Wednesday, 22 May 2013

‘Multiculturalism failing’: Stockholm suburbs enflamed with riots for days, Swedish PM calls to get neighborhoods ‘back’

Hundreds youths hurling rocks, burning cars and smashing windows for the second day in a row in Stockholm say they are protesting against police brutality and inequality. In Sweden, critics of the multiculturalism policies lash out at immigration laws.

Seven policemen were injured, at least ten cars and countless containers set on fire, and dozens of windows smashed in several heavily immigrant-populated neighborhoods of the Swedish capital on Tuesday.

The police said some 300 people are now taking part in riots, which started in protest against the shooting of a man allegedly armed with a knife in the Stockholm district of Husby. The protesters also cited beatings and ‘discriminative’ derogatory remarks of the officers.


Let's watch the Yutes Burn Stockholm...

LIVE TV: Riots continue in Fittja and now car fires at Tensta School 

video link 

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