Sunday, 24 March 2013

Muslim and African immigrants destroying France, French society. Leftist politicians are to blame

Hungarian Film Crew Visits Islamicized France
France used to be a nice country. Then the leaders admitted large numbers of Muslim immigrants and now the society is crumbling from crime and dysfunction.

Hungarian journalists visited the "City of Light," as Paris was once called, and reported on the deteriorating state of society.

Muslim immigration has been an unmitigated disaster. In Marseilles (touted as an ideal diverse city not long ago), the Muslim gangs are armed with Kalashnikovs. The most recent New Years car-b-que saw nearly 1200 vehicles torched by yutes in Muslim neighborhoods. A January poll found that 70 percent of French citizens believe that their country has too many immigrants.

We learn from the Hungarian report that gang warfare occurs just a few kilometers from the Eiffel Tower.

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