Saturday, 19 May 2012

Voice of Russia tries to blame Tommy Robinson (EDL) for Paki Grooming Scandal

H/T sheikyermami

The Muselputz on the show blames the rest of the world for the inbred criminal aggression of his co-religionists.
The radio jock clearly sides with him against Tommy Robinson. Criminal Muslims commit pedophilia because it is officially sanctioned in the Koran. White pedophiles in Scotland did not commit their crimes because of a religious ideology, they did what they did because they are pedophiles.

Tommy is being played here; Sufis are in no way different from Salafists or Wahabites, they all read the same Koran. The Muselmaniac grabs the narrative and runs with it. When you have educated Islam-propagandists speaking your own language better than you do you really have a problem.

Vlad Tepes presents:

Voice of Russia, the fully and overtly state controlled broadcaster of Russia set up a 4 person panel to attempt to crush Tommy Robinson in something that could be passed off as debate. Something we have come to expect more from the BBC or CBC than from Russian media, which, while clearly agenda driven, often is more fair to serious issues than much state controlled Western media these days.

This clip was re-edited by our own, AbbĂ© Faria to try and bring a better sense of how it actually went live as opposed to the original panel show here, which was clearly edited to interrupt Tommy every time he started to make a salient point.

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