Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Turkish and Albanian Heroin Gangsters Jailed after Police Sting

(l-r) Canaj, Sadikaj, Adem Three members of a drugs operation which flooded the streets of north London with heroin have been caught in a police sting operation.

Elidon Sadikaj, 30, Klodian Canaj, 34 and Ozkan Adem, 57, were caught by police officers with half a kilo of heroin in a plastic bag.

The trio met in Lewisham with the stash, worth £35,000. Surveillance officers watched as Safikaj and Canaj drove around local streets before pulling over near Grove Park.

Soon afterward, Adem pulled up in his car and then jumped into his accomplices' vehicle, grasping a plastic bag. It was gone when he stepped out of the vehicle a couple of minutes later.


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