Friday, 26 April 2013

[The real Boston victims - muslims!] Muslims in the West hold their heads in their hands (politicians put their heads in the sand)

Politics of fear

By Maheen A Rashdi
April 26, 2013

While the Boston Marathon bombing suspect number two remains in legal limbo, stories continue being weaved around his radicalised Muslim background — the perfect landscape where a terrorist may breed. Right-wing racists have eagerly clutched at their pet peeve of Islamic militancy and Muslims in the West are once again left holding their heads in their hands saying, “Not again!” ...
More muslims as victims of right-wing racists (not Kuffar as victims of allah and its slaves) at The Express Tribune

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  1. ‘Mysterious Motive’: Cover-Up of Boston Attack’s ‘Why’ Begins

    by Barry Rubin
    April 22nd, 2013

    Now that the two (primary, at least) terrorists from the Boston Marathon attack have been killed or captured, we enter a new phase in which the dominant politically correct, factually incorrect forces try to explain away the attack. ...