Monday, 21 January 2013

Yes Africa is a terror hotbed...but fanatics are here too

BrightyBritain is a melting pot of nationalities and faiths, home to hundreds of thousands of Malians, Iraqis, Syrians, Somalis, Kenyans, Nigerians, Yemenis and Pakistanis.

Not all are grateful. Indeed, many are becoming outspokenly defiant. Some have colonised suburbs in major cities. One London borough is so staunchly Muslim it has become known as the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets.

Last week, hooded gangs of self-appointed religious police roamed Muslim- populated suburbs ordering women to cover up and confiscating liquor.

Police are investigating YouTube clips which show the men branding mini-skirted white girls as “naked animals”.

MI5 claims thousands of young British-born Muslims have been radicalised — some of them trained in bomb-making and terror tactics in the badlands of Pakistan.

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