Monday, 13 May 2013

UKIP have made the rest wake up to immigration doubts not making you a racist

Suddenly, our politicians get that people are angry and upset about immigration and it doesn’t mean they’re racists

 Funny how times change. Just 12 months ago anyone who publicly objected to uncontrolled immigration was branded a racist/a little Englander/small-minded/anti-progress.

And most of those accusations came from our own politicians and the cultural elite who for years have refused to see the effect open-door immigration was having on ordinary people.

And the reason they didn’t see it was that it didn’t impact on THEIR lives, their medical services or on the streets where they lived.

Now, thanks to the Farage Effect, politicians of all colours can’t wait to scream how suddenly they recognise immigration is a problem, that it happened too fast and too furiously, that numbers must now be limited.


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