Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Anti-Israeli protests disrupt Bradford dance show

A HANDFUL of anti-Israeli protesters disrupted a dance performance at a Yorkshire theatre by shouting political slogans.

Six activists stood during a show on Tuesday evening by the renowned contemporary dance group Batsheva Ensemble at Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre.

They were escorted from the theatre by security guards.

Around 100 people protested outside, including members of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

Among those who got inside was Ben Young, 41, from York, who shouted: “This is a cultural whitewash of Israel’s apartheid occupation and human rights abuses.”

In a blog posting, Mr Young said Batsheva represented “Israel’s good face overseas”.

Mr Young claimed that a female protester inside the theatre had been punched in the stomach by a member of the audience. There had been a “scuffle” as she tried to hand out leaflets.

Activists were due to protest outside the Alhambra again last night.

A police spokesman said no arrests had been made.

However, an incident of tyre slashing close to the theatre is being investigated which could be linked to the protest.

A number of parked vehicles in Sharpe Street had their tyres slashed and four hooded men were seen making their way from the scene.

It was reported to police at 8.22pm.

A police spokesman said: “There is no suggestion at this stage it is linked but the possibility cannot be ruled out.”


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