Thursday, 24 May 2012

Letter from the Brighton Scum

The anti-arms group behind a protest during next month’s Diamond Jubilee public holiday has said it is not trying to cause disruption.

Smash EDO – whose previous events have brought the city to a standstill – wrote an open letter to The Argus spelling out its plans on June 4.

The timing of its protest, which aims to gather opposition to a possible Western military attack on Iran, has been criticised because of the importance of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee holiday to city centre tourism.

The group’s letter reads: “Contrary to various allegations, this is nothing to do with the Jubilee.

“It is simply an afternoon when most people will be free and able to make their feelings felt.

“We also have no desire to cause more disruption to the city than is absolutely necessary.

"For all these reasons, we would like to announce our intended march route to the people of Brighton.”

The march is due to begin outside Barclays in North Street, Brighton, at noon, and go through Churchill Square, along Western Road and Church Road, to Hove Town Hall.

Police have cancelled leave as they prepare for a raft of potential flashpoints over the Jubilee holiday.

'Peaceful gathering'

People using social networking site Facebook under the title EDL (English Defence League) South East Regional have said they plan to hold a “peaceful gathering” at an unnamed location in Brighton on Saturday, June 2.

The event was organised in response to an overwhelming counter-demonstration against the nationalist March For England in April.

At noon on June 2, anti-cuts group Brighton Uncut is staging a protest starting at the Clock Tower in Queen’s Road, Brighton.

A statement from the group said the event would include “tea, cake and conversation, music and games, bunting and traditional gingham table cloths in interesting places”.

Fatboy Slim is playing gigs at the American Express Community Stadium on Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2.

Smash EDO is holding a “summer of resistance” as part of its campaign against the EDO factory in Moulsecoomb.

The group’s letter likened the prospect of a war against Iran to the build-up to the attack on Iraq in 2003.

It said: “This is an occasion for the whole family and the whole community to resist the threat of an attack on Iran.”

Sussex Police welcomed the group’s openness. Officers are due to meet other city agencies to discuss the Jubilee today.

Superintendent Steve Whitton said: “Of course I welcome it.

“It is going to be a really busy weekend. The more we can do to make sure, if they do want to have a peaceful demonstration, we can do that in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily impact on other people who want to come down and enjoy the seaside for the day, the better.”

He repeated the force’s invitation to Smash EDO to contact officers directly to discuss the group’s plans.

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