Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Police say streets are safer as five jailed

Five men who organised a sophisticated conspiracy to supply dangerous drugs on the streets of Bradford have been locked up
The five defendants had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply drugs.

Rafiq Khan, 21, of Barlow Street, Barkerend, Bradford, was jailed for five years, with a further 15 months imprisonment for separate offences of drug dealing while on bail.

Hamid Shah, 21, of Newlands Place, Undercliffe, Bradford, was sentenced to four years and nine months imprisonment, with another 15 months for a second drugs conspiracy committed in Burnley.

Amir Mushtaq, 20, of Seaton Street, Barkerend, and Haris Saleem, 22, of Cockroft Grove, Barkerend, were both sentenced to four years and nine months.

Kauser Uddin, 19, of Barlow Street, Barkerend, was sent to youth custody for two and a half years, to run consecutively with a four-year sentence he is serving for kidnap.

Two men, involved in the second conspiracy with Shah, were jailed. Siahosh Khan, 32, of Bishop Street, Nelson, Lancashire, was given a six-year sentence. Asif Akhtar, 21, of Newlands Place, Undercliffe, was jailed for two years.


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