Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Security reviewed for London Marathon and Baroness Thatcher's funeral after Boston blasts

The Metropolitan Police say they will review security arrangements for Sunday's London Marathon, while former home secretary John Reid said yesterday's events would have an impact on arrangements for Baroness Thatcher's funeral tomorrow Security for the London Marathon and Baroness Thatcher’s funeral is under scrutiny in the aftermath of the devastating Boston blasts.

The Metropolitan Police said they would review the policing of the race on Sunday, while former Home Secretary John Reid said the incident will also have ramifications for Lady Thatcher’s funeral tomorrow. Marathon organisers and police have been liaising ahead of the event in light of the incident in Massachusetts yesterday. The route passes some of the nation’s most recognisable landmarks and organisers said they will
 assess safety arrangements for the event following the tragic scenes that marred the finish line in Boston.


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