Monday, 1 April 2013

Muslim group's search for Brentwood mosque is back on

A MUSLIM group which battled to retrieve thousands of pounds pledged for a mosque in Brentwood could soon launch a renewed bid to find a permanent home.

The modest community of Brentwood Muslims were dealt a cruel blow when the imam they thought was acting to help them build a mosque in 2005 tricked them out of more than £32,000.

Miah Rahman working with Mohammed Edoo, promised to use the thousands of pounds in donations collected from supporters to build a Muslim temple they could call their own.

The group, which had been using a local community hall near Brentwood Station, were left out of pocket after the proposals were shelved when the pair were outbid on a 1.4 acre former garden centre in Pilgrims Hatch in 2008


You can hear the sobbing and violin's playing in the background 

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