Thursday, 21 February 2013

Morocco Demands Spanish Government Take Measures to Ensure Moroccan Children in Spain Do Not Convert to Christianity

Morocco wants to reach an agreement with Spain on some mechanism that will allow the authorities in the Alaouite kingdom to monitor children given up for adoption to families in our country, the Moroccan Minister for External Affairs, Saaedín el Otmani, informed Europa Press in an interview.

Among other things it involves monitoring that these children have not converted to Christianity and maintain their original names and surnames until they reach adult age, as mandated by the Moroccan legislation under which they were given up for adoption.

In March 2012, only months after the arrival of the Islamist government of the Party of Justice and Development, the processes for adoption of abandoned Moroccan children by foreign families began to reach a standstill and the Alaouite authorities introduces a new requirement that the families interested in adoption had to reside in Morocco.

...Moroccan legislation demands that parents who adopt are Muslim or convert if they are not, and obliges them to respect the name and surnames of the child, as well as its nationality and religion until they reach adult age.
Source: EuropaPress

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