Monday, 14 May 2012

Bonn, Germany: Police officer speaks out about attack by 600 armed Muslims, "new level of violence ... murder in their eyes"

Translated by Nicolai Sennels with help from the excellent Danish/Swedish blog - from "Incident in Bonn from the perspective of a police officer":
I was present in Bonn yesterday (May 5th 2012) and I knew a lot about stone-throwing from the Left-wing demonstration against Pro-Köln in 2008. But what was thrown yesterday was incredible. That was not the problem, though: shields were handed out early. But the way the media reports completely ignore the new level of violence and only focus on the police officers injured by bottles and stones makes me sick.

I do not care how or why the pro-NRW demonstration was allowed. What we repeatedly heard from our colleagues yesterday was that the cartoons are completely legitimate and that they are also not prohibited. What happened was exactly what the drawing portrays. It shows a bomb and only a small spark is required to ignite it. Colleagues who were close to the Salafis saw their glowing hatred, they could see murder in their eyes.

Would anybody accept similar attacks and aggressiveness from the Right or Left wing protesters? These groups are also constantly provoked. Soccer fans, too. There are plenty of football fans who have an almost religious respect for their club. But Muslims are always forgiven for their violence, because violence is their mentality, it will always be understated, and the focus centers on the troublemakers. My goodness, I would have a lot of people on my conscience (mostly Muslims, by the way) if I went berserk every time someone insulted my mother. But no, we must always control our emotions, we're different, we have a different mentality. They, however, are allowed to run amok.

When it was announced over the radio that while being attacked by stones, a colleague had been wounded by gunfire, one does have his thoughts. You look at the number of opponents, and your hand touches your gun. You consider many times to draw it before your opponent does.

A few minutes later it was announced that we were attacked with knives, and I thought a colleague would shoot the perpetrators to prevent more crimes, which is what the law prescribes. In that case, things would have run off-track and maybe have had a kind of purifying effect, and the public would have noticed how serious the situation were. But now people will soon forget it and belittle the whole thing.

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