growing influence of Islam in the country, relations between public powers and Germany’s 4 million strong Muslim community seem to be improving

From now on, certain Muslim holidays will be officially recognized. Employees can choose not to work, though they must take a vacation day or make up the day, and school children may be excused from classes.

The agreement also provides for the teaching of Islam in public schools

Can teachers be veiled? “The accord provides for neither the authorization nor the prohibition of the scarf while working.”

Will non-Muslim children have to follow courses on the Muslim religion? Yes, “The meaning of collective courses consists precisely in students discovering something other than their own religion ..

Since 2011, several universities have been training imams so that the latter can in turn teach children as part of their schooling. 


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