Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mega mosque group admits mistake, re-thinks strategy in UK

An Islamic sect has admitted that it pursued a “wrong strategy” in its efforts to get approval from the local council for the building of a “mega mosque” next to the Olympics Stadium.

After the Newham Council in east London denied permission to the Tableeghi Jamaat, which has its members from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, a spokesman of the group told this correspondent that “a wrong and outdated approach” was adopted but the group also blamed mainstream Muslim parties and politicians for failing to come in aide of the group, which is arousing suspicions in the West due to its hard-line views, which wanted to build a 9,000-capacity complex. The permission was denied at a public meeting of the council where the Muslim councillors refused to turn up to support the applications. Tableeghi Jamaat spokesman Dr Zulfikar Ali told The News that the council decision has “caused huge disappointment” amongst Muslims of Newham.

Dr Ali added: “It appeared the Labour council has taken Muslims for granted.

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