Sunday, 3 March 2013

Seine-Saint-Denis: Muslims Overwhelm French Unemployment Service

Seine-Saint-Denis comes up quite a lot on this blog. It's France's most immigrant-dense area, massively Muslim-colonised, suffering acutely from all the maladies that circumstance implies. Just one of many: unemployment.

Staff at the government-run job centres (Pôle emploi) in Seine-Saint-Denis, designed to monitor unemployed people and help them back into work, went on strike recently to protest about having too high a case load. Unemployed Muslims had overwhelmed their capacity to cope.

Up to 500 unemployed per counsellor. The figure, a striking one, is denounced by the around a dozen or so counsellors from the agency Pôle emploi in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), when went on strike on Friday, 1 March. Coffee and croissants in hand, in the cold they handed out pamphlets all morning to the unemployed people to explain their movement to them, which is aimed at gaining greater resources for this agency.

With 10,000 employment-seekers registered, and only around 20 counsellors to monitor them, the agency's mission in Saint-Denis verges on the impossible. "With 415 unemployed people to monitor,I can't even fit in the interviews in the 4th and 9th months, which are supposed to be mandatory", explains Joséphine...

..."We have about 20% of our unemployed who don't speak French. Unfortunately, we can't do much for them", explains a counsellor.
Source: Le Monde

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