Monday, 6 May 2013

Mentally Retarded Palestinians Set Up State in Denmark

Denmark has a mere 6 percent Third World population and most supporters of culturally enriching Europe until its meets the human rights standards of Pakistan and Somalia are fierce critics of its immigration policy.

Harsh features of Denmark’s immigration policy include refusing to allow everyone’s three wives and third cousins in under family reunification and blatantly racist measures such as requiring immigrants to learn Danish. The government last year watered down some of the restrictions despite criticism from the Danish People’s Party which believes Denmark should be for the Danes rather than the Somalis and the Pakistanis.

The Muslim population in Denmark doubled in 14 years making up the vast majority of its Third World population.  Meanwhile cultural enrichment is moving steadily forward as states within a state begin to form as enclaves and no-go zones where foreign criminals are the law.


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