Monday, 11 February 2013

UK: Traffickers smuggle in 4,000 illegal Muslims for £50million

A gang that made millions of pounds smuggling immigrants in at a rate of ten a day has been broken up.

Thousands of migrants from Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran paid the people traffickers up to £13,500 each for passage into the UK.

Some 3,800 migrants were smuggled into Britain over 12 months, hidden in lorries on cross-Channel ferries. It is estimated that the gang may have made more than £50million.

Details of the vast profits emerged after the conspiracy was smashed last week by police and immigration officials on both sides of the Channel.
Freezing: The desperate group had been crammed into the back of a refrigerated lorry for ‘several hours’ and faced another seven hours inside the -2C container

Hidden: Stowaway migrants found in a truck in Dunkirk last week

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