Sunday, 10 February 2013

London's East End: a melting pot simmers closer to the boil

What do East Enders locals think of the rising religious and racial tension in the area highlighted by vigilantes calling themselves the Muslim Patrol 

  There are only a few hours left before Sally Cox calls time for the last time at the Queen’s Head. As she draws pints, she discusses with the handful of regulars gathered to celebrate her last night whether the Grade II status of the historic East End hostelry is sufficient to protect the fittings, or whether they will be stripped out when the premises are sold.

The pub, which has stood on a corner of Flamborough Street in Limehouse since 1855, is said to be the inspiration for the Queen Vic in EastEnders. In 1987, the Queen Mother visited. A framed article on the wall reports that she supped a pint of beer and joked with locals that, although she watched EastEnders, it was much nicer to see the real thing. 

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