Thursday, 17 January 2013

Girl taken from school because both mother and kidnapper wore Islamic niqab So no one knew

Wearing the Islamic burqa or nikab is proven dangerous as a child was kidnapped in Philadelphia Pennsylvania by an unknown suspect wearing what looks like a niqab or burqa, like the mother wears. Even the child did not know that the kidanaper wasn't her mother because the suspect wore a nikab/burqa just like her mother. Nailla Robinson

The video of the suspect was useless because the kiddnapper was completely covered. So they couldn't tell who it was.

The child couldn't even tell if it was her own mother. The child just left with the woman or even male suspect because that is how her own mother dresses and couldn't recognize her.

Lets hope she turns up safe and well

UPDATE: The victim was found safe on 69th Street overnight.

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