Monday, 4 February 2013

Council of Mosques clashes with Halal Food Authority after pork DNA scandal

 A Council of Mosques has called for a boycott of Halal Food Authority (HFA) products. The HFA meanwhile hit back stating they still have one of the ‘most stringent and well regulated auditing systems for accreditation of halal meat'.

In a statement to Asian Image, the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) has called for an investigation into the Halal food industry following reports that Halal food with traces of pork DNA was supplied to Muslim prisoners.

“While praising the Ministry of Justice’s decision to stop food from the said supplier, LCM would like to stress that the Muslim community of Lancashire is deeply concerned at the irregularities in the Halal industry and reiterates the need for proper audit trails to ensure meat and chicken products are authentically Halal.

Cllr Salim Mulla, Chair of LCM, added, “The Muslim community of Lancashire is utterly shocked that the supplier of pork contaminated products is certified by the Halal Food Authority. We urge communities and schools across Lancashire to boycott HFA-accredited products until further investigation.”

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In the UK there are one major organisation, the Halal Food Authority (HFA), and a minor one, the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC). Whilst the former gives the impression that it is an official body with the use of the word authority, this is only a name it chose for itself. There is no regulation covering the approval and auditing of halal food products. The latter, HMC, was dissolved as a company after the UK tax office decided that the firm did not benefit from a VAT exemption and demanded some seven hundred thousands of pounds in back payments. As the company could not re-bill its customers, it had to close down, but its work continues as an unincorporated association of individuals. Halal Monitoring Committee is the only UK Muslim body insisting that halal meat should only be certified as such if it has not been previously stunned.

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