Friday, 11 May 2012

Muslim site tells children become Muslim in secret, tell parents later

Do you know where your children are? Where they are going on school class trips? What they are reading online? From a website called

If you are a Small child you can still become a Muslim without your parents permission

If you are a child you do not need your parent’s permission to become a Muslim. If you fear they may harm, you can become Muslim in secret and tell them when you are ready.
What if their are no Muslims (or no Mosque or Islamic center) in your town
Another  common question  is that there are no Muslims in the city. This too is not an obstacle in you becoming a Muslim. You do not have to go to a Masjid (Mosque) or Islamic center or know any Muslims in order to be a Muslim. You can say the declaration of faith (called the Shahadah) to yourself and from then onwards you are a Muslim. This is explained in the article below in greater detail.
And for the young girls, once you become Muslim there will be plenty of older Muslim males ready to
marry you.

Here’s the screen shot in case it disappears down the memory hole…
Full Size

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