Monday, 21 January 2013

10 members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL)

10 members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) marking the first anniversary of the murder of a man by Asian youth.

The group had wanted to lay a wreath near the spot where William McKeeney was murdered last January.

Now for the over kill remember this is just 10 SDL members laying a wreath 

Mounted police, helicopters and scores of officers yesterday were deployed on to the streets of the city's Pollokshields, home to Scotland's largest Asian community, despite a maximum of 10 members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) turning up.

Yesterday, a counter protest of between 50 and 100 members of United Against Fascism also gathered in Pollokshields and had to be kept apart from the SDL by lines of police.
At one stage, upwards of 20 officers were seen escorting three SDL members away from the flashpoint. Later, a group of counter-protesters broke away from the main group and charged towards the SDL but were kept apart by the police.

Locals also described how yesterday's episode led to Muslim women being escorted through the streets by police officers, while other people were denied entry to their homes as police attempted to keep the groups apart.

 Scene in Pollokshields today. Picture: Nick Ponty


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