Wednesday, 16 January 2013

International Media Curiously Silent About Kalashnikov Attack on Greek Prime Minister's Office


When I heard about a Kalashnikov attack on the Greek prime minister's office, I thought this has to be on the front pages worldwide, right? Attacks on heads of government tend to make headlines. At that point, I had no idea who the perpetrators were, but, given the divisions in Greek society, it was reasonable to assume that they from factions of either the extreme left or right. So I was surprised when, scanning the web pages of the major English-language newspapers, I saw no mention of the incident. I immediately began to suspect left-wing perpetrators.

Sure enough, when I visited the web page of independent Greek journalist Katerina Nicolas, I found this:

A bullet from a Kalashnikov smashed a window of the office of Greek Prime Minister Anthonis Samaras, during an armed attack on the headquarters of New Democracy. Anti-terrorism officers are now investigating leftist guerrilla groups.

Left-wing political violence is escalating in Greece, with the armed attack on the offices of Samaras the culmination of a week of violence. Over the weekend Ekathimerini reported there were 17 incendiary attacks, including a spate of arson attacks against cash machines and a bomb attack against the home of government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou’s brother.

Now imagine that Golden Dawn had been responsible. Then it would have made front pages worldwide. Then we would have had dire warnings about a return to the 1930s and the spectre of fascism. But somehow when lefties send bombs to journalists, fire Kalashnikovs and set fires that kill people, that's OK, right?

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