Saturday, 2 March 2013

Reading University Colludes With Far-Right Extremist Muslim Society

Reading University and students union have praised the university's Muslim Society, despite its bid to host the "kill the gays" Islamist preacher, Abu Usamah at-Thahabi.

Thahabi had been invited to speak to the far right university Muslim Society as part of its Discover Islam Week.

He endorses the murder of gay people and of Muslims who give up their faith. He says women are intellectually deficient and he encourages the physical beating of young girls who refuse to wear the hijab.

A joint statement by the Reading University Muslim Society, Reading University Students Union and the University of Reading praised the "laudable aims" of the Muslim Society.

Laudable aims? Are the university authorities and student's union bonkers or bigots? Do they, too, justify murder?

I find it impossible to believe that the Muslim Society was not aware of Thahabi's extremist opinions. He is a well publicised hate preacher. How can an organisation be laudable if it hosts a person with such intolerant, murder-endorsing views?

By inviting Thahabi, the Muslim Society places itself at the far right extremist end of politics, alongside racist and fascist organisations that promote similar bigoted ideas.

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