Friday, 5 April 2013

Foreskin Man is back to battle Muslim circumcision

Superman, Spiderman and all manner of superheroes have returned for sequel outings during which they saved the world and got the girl. So it should come as no surprise that Foreskin Man – the blonde haired, blue eyed caped crusader against male circumcision – has returned to fight foes in the Muslim world.

Foreskin Man as he originally appeared

The character is the creation of Matthew Hess, president of the Male Genital Mutilation Bill group, which unsuccessfully campaigned for a circumcision ban in San Francisco two years ago.

In his original incarnation, Mr Hess' character sought to stop Jewish circumcision, battling against such villains as Monster Mohel and Dr Mutilator, who were depicted with peyot (sidelocks), black hats and a tallit.

Mr Hess was condemned for using "antisemitic imagery" that the Anti-Defamation League in America said called to mind "age-old antisemitic canards such as the blood libel".

The fourth edition of the comic series, released this month, is unlikely to be any less controversial, since the action takes place in Turkey, with Foreskin Man embarking on a hunt for an ancient artifact found in the Museum of Genital Integrity.

The all-American hero swoops in to protect a young Muslim boy from the sunnet (circumcision) ritual,

The comic, which can be bought as a print copy or an e-version, features baddies wearing traditional Middle Eastern dress, and portrays the boy's father as abusive, while his mother is a belly dancer.

Mr Hess said he is not concerned about the reaction from the Muslim community, despite the negative response from Jews to his original creation.

"The brutal tradition of sunnet is deeply ingrained in Muslim culture," he said. "But that doesn't mean it can't be replaced with a peaceful alternative. Rites of passage do not have to be cruel, and I hope Foreskin Man 4 will encourage child advocates in Turkey and other Muslim countries to begin questioning the legitimacy of male circumcision."


  1. All boys should be properly circumcised as it is recognised by UN Health Org. You was more efective in fight for conditions to it instead of against it and certenly save more kids from mutilations (repression just brings things done "underground" in worst conditions!). Circumcision should be alowed be full traditionaly celebrated and at samme time done with all modern conditions by a health trained professional and not by a barber or so; get the best of the 2 worlds is and should be possible traditional meaningfull celebration + modern safty. Not turn things worst by repression try instead improve it and give good conditions.

  2. Just a harmless snip?
    100+ circumcision deaths each year in United States

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    2. The best way (in my view) of avoid that it's fight for education about and better conditions to do it as if people be repressed of preform it will searche 'unoficial' ways of get it in worst conditions, certenly more dangerous ones. I believe culture not change by law but law change with the cultural changings (so rule against people culture and use repression is not my first choice of approach.
      As about that study and the link contents i feel need to say 2 things:
      - risk 0 it's something that does not exist on life neither to circ neither to the opposite choice but certenly the risk need be almost (as far as possible to ensure) inexistent to you could consider it an option;
      - the way to get it is certainly fight against "the immediate cause, most commonly stroke, bleeding, infection or reactions to anaesthesia".

      Needing it be done by health professionals, with health pre-checkup ponderation, hemostatic means and surveillance available during and afther it, steril/clean conditions, anaesthesia and medicines use careful ponderation. Age to general and individual submission to circ also carefully ponderated in consideration of colective and individual health, development and cultural background factors.

      But i firmly believe that trained health professionals should do it and be allowed to do it, do it respecting full traditional ritual celebrations requirements when its the case (but with modern safe proceedings); as i think no harm comes from celebrate it neither of offer it in better conditions when the other alternative will be in many cases get it in worst health conditions by unqualified people to fullfil cultural requirements and desires (that you can't erase just by repression). I believe law should be respected in any case but also believe that had been much more efective had give conditions to Female Circumcision than just forbid it, by oposition to Male Circ just by political reasons and making no diference between Female Circ and FGM as the same between Male Circ and MGM, leading people to searche it in worst conditions, many times that realy mutilating, health and even life threatning, than in the past when even in Europe and US many doctores had done it. Female Circ - clit hood removing it's not reproductive health hazardous and mutch difrent from amputation of external female organs or evan worst practices as Male Circ it's completly different of penis amputation. So i hope that in the male circ case we not follow the outlawing policy but other that can give better results.