Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A takeaway owner who ran a brothel above his restaurant hounded girls as young as 12 to become prostitutes

Yet more Muslim Pedos running wild.  The police where told about this 3 years ago by a 12 year victim

One of Azad Miah's under-age victims complained to the police about him three years before his eventual arrest, his trial heard.

His youngest victim, aged 12, said she gave up talking to the police about the takeaway owner pestering her for sex in exchange for cash because nothing was being done.

 Azad Miah, 44, branded the vulnerable girls ‘fresh meat’ and harassed them over weeks and months before offering to give them drugs, alcohol or money in return for sex, a court heard.

‘Most worryingly, he would stalk some of them, following them home in particular.

When another girl refused his advances he called her ‘white trash’.

Det Con Christy Robertson, the officer who interviewed Azad Miah, said the case was probably the worst she had ever dealt with.

 Det Con Robertson said she had found the case "very sad, very upsetting".

"If I'm honest, it's probably the worst case I've ever had to deal with in my 22 years of service," she said.

"To see the impact on the girls as well, and what they've said, and then parallel that with the contempt that I feel Mr Miah displayed, it's horrendous.

"I would hate for any child to have to go through that in their life."

Really then why did it take 3 years for the police to do some thing about it 

Takeaway brothel boss Azad Miah 'had contempt for victims'


Youngest victim says her complaints against Miah were ignored by police


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