Saturday, 24 November 2012

Council chiefs vow to bring child grooming offenders to ‘justice’

COUNCIL chiefs in Rotherham today vowed to bring sexual predators to justice for targeting young children in the town.

The vow came after the disclosure of confidential police and council documents and intelligence files on the sexual exploitation of children in South Yorkshire.

They revealed that for more than a decade South Yorkshire authorities have been aware of a growing culture of men targeting vulnerable young English girls to groom for sex, but give a series of shocking examples of where offenders have never been prosecuted.


 Rotherham MP Denis MacShane, said

 “We need to tackle the alienation of so many young Asian men from modern society. Sadly the endemic poverty and growing joblessness especially amongst young British men in South Yorkshire with Asian parents who often face prejudice in getting jobs creates a no-work, no-hope, no-future.

Yes the same Muppet 
 MacShane to quit as Rotherham MP after concluding he had submitted 19 false invoices “intended to deceive”.

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