Sunday, 24 March 2013

Row over Halal meat at Larkswood Primary School in Chingford

Row over Halal meat at school Parents have reacted with outrage over plans to start serving only Halal meat to school pupils.

Management at Larkswood Primary in New Road, Chingford, will stop providing meat slaughtered using 'standard' methods and replace it with food which is prepared according to the rituals of Islam from mid-April.

Parents told the Guardian they had no objection to Muslim children practising their faith and eating Halal meat at the school.

But said they did not want such religious beliefs imposed on their own offspring.

They also claim not to have been given an explanation for the sudden change and say less than 10 per cent of children at Larkswood are Muslim.

Headteacher Lynne Harrowell said most schools in London served Halal meat and that parents were consulted but the majority did not express a preference.

She was unable to provide details how many voted for or against the plans.


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