Sunday, 6 May 2012

Leftist Mob Beats Up PxC Councillor

I posted last week about how Muslims and extreme leftists have been stepping up their campaign of intimidation against the anti-Islam PxC part in Catalonia. The leader of the PxC, Josep Anglada, was mobbed in his own home, while another party official, a woman, was harassed and pushed by a crowd of left-wing agitators. Sooner or later, it was clear, serious violence was going to occur; and now it has.

Alberto S├ínchez, an elected PxC councillor in the Catalan city of Hospitalet, has been severely beaten by a mob of around 20 leftists. He made the mistake of waiting at a bus stop close to a building called ‘La revoltosa’, currently "occupied" by far-left activists. When they recognised him, they piled out on to the street in a group of about 20, beating him mercilessly with sticks and chains.

He was taken to hospital after the attack and underwent emergency treatment for the numerous haemorrhages and haematomas present all over his body.

Josep Anglada has called for the attackers to be prosecuted as members of a criminal organisation.

Source: Alerta Digital


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