Friday, 22 March 2013

I'm saying noting , priest who allows Muslims to pray in church

A priest who has allowed Muslims to pray in his church has been hit by a barrage of abuse by internet "trolls".

St John's Episcopal Church in Aberdeen became the first church in the UK to share their building with Muslims after Rev Isaac Poobalan saw members of a neighbouring mosque praying outside in the snow because of a lack of space.

Hundred of Muslims now pray in the church's main hall and chapel every week, but the news has not been well received by some Christians, who have taken to the church's Facebook page to blast the decision.

One user said that the church were "sharing Christ's table with Satan" before others another predicted a "flood" of Muslims moving to Aberdeen to convert the church into a mosque and said Mr Poobalan needed to be given the "boot" before it was too late.

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