Friday, 21 December 2012

The Christmas Debate , Anjem Choudary

Location: St. Pauls Cathedral Date: Christmas Eve - 24th December 2012 Time: 1pm - 3pm
 An Islamic Reformation: So what are our aims and objectives? Well, put simply we want to put the word out there that Jesus is a Muslim; we also want a big debate on what his message would be,
 Jesus is a Muslim Introduction: Jesus or Eesa (in Arabic) was without a doubt a world changer. A Prophet of Allah (God),

 Why St Pauls Cathedral?
The upsurge of Islam and Shariah in Britain is unquestionably prolific; more people are converting to Islam and adopting its values than ever before. Census reports suggest that there are over 2 million Muslims living in the UK alone, and although we deem such figures to be unrepresentative of the real numbers on the ground (which are much higher), we feel that having such a high number of Muslims provides the ideal environment for such a unique project to thrive.

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