Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gallery owner who exhibited Muhammed drawings threatened

"Two armed men in uniform-like attire Tuesday early afternoon showed up at Gallery Draupner in Skanderborg, Denmark.
One threatened gallery owner Erik Guldager with a gun-like object. Also the other was armed with what looked like a gun, and was also wielding a baseball bat.
The gallery is famous for having exhibited drawings of Muhammad, said Southeast Jutland Police. The men ran from the site without using their arms and apparently without making verbal threats. ...
Both men had black clothes on, which is described as "uniform-like".
One described as exotic in appearance, 180-185 centimeters tall and strong and muscular build. He had a gun or a pistol-like object in the belt.
The other man, who threatened the owner, is also exotic in appearance. He is about 175 centimeters tall and normal building."
Source: JP - Gallery owner threatened by armed men

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